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Fantasy about Angel S from Queens

I want him to take a dump on my chest

Fantasy about RnB from accra

i love to fuck

Fantasy about Chad X from miami

so good

Fantasy about Rabbit from villach

ich möchte dich mit steifen sehen.

Fantasy about Westside from BROOKLYN

i just love your big lucious dick and the way you fuck a men,

Fantasy about King Dingo from Philadelphia

I would turn my whole world over to him and become his sex slsve for life.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Youngstown

I will love to suck yo dick & balls and ride yo dick

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

I just want to swallow that big Dick, then i want him to eat my boipussy and finger me so i can be ready for the dick, then I want him to pick me up in the air (since he is strong) i just wasn't to jump into his buff arms and key him do whatever he wants to me THE END ps. he is the definition of a real TOP i don't want to see him bottom out suck a duck he is too masculine and cute for all that

Fantasy about Randy Star from miami

Hola Randy estás muy rico,mi fantasia es darte lengua de arriba a abajo,cogerte esa boca y mordertela toda y que me llenes la boca con tu leche pipo,di cómo se puede verte.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Pohakee fl

I luv videos would luv to start in one wit u

Fantasy about M Donn from Pohakee fl

U sexy as hell

Fantasy about Kris from Pohakee fl

I would luv for kris to nut all in my ass & keep poundin the shit out of my tight hole while I scream his name Kris!,Kris!,Kris!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from ney york

ride his beauty cock in kiss his joucy moth all night longer!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from new york city

what ever the fuck yo big dick havin ass is tryin to do to me im goin... EXCEPT piss nd feet... i aint never goin for them things lol! but all that darkness would be warmly welcomed to any other situation!

Fantasy about Arquez from nashvillie

i want to see u do a 3some with venom and driller running a train on you hell yeah

Fantasy about M Donn from chicago

getting fuck by two men

Fantasy about Gusto from chicago

watching men suck ea other

Fantasy about Arquez from Houston

We can do it "ALL"!

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from omaha

I like getting fucked and kicked nut skirting everywhere

Fantasy about Samson from Houston

Contact me.. i would love to meet uo with you for a private party!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Pittsburgh

My Phat Daddy Fantasy Is To Just Get A Big Tight Bear Hug & Makeout With Him , THATS IT !!!!!

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from LA

i wanna see you get fucked in the ass by King Dingo in analley with your clothes onI want him tocum in your face an for you to suck his cock whiles you jack off till you nut

Fantasy about King Dingo from LA

i want to see king dingo fuck Matthew Rush.It's hot to watch skinny dudes fuck beefy dudes for real!i want King dingo to take Mathew rush down an alley an pull his tight jeans own half way an start fucking him right in the open then take him inside and pound him on a kingsize bed so you can her the be creeking.then I want him to cum in Mathews face and puthis flasid cock in mathews mouth so he can suck it whiles he gets his nut.HOTT!!

Fantasy about Arquez from New York

Angel S should be on Arquez list

Fantasy about King Dingo from Washington, DC

I just was suck his dick, eat his ass, suck his toes, & have him fuck the hell outta me!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Birmingham

Ace Rockwood so fucking sexy with them pretty lips and teeth. Then he can kiss

Fantasy about Arquez from Atlanta

Arquez, Nigga you are fine as fuck...yo, if you do private parties hit me up with a way to contact your management team! Damn we would like to see you perform with another shawty!

Fantasy about Arquez from Atlanta

I Just want him to FUCK me all night and all day

Fantasy about Iraq from Mission Tx

quiero todo contigo que me Mame el culito y mamarsela toda toda hasta que me de su lechita en mi boca

Fantasy about Arquez from Chattanooga


Fantasy about Arquez from atlanta

ive done porn in the past mann loving dis nigga you about to make me step back into the industry just for you i wanna suck the skin off yo dick and let u fuck me all kinds of ways

Fantasy about Arquez from nc

he is super sexy.i would love to fuck him

Fantasy about Papo from tucson

Always wanted to be riden by a few latino men deep and hard. .

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Washington D.C.

To have him drown me with his cum deep in my throat.

Fantasy about Kris from Wilson

i want you to fuck me hard as you can deep and i want to ride it all day.....i mean allllll dayyyyy yo sey ass and you do have a gigantic dick give it to me and give it to me good papi!

Fantasy about Rabbit from houston tx.

Hot sex

Fantasy about Marcus from chicagopi

Eat him up

Fantasy about Angel S from memphis

I feel your soft lips entwining with mine as we embrace. The energy of the moment sweeping us away to a rising passion building with every touch and every look. However, just as we are about to end this night filled of passion we part with one last loving kiss.

Fantasy about M Donn from sarasota

i wonna suck that dick on a headstand and swallow all that nut drip my drip

Fantasy about Python from miami

verlo sin ropa desnudo verlo totalmente desnudo.

Fantasy about Rated R from Albany ny

I want you to rip my pantys off and despoil me.fuck me real hard make it hurt good papi

Fantasy about M Donn from cleveland

my fantasy is that i wish i would have took you up on yo offer to fuck me after that party in dont look any different and i you look so fucking sexy i would fuck and suck every part of yo body starting with those sexy ass lips and that fat ass booty.

Fantasy about Kris from united states

Suck for all night

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lanster

Waz up Phat DADDY

Fantasy about Izzy from Jakarta

I just want to Izzy fuck me without condom and no mercy. Please make it happen!

Fantasy about Rated R from Clayton,NC

look sexy u want to fuck antime anyday every week u gotta a nice dick i would make your dick a 15 ft cum pool and swim in it everyday mmmm u sexy i cant even front u all i need i would souck your dick all day every day would u fuck me i lick feet to love uua! SSSSSSSSEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Envy from Clayton,NC

well u r one sexy motherfucker i want your dick every night i would lick u head to toe i like to lick feet and dick allday.

Fantasy about Python from new rochelle, ny

would lov to meet u (PYTHON) ur really hot lookin, and the body, wow.....could get into anything with u$$

Fantasy about Rico from toms river

Just wanted to say to fellow Rico's fans I had the pleasure of meeting him at the beach. He was waiting for me to move so he could wash the sand of his feet. As he walked up I said excuse me are you Rico? He smiled and with a humble response said yes. I responded when your are done can I shake your hand he said sure. Some of you might be wondering why I wanted to wait till he was done washing his feet. Well he had to turn is back towards me which gave me a chance to focus on his phat ass. Boys he has a phat ass.. He shook my hand I said to him you do great work he smiled and said thank you. Then Rico and his friends left the beach. Rico if you ever read this thank you for making a 54 year old white dude feel special Sunday 7/22/2012

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Penns Grove

Ace Baby when i first saw you i just wanted to lick you up and down without stopping and wanted you to tear this ass up going on and on so basically i hope im the lucky one..

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