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Fantasy about Angotti from Norwich

I just wanna have a peak at this

Fantasy about Cristobol

Where you at baby I want you I want you bad boi

Fantasy about Vice

Where Cristo at? You need to get these hotties back in another vid papithugz. You cant just put them with other bois these niggas look hot together, Cristo looks hella good on his back! If you done with him Ill take him just show me the way that boi would be chained up to ball! Cristóbal Where are you wink wink

Fantasy about Moyea from wilmington de

I would like to see moyea get fucked in public but 2 hot guys and I would like o see the double penetrate him.

Fantasy about Yeyo from san leandro

i would like to see yeho suck and get fuck

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Philadelphia

I will invite to town come pick up. We will see the city and then go back to my crib I massage his neck while kissing you on those lips. I pour you a drink let you relax and get comfortable. I will then stand you up hold you kiss you, then strip you. I slowly take off your underwear. I lick you eat u put my finger in your tight hole. I then feed you my fat Dick down your throat. I smack it on your lips while my finger going in and out your hole. I then put you on your back, slide it inside of you. I just fuck you every position till I fuck the nut out of you.

Fantasy about Mr. Big from New York

I want to get high an fuck an let u fuck me awl crazy I want you bad baby

Fantasy about Python from Bkln

would luv to see you fucking "The Artist" ..... that shit would be hot as hell...that's my fantasy papi.

Fantasy about Arquez from ATLAANTA


Fantasy about Chad X from LA

I would love to cradle my arms around his moist shoulders as my ass suffocates thewhite veiny dick erecting off his lap, my arms would hang on his trapezoid and I'ld make out with his face all weekend. I want him to pull me away turn me around and slam my anus down on his lap, "Sit your fucken ass down!" he'd yell and my hole would absorb his dick, then I would want his arms to cling on my shoulders and have him plow me tugging my shoulders up and down while the wet condensation of my swetty back and his oily six pack get glued together. "I need your cock to get my butt fucked,"

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from DC

I'd love to hit a few blunts with em first and then making out (l

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

I want to worship PHAT DADDY from head to toe....licking and sucking every inch of his beautiful body. Of course we would kiss alot becasue he has awesome lips and kisses so fine. We could it all with him blowing his load in my mouth and then wasjing it down with his warm piss.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Seattle, Washington

Wow, what can I say; that damn piercing eyes, inviting lips and rock hard body; I would lick you all damn day. Then lay on my back with my legs in the air; begging you to f*ck me.…

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Hartford

I want Castro and I want to be on itsgonnahurt but I dint want to be taped even if I have to pay I want Castro badly! I want to feel his big luscious cock in my stomach. So deep I could feel it going up my esophagus the wrong way! I want him to feel the embracing on my walls welcoming him into the doors of my boi pussi aye Papi him asking me if this pussy Is his and I'll say yes senior yes it's all yours until he chums on my face on my hole and down my throat y waste good cum!

Fantasy about Vice from Rio de Janeiro

Lindo boy

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from nyc

All nite long elmo, i would satisfy you, all night long

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from harrisburg

Getting fucked on top of the washer machine, With police uniforms on while smoking on a dutch…

Fantasy about Red from hartford

every damn thing you can think of. red is sexy as fuck. i would love to smoke with his fine ass, then start makin out and grindin when shit was on and poppin, you name it, we'd do it. jealous of the kats that get that dick in his vids. yo red holla at ya boy. tight bubble azz like you ain't never had pa

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from anonymous

i wish you told me you were a GAY porn star.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Long beach

Man ... All I gotta say is I know what that ass is like ... In all ways ... It was bomb when I had it & I miss my nigga ... I been thinkin bout him & I see he doing good now ... Lol don't be a stranger ... Glad u doing ur thing pa I'm proud of u ;)

Fantasy about Wet from White plains ny

Sucking that big juicy cock licking the balls and let the man eat my pussy out and eat out my asshole and bang my pussy and ass hard as hell till i screamed for mercy

Fantasy about Kris from Boston

I would love for kris to fuck me real good all day any type of way he want it !!

Fantasy about Gusto from Kingston

Having a theesome.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

I want to kiss Ace Rockwood's sexy ass lips, suck Ace Rockwood's dick and lick his balls. Afterwards, I want him to eat me out and then fuck my virgin hole for about 3 hours as I ride his big black dick and I want to do as many positions as possible. After we're done fucking, I want to swallow his nut and let him fuck me again until ever little drop of nut is out, then began kissing him again and sucking his dick. ;)

Fantasy about King Dingo from brooklyn

him fucking my face and eating my ass fucking me and giving me a facial knoing his friend vance in coney island ;) gets me hot

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Diego

I Want you and your brother in me all night long

Fantasy about Python

sexy ass shit , i would ride and fuck that big ass dick! Python come fuck wth me ;)

Fantasy about M Donn

sexy ass shit

Fantasy about Citybwoy from new orleans

was good dude u look so sexy real talk

Fantasy about Mr. Big from baltimore

i would like to sit on mr big and ride his can this happen, what do i have to do to make it happen.

