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Fantasy about Nuvo from greenville

i would love too cuddle up with him i have wet dream about this guy.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from tacoma

Im at home alone on my computer watching porn. I start getting really horny and hard ,so I switch to craigslist and stary browsing. I come accross the title its gonna hurt,naturallu curious I click and read the following. Big dicked black thug yop with a fantasy.. I wanna come over find your door unlocked and house dark. Except a tv playing porn of a black man fucking a white man hard and bareback. With u laying face down ass lubed I pull my cock out shove it in your ass make it hurt ehile I fuck u like a bitch as I empty my nits in your ass and then leave.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from houston

Say man u the best . I would love to just kick - it with u for a day . P.S. and see thoes goods Mr. Phatt daddy LOL .

Fantasy about Lindo from houston

I would love to Fuck u all nite dog . And let u suck this big Dick.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new orleans

getting dick down and a lil fellatio on the side

Fantasy about Red from Washington, DC

What can I say to a SEXY Mofo to you that you haven't already here.. You already know that your pipe game is so vicious. A boyish smile to melt stone and you're so vascular!!! Fuckin' HOT...

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from dawson

i would suck that dick til i nutt than ride that hard dick til u flip me over and do doggy way,than i suck your that thick nutt out hard as dick.

Fantasy about Big Redd from jamaica

suck and take two cock

Fantasy about Mr. Big from Little rock

To have him Mr. Big to take me out and show me the best time then i show him the best time when we get to the room and i cook for him oh yes i can cook. And give HIM a massage and relax him and put this great southern ass on him like no other.....yea IM BOUT THAT LIFEĀ…

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from Atlanta

i want you to be my freak in and out the sheets

Fantasy about Red from Hartford

Everything you can think of. Smoke with his fine ass -- kiss, stroke, suck, finger, rim, fuck Ride him all night long, any position you could think of. Fuck

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from N.Y

Rompeme el culo papi

Fantasy about Angotti from Long beach

Him getting fuck sideways

Fantasy about Lindo from Houston

Fuck the shit out of you, make you my wife and have my kids haha.

Fantasy about 69 from Bronx, New York

Hi 69 Fantasy I have a bone to I would like to pick with you. How do I get to make have a private session with you. Please let me know

Fantasy about Rabbit from omaha

can you foot fuck me and make me take that dick make me say your name papi

Fantasy about Arquez from Omaha

I like you and, I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me with your feet. I want you control me and be mean to call me names too paapi. make me your slave.I want you to kick, and rub my balls and dick with your feet..

Fantasy about Mr. Big from zomba

he is a nice guy and good looking,how i wish he cock to fuck me.

Fantasy about Red from Dallas

Red got that mean pipe that I would love to take long and hard!!! Damn more of him ASAP!!

Fantasy about Gusto

i want to sniff your socked feet

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from kissimmee,florida

I want Phat daddy to fuck me why my legs are up in the air looking into his eyes why he is doing deep strokes.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from newark

i would love to suck that huge dick for a good 24 hour straight...i would give the best head in the world

Fantasy about Angotti from bronx

to load all and spread on his sexy face

Fantasy about King Dingo from accra ghana

When I look in the mirror all I can see is your love.

Fantasy about Nuvo from New York

Nuvo is so sexy it's crazy. I could stare at his gorgeous face all day while he lays on his stomach and gets a fat dick stuffed up his ass. And that swag... whew! On point. I would love to see Nuvo and Westside flip-fuck while they both talk that filthy sex talk. At this point though, ANY video update with Nuvo in it would be a fantasy. Bring him back!!

Fantasy about Westside from New York

Westside is chillin with his boys and then receives a phone call from a sexy thug. He pretends it's a chick, and making his buddies think he's about to go meet up with this girl for a booty call. But he secretly sneaks off this this thug's apartment. They flirt at first while Westside pours out the swag, then soon, both guys are making out passionately, then soon, going down on each other without getting naked. Afterwards, Westside's jeans get yanked down to his ankles, he gets bent over forward, and his ass gets eaten out clean while he's moaning flexing his hips. Right after that, his jeans and kicks come off as he gets fucked on his back (still wearing his fitted hat, shirt, and socks). As he rubs on his cock and talk filthy, Westside gets fucked on his back for a while, then gets doggy styled as he moans loudly from the feeling. He cums nicely, then some soft kissing in the end.

Fantasy about Lindo from Arlington VA

to come over to your apt again and fuck that nice ass. and suck ur huge dick. hit me up

Fantasy about Kris from atlanta ga

jus wnt hym 2 fck me 4 a whole day

Fantasy about Python from New York

i like to see Python fuck Cristobol

Fantasy about Arquez from Virginia beach

Have sex with a muscular guy

Fantasy about Slim from Las Vegas

I would love to suck slims dick and let him bust in my mouth, jus fuck tha shit out of my face.

Fantasy about Samson

To begin, I'd suck his toes while caress and fingering his anal, then I'd slowly rise , pulling off his briefs along with whatever bottomms he's wearing. & massage his dick while sucking on the head, slurping and spitting, then take the whole dick in my mouth deep throating it nice and slow then gradually faster while juggling his balls down my throat. Finally he'd suck my dick and fuck this nice tight phat ass nice and slow then rapidly speed up making him scream and moan, surrendering as I penetrate his asshole roughly and fastly as he sucks on my fingers screaming my name, I'd spank/slap his ass a few times. Afterwards, he'd make me some food butt naked. After that, I'd finish eatting we'd make out for however long then he'd give me a NICE LOOONNNNGGG blow job. (;

Fantasy about Arquez

I eat Arquez's phat tight ass then fuck him til' I bust a nut in him and go back for round two. Then, push his back down to see the arch in his back as his nice ass bounces on my long fat dick, both of us breaking a sweat, and in the end he sucks my dick and we make out for an hour straight

Fantasy about Mr. Big from mexico

big cock

Fantasy about Python from Baltimore, Md

My Python fantasy is having his thick 10 inches inside of my luv canal 24/7!

Fantasy about Cristobol from paterson

i love to fuck Cristobol is the sex men. i love to fuck you and phat daddy. the vido u to get out is the best porn out u the best

Fantasy about Mr. Big from JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA


Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from panama

alone to have you for one night and to feel that so well you move your penis

Fantasy about Nemian from Los Angles

I would LOVE for Nemian to bust through my door and rip my clothes off. Then he would force his dick into my mouth and fuck me violently. I would love to tongue wrestle him after he filled my mouth with his cum.

Fantasy about Nuvo from long beach

bang this cute young boy.

Fantasy about Arquez from BIRMINGHAM


Fantasy about Kris from lagos

is hot

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington, DC

Him going for a long time fucking with his big dick.

Fantasy about King Dingo from MIAMI


Fantasy about M Donn

Wow..fantasy......I would love to just eat you out so bad, slapp on them nice cakes...fuck the hell out of you and turn over and let me feel that dyck you dont use all the time in your are one cute azzz redboone for

Fantasy about Cristobol from New York

To be fucked by a professional stud as sexy as Cristobol.

Fantasy about Mr. Big from Rochester

My fantasy is for Mr.Big to do a solo and to include his selfsucking skills into the clip as well. ;)

Fantasy about Lil Papi from miami

paped by a group of black guys with monster cocks

Fantasy about Angotti from blood

gettin fucked doggy hard

Fantasy about Arquez from Los Angles Calif

To see paipthugs threesom now

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