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Fantasy about Cristobol from New York

I joined this site expressly because I wanted to see all the videos of him. He is just magnificent. From his smile, lips to his light brown eyes, chest to his beautiful feet. He is the best models on here. And he has a fun personality from the behind the scene clips I've seen. My favorite video is him and Vice. I hope there is a part 2 of that and maybe throw in Rated R.

Fantasy about Rated R with Vice from New York

   I want to see a video with Rated R and Vice.

Fantasy about Vice with Rated R from New York

   I would love to see a video of Vice and Rated R. Vice as the bottom and Rated R as the top. That would be so HAUTE!

Fantasy about Terror from Dallas

My fantasy is not to just fuck but make love you and that dick. I'm a real bottom so I'll start out by sucking your dick and licking yo balls while im looking up at you. Then I'd get on top of you and slide down that dick real easy then ride you real good. Then I want you to put me in that position you like to do up in the air and get it like that while you making my shit wetter with every stroke┬ů

Fantasy about Python from New York

I would like to see python getting fucked

Fantasy about Gusto from Bethlehem PA

Hello, Mr. Gusto I hope that my Fantasy came True, I'll like to Suck Your Cock, is beautiful,and I like too Suck Yours Ass. I'm a Puertorican guy, and I'm blind, I have already 3 Guide Dog, they help me to walk around, I hope my dream come True, before I came totally blind. Sincerely, with a Touch of Elegance: The Blind Guy

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Behtlehm PA

Hello,Mr. Elz I hope my Fantasy came reallity, I'll like to have Your beautiful dick in my mouth, and Suck tha wonderful Ass Yours I'm a Blind Guy, and I'm Puertorican, I have already 3 Guide Dog, I like to see You before I come totally blind, I hope my Fantasy came Real. Sincerely, with a Touch of Elegance: The Blind Guy

Fantasy about Rated R from Behtlehm PA

Hello, Mr Rated R I hope my Fantasy come in teallity with You, I am a blind Puertorican guy, and I love to suck Your beautiful dick, and Suck Your Ass, before I came totally blind, I have already 3 Guide Dog, because I need them to guide me around, please make my dream come True, Sincerely, with a Touch of Elegance: The Blind Guy

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from brooklyn ny

hello papi chulo you are somebody that i would like to hangout with and get to know

Fantasy about Red from New York

hey brother this is your sister China do your thang boy

Fantasy about Red from detroit

I am a cool dod i like to gave fun smoke

Fantasy about Lil Papi with Phat Daddy from CA

   Phat daddy and lil papi... Make it happen please!

Fantasy about Lil Papi from seychelles islands

Seeing him being fucked by ass professor si simply stunning. You are real good at your role buddy. Keep me posted if you ever come to Seychelles.

Fantasy about Artist from chicago

love the lips and ass. There is no fantasy, because he would put me death and i am a fantatic 59 year but I would love to one night with hum in my bed. Just to look at him'

Fantasy about Arquez

Eat Arquez hole out and bust my nut inside of him. Than eat my nut out of his hole. Eat and fuck that hole all night long.

Fantasy about Vice

I see this guy dance all the time don't know he was such a powerbottom WOW!

Fantasy about Arquez from brooklyn

him having sex with dream

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Norfolk

I wish Ricardo lived here in Virginia so i can show him what Hot sex really is...

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from atlanta

i love dat lips and i wantu to suck my dick

Fantasy about Yeyo from antwerpen

Fucked by a Puerto Rican-Sicilian Straight Boy

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Cleveland,Ohio

I would love to meet you, I would also love to go out wit you. I am a cool person and you look like a cool person and plus you sexy as fuck and i want to do so many things wit you and i am jus so horny saying this to you. I wish you could call me but lets see call me at xxx xxx xxxx. and get 4 to 7 different guys that aint got shit and we all jus go have one big ass fuck sence

Fantasy about Arquez from Cleveland, Ohio

I want to meet him and have him dick me down so good. And I also want to jus hang out and have fun. Drink, play, and fuck, after we then got right

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from queen


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from greensboro nc,

I want too have like 3 dicks in me

Fantasy about 69 from St.louis

With a blatino thug with dreads whose dick I devior untill he is in a trans

Fantasy about Marcus from Hamburg

I want to see a photo set with pictures in showing him with his spreaded open pink manhole and smiling in the camera!!

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from chicago

i whis he would come back to chicago and fuck me and let me suck that dick

Fantasy about Angel S from chicopee mass

For him to kiss me in the mouth and give me dick

Fantasy about Red from Niagara falls

Red my fantasy is to have you again I miss that pipe.I want to role play as the handy man helping fix the house hmmmm I will let you take it from there

Fantasy about Arquez from Brooklyn

Fuck Arquez till he turns red

Fantasy about Lil Papi from Vancouver

Love to see him take Antonio Biaggi, Hot Rod and Cutler X as tag team & taking turns with double penetration and finally faced fucked with double penetration for climax. Man that would be a fantasy come true movie. He is a true sexy handsome "power bottom" taking all the thick & XXL dicks out there with nice low hangers.

