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PAPITHUGZ headed south to lush, tropical Miami where the palms sway in the warm breezes, the sunshine is plentiful and "smooth and pretty" VICE offers PYTHON his ass for some madd poolside fuck'n! MR. DICK is all up in it too. But, when he saw an ass good enough to eat, you know he would be. Then, VICE had to take a deep taste of hard bone, wouldn't you?. Good thing this pretty papa loves the dick, cuz when PYTHON sees what he wants, he takes it. VICE got a deep, thorough,long-stroking fuck. And, DAMN, MR. VICE is hella-sexy. PYTHON banged the hell out that boy. VICE will tell you, that dick is "no joke." It's Miami Pool Fuck'n with PAPITHUGZ. C'mon, jump in.
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