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Fantasy about Angotti from Binghamton

Wow, I just want to see more of this guy right away!

Fantasy about Angotti from NYC

I'd invite Angotti over to my place on the westside. I have a large terrace that faces the Hudson. I'd serve him a drink on the terrace and we'd talk all the while the sexual energy is building. At one point I reach over and touch his forearm, he looks at me asks me to kiss him. I do. It starts off soft, then the kisses get wetter and deeper. I life him out of his seat and put my hands on the back of his head and let it slide down his back to to his ass. I already know he wants it but when I slip my hand inside his jeans, he gets goose bumps and moans in my mouth. I squeeze his ass and he arches his back. Our kissing is know hot and wet. I take him over to the terrace wall, I stand behind him and slowly grind on his ass. It's fall so it's a little cold. He presses his ass back on my thick dick. I slowly pull his jeans and underwear down, I pull a condom out of his back pocket, push my jeans and shorts down, wrap up, slide some spit over his hole and start to massage it, he's moaning now and pressing back, I slip a finger inside him. Angotti moans louder, I put the head of my dick to his asshole and push in. My dick is thick so we have to work it in, when it gets to the second ring in his ass and it pops, I push him down onto the edge of the terrace wall and start grinding in his ass. He's moaning and gasping so I grind harder and fuck deeper. I put my hands on his waist and stroke his ass with my dick. It drives him crazy and starts bucking back. He's jerking his dick while I fuck his ass. I can tell he's getting heated so I start fucking him harder, he moans loudly and I cover his mouth. He starts squirming and shaking, i realize he came all over the terrace wall. "o my god, o my god...." I push him back down and continue grinding, then stroking. He's playing with his dick. I dip deep in him and feel him shake again....and he's got goose bumps. I can feel his asshole pulsating and twitching. I milked his prostate. His ass came. I pull out and start jacking, he turns around gets on his knees and starts kissing the head of my dick. "nut on my lips, Pa"...and I do.

Fantasy about Arquez from Dallas Tx

Me and u

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Jacksonville,FL


Fantasy about King Dingo from brooklyn

sucking and fucking

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from non yo biz

i wish tht he wuld doggy style me and hard and he wuld rip open my anal

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Newyork

U are so sexy nd a good looking man nd I see that u are good in bed mmmmm :p

Fantasy about MAXIMO from newyork

u are a sexy man how good are u in bed mmmmmm :P i see ur video nd u look like u know how to fuck yummy

Fantasy about M Donn from Ypsilanti, MI

My fantasy is that I'm alone on an elevator and you step in reaction to you're raw sex appeal is hardly unnoticeable, you coyly blush and ask me to press number 23, I fumble in doing so jamming the elevator to a stop. Embarrassment all over my face I apologize to you. You tell me its nothing we'll just have to find something to occupy ourselves with. I watch as unzip your pants and ask if I have any ideas. I don't know if I was just bold or if my legs gave out, but fell to my knees and engorged myself with your massive member, until you shoot sweet man juice down my throat. Your body relaxes but your Dick is rigged all the more, u flip me face into the wall as I rise and fuck me deeply and painstakingly slow in my moist tight ass.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Cali

I love

Fantasy about XXXChange from queens

i want this papi caliente to make his ass clap!

Fantasy about Arquez from Atlanta

The first time i saw this fine yellow bone cat i was like damn I'll like to have him, each time i watch him in a movie it makes me want him more and more. the day I get to meet this cat i'll like for us to meet up at a TI concert exchange words and digits then later on that nigh it will start by him coming to my suit for a drink the i'll let my eyes wonder all up and down him giving him that sign I'm digging him i'll move in close see to kiss him, while kissing him i'll be massaging his dick and we'll go from there taking each other close off then suck each other separately then at the same each other ass then flip flop

Fantasy about Python from Houston

I'd like to call and talk to Python set up an appointment. Tell him everything I'm not going to take from him, Piss him off and then experience the most aggressive fuck I've ever had. Bcuz that thick dick would surely fill my hole and I can feel its intensity. Then he could cum in my mouth and fill with his salty sweet goodness. After I make him say my name and ask him,"Whose dick is that.? All while Phat Daddy watches bcuz he'd be next in line

Fantasy about Cristobol from Houston

I would be told to lay down on the bed and Cristobol could do whatever he thought he needed to do to get me off. I mean whatever he thinks of I'd try just as long as its him doing it.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

I would like to be in a one on one session with Phat Daddy letting suck that dick and eat that azz. And just as I'm about to cum from eatin that azz he spins me around and fucks me good and aggressively, then his brother joins in and Phat Daddy is fucking me in the azz while his brother King Dingo keeps shoving that dick down my throat at the same time.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from dayton ohio

i just wanna he be my boyfriend he seyx as fuck

Fantasy about Kris from japan

please fuck me hard chris....and let me groan n no mercy n hold me very tight...i'll surrender

Fantasy about Cristobol from Miami Beach

I would to fuck Cristobal Missionary Still with that booty in the air. This is one handsome dude, who know how to act. I would watch his videos any day!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about M Donn

we are on a boat and he is just sucking my dick for hours then he fucks me so hard that we make the boat rock

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from charlotte

come dick me down

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NYC

Woul love to see him fuck Matthew Rush down an ally staning up with Matts jeans just pulle oer his ass and then him and Ace Rockwood take Matthew to a cheap motel and beat that ass up!!