Fantasy about 69 from Bronx, New York

Having sex with a men is such a beautiful thing. You see you, I can taste you, smile you, see your boy pussy like its a thing to be made love too. Mmmm. A thing of beauty a thing to eat out and come for seconds. Your pexs to nipple on and to make love to your month with my cock until my hard on can't wait any longer. And then and only then penetrate you as look into my eyes and ask me to fuck like a man. I will say it would be my pleasure.

Fantasy about Nemian from Denver

You are so beautiful, I am speechless┬ů

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Chicago

Yeah.. yall got it right with this dude here.. masculine and can take dick at the same damn time. Plus a like li street pretty boy... Put this man in more features or better yet just send him to Chicago!

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Chicago

When u get I have a beautiful home here in Chicago for us & I'm only 32 and sexy

Fantasy about Gusto from Columbus

Throw ass in the back of my truck, after feeding him this dick. Park off the side of the road with my hazards on. Open the passenger door to make the backstanders think that something is wrong. Pull his dick out suck and eat that asshole, then let him moisten my dick with his own spit. Ram that dick deep in his asshole coat his walls, and leave him on the roadside ass butt nake.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NYC

Phat Daddy is wearing a suit and tie..He's just finished a long hard day at the office and takes a detour to a brothel on his way home.The owner knows he has to please clients like Phats as his custome is etreemly valued so he says he want two submissive bottoms.He walks down stairs into a dungeon wear Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds are both waiting dressed like whores.Topless with skimpy leather jock straps.They are tied up.He unties them both and they know what they must do.He is the man and they are just a pair of fucking slaves to him.They loosen his tie and start kissing his neck.They remove his shoes and socks and start licking his feet and sucking his toes.they take his cock from his pants and share sucking him.He then fingers both their butts and fucks Derek whilst race puts his ass in Phats face.He eats both their asses and takes turns in fucking them.He stacks their asses on top of eachother.They moan like crazy and call him sir.This turns him on.He speaks to them like them orders and makes them shake their bubble butts like strippers.He then nuts on both thir asses and pics his clothes up and leaves without acknowleging them as if he just went to the toilet.He pays and leaves

Fantasy about Cristobol from Los Angeles

I am joining your site because of Cristobol, (wow).....well, I would just like to meet him when he is on the west coast, take him to dinner, cruise the city, invite him over and let nature take its place. I would like to be his sponsor and friend based on the personality he is projecting....beautiful guy...all the best

Fantasy about Red from Michigan

Red, baby, you are my ULTIMATE fantasy! Your smile can light up an entire room. My fantasty is to have you and Python in a 3some, both of you on Top and me on the bottom. First I would take turns eating out both of your asses. Then, I would suck your dicks like you've never had them sucked before. I would like the two of you to be tongue kissing each other at the same time. I would take my time, savoring ever single moment with you in my mouth. Then, of course there is the fucking. You and Python would take turns tag teaming me. Fucking me every which way but loose. Then, as the two of you are ready to climax, I would take both of your loads down my throat, swallowing every last, sticky, creamy drop and licking your dicks off until they are both squeaky clean! That is my fantasy. To be 100% dominated by the two sexiest men that have EVER graced this site, Red and Python. Red, you are the ultimate in masculinity. Don't let anyone turn you into something you are not. Keep giving us those incredible dominant performances and that amazing smile that could charm the morning dew right off the honey-suckle. :) You are beautiful in every way!

Fantasy about Kannon from New Haven

Would like to jackhammer fuck that hot yellow ass standing up against my 6 foot 6 lean body and Bust a Nut from hell up there then lick that bitch out and suck kannon's cock until he Nuts all the down my throat.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Atlanta

First I wanna see your feet. Then see you in a 3some with Hotrod, Phytom and Phat Daddy!

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from TWITTER

Shit i aint got no fantasy really . I think i would like to just take u on a date. Go to the movies an then Dinner after all that come back to my place. We chill and watch tv. Then maybe kiss dem pink lips while i rub on ya dick through ya jeans... Then shit what ever happens happens...

Fantasy about King Dingo from Columbus

I Wanna Talk Him And Phat Daddy. Too Sexy Ass Light Skined Niggas. With Fat Ass Dick. So Yep That's My Fantasy. Lov Yu. King Singing <3

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Gary

make em mines, diz my kinda nigga.... pretty boi from head to toe...

Fantasy about Kris from geogia

cris i want to fuck you now my ass is drippingfor that dick love it

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from 33068

I wanna Fuck this young man since the video he did with that white boy.... sexy ass fuck, but sad to say he aint gettin fucked right... ill put this man in tears with my 10" piece other niggas got him smilen an shit, i have him pretty upset

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from leander

to have him sallow cum and get fuck with the bigest dick in the world

Fantasy about Cristobol from mckinney

I would want him to be fucked super hard by a muscle god... I mean like a bodybuilder with a giant ass cock

Fantasy about Arquez from Jackson Mississippi

I meet him at a club he was stripping at and I would love to just suck his dick and let him cum on my ass.

Fantasy about Red from VaCity

I'd like to see Red with a black-skinned dark guy. That would be hot!

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