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Fantasy about Red from Detroit

Red, my fantasy is just to cum home to your beautiful smiling face every day and to fulfill your every desire. You just seem like you are one of the coolest dudes ever and your smile is absolutely breath-taking!!! Everytime I see you, I just turn into butter! I just want to give you any and everything. Of course, I would want you to screw my brains out everyday and I promise I'd lick your dick clean every time, just the way you like it.:) I often imagine us together. I imagine your long kisses, I imagine your touch, the warmth of your body. I want you to turn that spark of imagination into a burning flame of desire.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from New York

Let me suck you until to scream for joy, then fuck me like there's no tomorrow. Be my sugar baby and let me lick you all over, then have you for a succulent dining pleasure. Just to look at you make me wet all over. Oh, by the way, I'll do your underarms too. There's pleasure there. I want to wine you and dine you...make you mine!

Fantasy about Moyea from harlem

I would love to see castro supreme fuck moyea. Mmmmmmmmmmm .... that would be so fukking tastey. =)

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from wadsworth, illinois

i want him to stick that big black dick in my ass then fuck my brains out then he would turn around and let me fuck the shit out of him

Fantasy about Angotti from San Antonio

Love to have a nice fine looking and hung latino papi. And forfill my sexual fantasy and to get to kno him better

Fantasy about Lil Papi from beaumont teaxs

I want to know whats his real name and styff because I just heard about lil papi and i cant find nothing about him if anyone knows how can you plzz tell me because he is super sexy

Fantasy about Lil Papi from New Jersey

I want to meet you as Im walkin on the streets. We stare at each other walkin pass. I follow you to your place andask if I can go down on you and fuck you. We end up spending the night together as I want to eat your ass out all night I love you tommy

Fantasy about Lil Papi from NYC

Would Love to see Lil Papi in full leather and boots getting fucked by guys in leather.

Fantasy about Artist from carson

Would love to be on my knees sucking your beautiful cock and having slap my face with your cock

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

The only fantasy I have bout this sexy ass man is to suck his dick and ride it till I make his toes curl up and and he suckin his thumb cause I rode it right :-)

Fantasy about Vice from Tuscan

My fantasy would be to have him come to my home as if he was a plumber and he had to fix and adjust my pipes shown up in a to tight plumbers uniform and just looking all sexy with that plumbers hat on. And then he get down and pretend to be working while secretly checking me out and then while my back is turned just gentle wrap his arms around me feeling me nice and slow and then turns me round starts passionately kissing me then get downs and dirty and let me ride the shit out of him. Yeah Buddy. Waahhoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from florida

I want him to slam me down and tears my draws and lay on top of me and we kissand then ilick on his nipples and then i suck his dick and then he togues my ass then he fucks me real hard and he cums hard in my ass and he eats it out while smacking my ass

Fantasy about Vice from NYC

I'd lay you on my bed and kiss you all over, starting with your head and ending with your feet. I'd kiss your lips, neck, suck on each nipple, kiss your legs, & suck your dick and balls. Then I'd spread your legs with you on your back & rim that beautiful ass of yours for hours. Then I'd turn up on your stomach & rim your ass & suck your dick from the back. After you got my dick nice and wet, I'd make love to you for hours in every imaginable position, then let you have your way with me......…

Fantasy about Wet

Love to suck his cock

Fantasy about Vice from Houston

Eating his dirty ripe ass and drinking his hot cum

Fantasy about Python from st. louis

I wanna see Python bareback and cum inside a tight pussy boi hole and while he's cummin inside that hole just to see him drive and beat that cum deep in t he hole....dats what I wanna see

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from Tampa

Damn! Chris i would luv to lick u everywere and suck your dick and ill let u ride my dick and ill drink your sperm and suck your lick and your @zz hole and do wat ever u tell mee to do

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from toronto

I made my fantasy a reality, I went to Miami and met him, i had him inside me four nights, It was amazing. Im proud to call him my friend!!!