Fantasy about Rated R from Staten Island

From the moment i met you, i knew there was something gay about you, smh.. Good luck with your career chickie

Fantasy about Terror from Atlanta,GA

I'm kinda shy but I would love to do a 69 with u.I have dreamed about sucking kissing & licking on dat big azz dick suck u so good dat u'll be ready to fuck me.I like it slow at first then u can pound me in how evah u like.I would it if u could take control of me pulling on my hair smackin my azz cheeks real good asking me "Do U Like Dat Shyt" me saying yes daddy fuck me until u bust dat nut...U pound this azz so good I can barely take it anymore when u asking "Where Do Want This Nut At?" I would say on my azz daddy u bust dat hot creamy load all ova these cheeks & then I see u got some cum still on dat dick so I take my tongue & lick the rest off.Now that's my hot Fantasy

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

This sexy as motherfucker needs to get fucked by some dynamites. His ass will explode

Fantasy about Kannon from Denver

Can Ride Two Dicks Like a Pro and Get His Toes Sucked On

Fantasy about Randy Star from Mcallen, texas

Randy mi papi chulo my fantasy is 2 on hot sexy lips, chest,ur hard cock, n ur hard bubble ass.would enjoy u fuckin my lovehole hard n rough big DADDY.......uuuummmm.

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from waco

I wanna go down on u papi....

Fantasy about Wet from puerto rico

Qisiera tocarte las bolas y acaricialeas

Fantasy about M Donn from Greenville

To eat that ass all day while u give me head

Fantasy about Arquez from Greenville

Two athletes skipping class to get high. While walking to the house we spot some dudes getting it on and thinks that the hottest shit ever, in our heads. Not knowing we both thinking alike. Get to the house smoke one and start trippin, roll up again and I decide to shower to freshin up. U pretend to have have to use the bathroom and bring me the blunt, only to get a better vision. U decide to make a move. I move and u say "won't nobody know, you know u want to. I see how u be watchin me on the field". Then it jump off. For full detail it will have to be done for real;):D

Fantasy about King Dingo

Whaaaaa? Threesome wit king dingo and fat daddy, suck 1 while I fuck 1. I'm with it to take both of them down lol

Fantasy about LEX from Newark

- yo , on my son ; lex could get it ANY fucking where . omg ! his sexy ass . ugh , his swagg , his body, his sex drive. ugh , my baby is really doing it big for the bx. having you in my bed, licking chocolate off your sexy asss body. slowly sliding my tongue down your abs, all the way down to the head of your dick. slowly teasing the shaft, getting that shxt all wet. then going all the way down to the base. letting the head of your dick play tag with my throat. omg , then coming up to kiss those soft lips, all the while you're inserting that wet dick up in . i slide down on that dick, as you whisper in my ear "relax baby, lemme take you for a ride" . i release my body to you and you fuck me for what seems to be years .

Fantasy about Arquez from Dillon , SC

One, day I would become a pornstar and I wanna make a lot of videos with you, cause you look like you know how to put it down and make love. Plus I think I will give a run for ya money. ;)

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from tallahassee

I want him in me deep stroking me, feels his dick veins pounding need and I wanna nut while his dick is in me

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from Tampa

Dam Chris sexy. Love my Latinos I love being PR n hood lol he's just fucking sexy I let him pound the alarm lol

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from Staten island

I think you are so cute and it's a shame as my beautiful transsexual myself I think we would made a cute couple lol

Fantasy about Arquez from B'ham

Damn I wish you were in Bama! Your lipzz are so sensuous and kissable! I would do too many R rated things to you!!! Your Tats are gorgeous boii!

Fantasy about Envy from B'ham

Beautiful skin tone... would love to kiss and nibble all over you... (muah)

Fantasy about Lil Papi from Brooklyn

I would like to see this cute sexy bottom dominate a weaker or another bottom,let's see Lil Papi dominate for once

Fantasy about Arquez from Los Angeles

Arquez you are beyond phine and have a ten plus body love your Nigga lips kissable. I would love to eat your ass out and fuck you are night.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from funky town

I would love to eat Rockwoods asshole,then suck his big throbbing dick til it's wet and put it in my slippery cumhole,fuck me til he's ready to explode that cum-cano all inside my ass...

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from cincinnati

i would love to have sex with ace on the beach

Fantasy about Rabbit from springfield mass.

my fantasy is to haveing sex someone as fine as you rabbit.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from lagos

i love huge ass

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from chicago


Fantasy about Chris Rozay from Jersey City

damn i cant believe no one has entered anything here yet. you're hot. sexy as hell to me. damn. i'd love to just hang out with you, get to know you and if it clicks, see what we can do. i love your looks, tats, body..everything!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Rochester

My fantisy is to know how good you are in bed. Definitely want to please you in everyway possible

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from DETROIT


Fantasy about Python

I would love to fuck him in that nice tight ass while stroking his dick until he nuts all over hisself

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Billings

i like big cocks

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