Fantasy about D'Angelo

I hope your dick is as big as your smile, We could have a lot of fun. Baby, you are the one. I wanna ride that dick til The Fourth of July 2020

Fantasy about Lindo from austin

i dream about sliding my dick in between those fat ass cheeks

Fantasy about Kannon from Norwalk

I love kannon he is very hot. I would love to see kannon gest fuck by antonio biaggi but I want more of a making love scene I want to see these two men kissing and enjoying eachother and then I want biaggi to finnish in kannon's mouth then was is kannon turn to come I also want biaggi swallow that cum... Mmm

Fantasy about Westside from NYC

Your so light skin and your dick is so dark. Mad hot

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from Jersey

damn you are sexy, Chris. i could only imagine spending a day with you, hoping it only got better as the time went by. i wish you were accessible, because i can only dream here. i would seduce you with intellect, charm, humor, and personality. and in the end of that day, i'd be happy just to have met you.

Fantasy about King Dingo from Houston

I wanna see King Dingo and his bro. Phat daddy fuck LINDO

Fantasy about Red from Houston

I'd love to see Red and Ace Rockwood, make out with each other butt naked, jacking each other off. That's a fantasy I wanna see.

Fantasy about Arquez from Oklahoma City

Just Fuck All Day and Night!!!!! E

Fantasy about Cornbread from Hardeeville,SC

I want him to eat my ass....and spread my cheeks....and fuck me

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Flint

I feel the loneliness in your eyes as I watch your vids. Is is all about sex or money? I want you for real love. Te amo. I want you to complete myriad world and share your tender moment with me. blatino2love.

Fantasy about RnB from New Jersey

shawty need to get it from phat daddy or python. real talk

Fantasy about D'Angelo from Los angles , ca

Eat yo butt and fuck u so hard

Fantasy about Moyea

Moyea, you are definitely one of the hottest stars in porn. I love your versatility and how you take a big dick. I love you in the video with Dream fucking that ass of yours. Now I want to see you fuck that ass of his. Then come on to my house.Baby

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Clinton township MI

My fantasy is that I want to get to now you better see what its like in the world of Castro like for instance I didn't know you were bisexual. I guest its not all about sex I'm not going to whore my self out for someone I don't know ( unless I'm drunk) lol

Fantasy about Nemian from Chicago

He's a sexy freak ass butch bottom. Love to put him on back and spread his legs wide out his man pussy and suck his nips. Get his hole nice and juicy then,a fuck him in every possible positions. Startin out w/ legs over my shoulders. I know he can take dick all nite.

Fantasy about Arquez from Columbia SC

I just want you to fuck the hell out me while getting fucked by my homeboy then I wanna flip flop and fuck the shit outta you while you kissing on my homeboy

Fantasy about Red from detroit

Gang banged by hung black men and my limits pushed and meet

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from seattle

i want to put my tongue in your mouth, sucking on your lips and just have you hold me with those awesome arms; then I want to ride your dick while phat daddy fucks my mouth

Fantasy about Kris from Falun

I want to see his huge dick penetrating a young boy

Fantasy about Cristobol from Houston

Yes, my fantasy is seeing Cristobol being gangbang by 3 or 4 well hung black brothers. I want to see him on his knees sucking every black brothers long thick shaft as he deep throats and gag on each dick watching his sexy pink lips and mouth stretch wide open while being verbally abused. Then I want to see each brother ravage his beautiful asshole (pounding) in every position especially on his back with his legs up in the air (missionary style) while each guy hold his legs up licking and gnawing on the bottom of each gorgeous foot (sole) left and right foot as he moan and groan about his feet's being man handle while being plowed (f_ _k) at the same time (begging each blk brother to stop torturing his feet's EXAMPLE: as he says OUCH! MY FEET, OUCH! MY FEET MAN, YO MY FEET!, YO DAWG MY FEET OUCH! DAM MY FEET!, OH MY FEET!, OH MY FEET! SAYING IT OVER AND OVER WITH A SERIOUS PAINFUL LOOK ON HIS FACE UNTIL EACH GUY SHOOT THEIR LOAD ALL OVER HIM). Reason for Cristobol being gangbang F_ _k and having his feet torture! 1.For being a SNITCH! or 2.SHORT CHANGING THE DRUG DEALER ON HIS WEED! (Awesome Role Play) Since I know I will or may never meet Cristobol in real life 1-on-1 for Foot Fetish Play this is how I would like and want to see my fantasy play out. Cristobol and Producers Please Make This Reality Come True. Thanks for your support and for coming out your comfort zone for all the foot fetish brother lovers out there (Puerto Rican, Black, Latino and Blatino Guys). $$Consumer/Customer

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