Fantasy about Kris from Chicago

My fantasy would be to undress Kis, slowly admiring every inch ohis awesome ,smooth man body. Lay him on his back as I kiss and lick every inch of his smooth body. Finding those areas that makes him jump with pleasure and Kris asking me not to stop. Licking and kissing every inch as I move across hs amazing pecs and those so lickable, suckable nipples. To gently glide my tongue down his stron g stomach his sides until my tongue is laying between his strong leg and his hugh ball suck. Licking from his crack (not touching it, not yet at least. moving its warmness along the natural V between his sacki and leg, driving him to jump and twitch watvhing his HUGH manhood beging to feel the effects of this tongue, slowly moving to the other side and servicing that inner thigh. I am moving ever so slow my tongue moving up under his mball sack to tease his so smooth male love home , which brings a jumping motion to his love pole. Driving him so mad that his head begins to give me some seed of pr-cume which I now move slowly to his man shaff licking and sucking every inch as I make my way to his throbing head. His shaft turns into a piece of steel that is begging to be enjoyed, to be released. Kris is now deep inside my mouth working it like a tight love hole and thinking how awesome it would be to enter the real tight man love hole. Kris starts asking me if he can enter me, to make to make love to mewith his Red Hot Head of steel, I dont release my moiuths grip on his beating shaft that is enjoying mthe warmth the and mpressure of my throat, my lips. He is not asking me anymore as he rolls me over to slowly begin his asultl mon my tight man hole, he si so ,ready dripping with love juice can hardy hole back as he makes the first thrust................…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from milwaukee wis.

I. Want. H im. To. S uc k. My. Dick. And. Eat. Ass. Out. And. Dick me down now. This. M oring. B I g. Daday

Fantasy about D-Lo from of milwaukee wiscion

Good. Moring. Im. Eric. I. Like. To. Make. Love. To. D. Low. And. Suck. Him. Off and. Eat. All. Of. His. Cum ,. Too. And. I. Want. Him. To. Fuck. My. Tight. Ass. Hole. Hard.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from jacksonville

I want castro to eat the hell out my ass then i suck that big black cock then he csn fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about June from of m ilwaukee w is

I. Love big dicks and I. L ike to. Suck dick and. Get fuck. To man

Fantasy about June from of m ilwaukee w is

I. Love big dicks

Fantasy about Kris from Atlanta

Spend the night with kris, serving him lots of throat and ass :) He wont need to do anything I will wait on him hand and foot.

Fantasy about LEX from west plam beach

i come home form work and i call lex to make me when he come to my hose he wlak in my bed room than he take off our chlothes i suck his so good that he call me mama than he put his big dick in my pussy and fuck he so good that cryed he fuck me harder and harder lex is good at the sex games lol well that's my lex fantasy

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from kisumu

to meet you in persone

Fantasy about Nuvo from kisumu

my fantasy is to see nuvo suck my dick and beg me to fuck him all night

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

I want to start off by kissing phat daddy then kiss his neck take off his shirt then start kissing and licking his nipples then ima kiss his abs then work my way back up to his mouth then start my way back down then take off his pants and start licking nd kissing his balls then kiss the head of his dick and while I'm sucking his dick I'm going to have him eat my ass get it nice nd wet. Then I'm going to put his dick in my ass and have him fuck me long and hard. We going to be fucking in every position that we can think of. It's going to last all nite long. Then when he's going to cum I'm going to swallow it. Then afterwards we going to go in the shower nd have sex in the shower. Then when we are done we are going to be cuddling naked. He is going to fall asleep with his dick in me

Fantasy about Rico from orlando

I want to see Rico and Nicole in a passionate scene

Fantasy about Angotti from norwich ct,

suck cock

Fantasy about Chad X from new york


Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Nw PA

Man, I really loved seeing him spank ass, over and over. What a hot, manly Dom. A Real Master. Love to feed on his Mastercum.

