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It's PAPITHUGZ so it's time to get DICKED. Today, RED's devilish grin is focused on that pretty papa, VICE. And, it don't take long before RED's getting a taste of VICE's sweet, bubble-ass. Getting it ready for things to come -- yeah. VICE got to get his, too, so he let's loose RED's big, fat, uncut dick to slurp on. RED lets him get as much as he wants, wouldn't you? Of course, that rock-hard bone is meant to bust open some good booty-hole, and though VICE says, "It hurts!," papa took it -- all. Next up, ACE ROCKWOOD and MIKE MANN, rocking their massive pipes in search of a nutt. BIG DICK DOUBLE JACK-OFF, a little something extra from ACE and the PORNSTAR DIRECTOR'S SERIES. Making his porn debut, MIKE MANN is truly the NEXT BIG THING. I mean, DAMN, that's a lot of dick. En PAPITHUGZ, mantenemos el flojo de leche. And you love it!
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