Fantasy about Vice from Yonkers New York

My Vice Fantasy is to wine and dine you and make you fall in love with me and then ask you to marry me I had you on my facebook and someone deleted you from my facebook when it was hacked lol I imagine my ex did this ... anyway its great seeing you on here I would have never imagined you made porn but thats cool I have many friends in the porn buis and may I say you do a great job... if we where to be intimate I would let you ride my face until you cumm and then we would flip a coin and decide who would fuck who since im versatile same as you and like you Im great at sex and hung... plus we could always film our honeymoon and make it a hit movie xoxoxo see you around sexy im serious if we meet im taking you out or we could always come home and ill cook for you.

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from las vegas

i would love to kiss those sexy lips of his to start out then i want to explore his body with my tongue. i then would love for him to explore my body with his tongue and then i want to eat his ass. i the would love to suck on those sexy toes of his. i would then love to tear into that ass kiss on him as i pound that sexy ass of his and then would love to cum on his face lick it off him and then kiss him

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME with Jovonnie from miami

   i wanna see castro and jovonnie make a flick

Fantasy about Python from ny

i w fuck u

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami

I want to worship PHAT DADDY from head to toe....licking and sucking every inch of his beautiful body. Of course we would kiss alot becasue he has awesome lips and kisses so fine. We could it all with him blowing his load in my mouth and then wasjing it down with his warm piss.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington

Just lick him all over.

Fantasy about Moyea from NYC

I would like to fuck Moyea in Full leather and boots, and get fucked by him in leather... VERY HOT…

Fantasy about Lil Papi from New York City

I'll like for him to give a good honest interview, tell us about his life, dreams, love life, where is he from? who is his favorite top he ever work with, who he would never work again with, who would he want to work with? just want him to talk?

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Los Angeles

Castro is shooting some hoops at a lonely park. He is wearing a black durag, black basketball shorts, and a pro club black t. He is looking all thug. He caught my attention because he was all by himself. I go and sit down on a bench that is on the side line of the court. I stare at Castro and play that one game when he looks at me a look away. I start to stretch by bending over when he looks at me. while bending over i look to see if he is looking and he is. Castro is licking his lips while dribbling the ball and comes towards me. I keep one stretching like if i am going on a run. he comes and sits down on the bench. I look at him and he nods his head saying wasup. I ask him "you're done shooting hoops." Castro replys, "Yeah, the homies didnt come today. I'm Castro by the way." "Nice to meet you, I'm Ernie. You looked pretty board playing all alone." Castro smiles and says, "Yeah it aint fun playing solo." "Well I was gonna go for a run but how about we play One on One." Castro agrees to the game so he takes of his chains and his black t. "I'll be skin." Castro passes me the ball and i throw it back at him. He then goes for the shot. He makes it. it's my ball. I dribble the ball to the hoop and Castro is all up on me. He grinds from behind me a little I get distracted so he takes away the ball and scores. after that he keeps doing the samething and he is wining. "C'on my boy you aint trying," Castro tells me. "I am just that..." "Just that what...that you suck," He laughs and grabs his dick. He notices that I saw. "Here man, I'll give you a chance," Castro says. He takes away the ball from me but he doesnt go for the shot. He is infront of me dribling the ball. I try to take it away but he has fast reflexis. When i try to get it again I accindently grab his dick instead of the ball. and it was just a little grab it was a full squeeze. he backs of and shoots and scores. "That's game patna," says Castro. "Yeah I guess I do suck." Castro looks at me with a smerk and says "Do you? Really?" he grabs his dick. "Ey sorry for grabbing it" "Nah man its cool," he is still grabbing it. "You got me hard nigga." I laugh and say, "Really?" "Yeah Nigga" I then get closer and grab his dick again. "Dammit its rock hard and huge" "Nigga you were'nt feeling it when I would get behind you" "Yeah and I liked it" "Suck on it Nigga" I get on my knees and pull down his basketball shorts a little and pull out his dick. It was enourmous. I lick the head first then the sides. The i put it in my mouth and started sucking on it. He was moaning and telling me "Fuck Yeah lil bitch suck on it" I was sucking on it for like 3 min until we heard a car alarm. we both got startled and he said "Lets go somewhere else. My house aint far from here." He grabbed his shirt and chain walked to his house. His home eneded up being just a couple of blocks and it was a nice. We ended up in his living room where he sat me down in his couch. He then pulled out his dick again and i started sucking. His dick tasted so good and he smelled good too. He made me get naked and he started licking my nipples while he layed me on his couch. He then bend me over and was licking my ass. Castro was licking it so good it was making me moan like a bitch. He spanked me so hard and said "Suck my dick" I started to suck his dick and i was also licking his balls. "Damn nigga you suck real good, I'm glad i spotted your bitch ass at the park. You like that bitch." I took the dick out of my mouth, "Yeah Daddy" and I put it back in my mouth "Hell Nigga call me daddy" with his dick in my mouth i would call him daddy he then started fuckin my mouth. He made me gag and almost throw up. Once his dick was all wet Castro bend me over doggy style. He slowly put the tip in my little tight hole. while holding my hips he shoved all of it in. It hurted and I tried pulling away but he grabbed me, "nah nigga your gonna take it like a champ" He started fucking me hard as fuck. "You like that bitch?" "Yeah daddy, Hell Yeah" "Hell Yeah nigga," Castro spanks my ass. Castro was ripping my lil hole which hurted but at the same time it was good. he then puled his dick out and turn me on my back. he put my legs on his shoulders n sticked his dick in me. while he was pounding my boy pussy my hands were rubbing all over his sexy chest, musclular arms and his smooth head because he was wearing his durag. feeling on his muscles would turn me on even more and rubbing his durag too. He was fucking me hard as fuck that he picked me up and even harder. I was moaning like a bitch. "Fuck me harder" "Harder bitch? yeah you like it hard?" "I love your fat dick daddy" "You love this fat dick?" "Yeah, hell yeah daddy" "Im bout to bust" Castro puts me down and I get on my knees. He then starts strocking his big fat dick. But i stop him and start sucking it. While it was in my mouth I felt his warm juicy sperm. He chocked me and told me to swallow. So i did. Castro then slapped me with his fat cock. "i'm glad i went ballin alone today" says Castro "I'm glad I went to the park too" Castro spanks me and says "Ready for round two?"

Fantasy about Nemian from New York

To get fuck like them !

Fantasy about June from kettering

what is june real name i wanna meet him

Fantasy about Kris from Charlotte

whats kris real name?

Fantasy about Flamez from ny

Fuck meee

Fantasy about Gusto from Brooklyn

I would take this beautiful man massage him head to toe. Making sure every muscle in his body is relaxed. For when the moment of taking that ass and owning it. His toes are gonna curl his back is gonna arch and he gonna be screaming mercy til I flood his juicy walls with my cum. Keep him locked my closet for a daily recurrence.

Fantasy about Favian Gotti from Wash, D.C.

It's late one cold December night. Favian is walking outside my apartment door cold and needing some shelter. I ask him in cuz I was checking him out. He starts to get warmed up and sees me staring at him so he starts stroking his dick in his jeans and starts showing it off to me. He starts with some hot dialog and then I am on my knees while Favian pulls out his dick so it can get warm from the cold. I give some mad awesome head so I'm down on that all the way until he starts freaking to get up inside my Bubble ass. I start off riding it, then he needs control so he fucks me from behind. switching it up a bit because he feels my ass is tighter than the average pornstar. he fucks me slow n deep n fast n then steady n deep. I could take that dick slow and deep all night and bust out three or four nuts for Favian. He leaves in the morning and we swap numbers so we can chill out again on cold and warm nights.

Fantasy about Angotti from Philadelphia

To eat his ass real good then lick his taint then suck his balls then deep throat his cock and swallow his load of cum after have him fuck me deep and hard

Fantasy about Red from new york

Love to smoke t n get my pussy hole fuck by real man

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