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Fantasy about Lil Papi from Brooklyn

Seeing lil papi get fucked by phat daddy is my fantasy

Fantasy about King Dingo from Jacksonville

I would really like to see him make out with another guy

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx New York

I would like for him to fuck someone he has a very nice dick.

Fantasy about King Dingo from Jacksonville

King Dingo i want ur big dick up my virgin ass and i want u to fuck hard and dont stop make me ur bitch ill please u everyday baby come and fuck me!!!

Fantasy about Kris from karnack

to make love with a hot sexy man to love me for who i am...

Fantasy about Cristobol from yonkers/BX

hmuuu do you have twitter or facebook ?

Fantasy about Izzy from Philadelphia

Izzy I wanna suck on your meat sooo bad && slap your nice firm chocolate ass

Fantasy about Chad X from Philadelphia

I would let Chad fuck me up...split my chocolate ass in two and cum all in it

Fantasy about Kris from Philadelphia

I just want Kris to get on top of me and fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about MAXIMO from miami

why u look different now? But still handsome

Fantasy about Cristobol from Jackson Heights, Queens

I would love to go camping in the country in Upstate New York and go skinny dippin with Cristobol in the full Moon light.

Fantasy about Randy Star from bangalore

i want sex with you

Fantasy about Big Redd from BG, KY

Would love for him to come to my crib...smoke while sitting on my couch then I unbutton his pants and start licking on his dick. Then he grabs me up and takes me to my bedroom where he starts eatin my ass. He does that for ten minutes getting me all wet and then we head to the bath tub where he lays down and I get on top of him and ride him for hours letting him cum multiple times on my face on my ass and all over me then I lick as much of it off myself as possible!!

Fantasy about Arquez from California

I Want to fuck Arquez Fat Ass And let Him Ride me ,& fuck him better than phat daddy and Valentino my Carmel skin in his tight wet Ass

Fantasy about Kris from Springfield

Well I See You in The Page, And I Trying To Make Some Money. Proud If I work With you guys. I Would Like to Be There, And Be With You Too!!.

Fantasy about Kris

i love you cock

Fantasy about Moyea from Jacksonville Beach

You are the hottest dude on earth !

Fantasy about Python from Santo Domingo

mmmm me quiero comer a este bombom.

Fantasy about Rated R from Camden

My fantasy about Rated R is that he's the most sexiest latino I've ever seen. I love those bedroom eyes that's telling me to just suck the shit out of you. I can imagine one day that your in my room. I could have you for a full day to myself. I love that sexy ass body of yours. Rated R is really sexy like damn I fuck that nigga til he starts crying. I just want him to fuck me as well. I just can imagine his sexy tan dick in my mouth, up my ass, in my hands. Thats my fantasy about rated r!

Fantasy about Arquez from raleigh

aite so i have this fantasy about being in a 3way with Arquez and jovonnie smoking a L and fucking the hell out each other

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from jackson,tn

i have had a fantasy about his very man i my dream for a whilw the fantasy was that i was my birthday and i as all by myself no one came to my party or anything until i got acewood was sitting on mi couch on hard and he said i had the feeling that u was in need of sum wood and i came to give it to u and belive me HE GAVE IT TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS IS MY FANTASY ABOUT ACEWOOD AND I HOPE IT COMES TRUE

Fantasy about Nuvo from kumasi ghana

he is so handsome .i am a gay guy am interest so connects me

Fantasy about Yeyo from roma

fuck him in the ass and spread my load on his beautiful ears!!!

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from HOUSTON


Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Houston

to fuck and lick is ass

Fantasy about Kris from Malaysia

That cool to watch

Fantasy about Cristobol from jersey city

Damn sexy azz chulo you know your are one of the best niggaz out here love to see u get ganged banged by some black dudes with big dicks tearing dat muscle ass up while ur begging for more wowwww your too hot to handle cum back and do more vids ur fukkin hot ass papithug.

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Delray beach florida

Suck his big dick and eat his ass out then fuck that hole hardpo

Fantasy about Kris from Libre-ville

I love this character and especially the big cock he owns. I want to have it, feel it in my hole ... Humm Kris I love your big dick ... Love you! Fuck me please.

Fantasy about Trey Turner from dallas

I would love to slip his shorts down and let that big fat cock plop out and hit my face and smell his manlyness

Fantasy about Kris from Minneapolis

I would love to see a scene where Kris a bottom.I would like to Kris, hotrod and Masco in 3-way.

Fantasy about Kris from nexico

i need abig cock in my ass mmmmm

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from alabama

well i dreamed about him when i first saw his body and baby face i've always wanted him and just too lick up and down his 6pack and suck his dick im a big boy im sick and tired of see'n skinny nigga's getting fucked by him i want to be the first one to get fucked by him he's a beautiful chocolate strong thug that know how to make any man wet and hard plus he's very cute and sexy he's favorate fantasy....

Fantasy about King Dingo from omaha

I want to foot fuck me until I nut and slave me with their feet

Fantasy about Westside from Bronx

West side needs to fuck Angel S

Fantasy about RnB from Atlanta

RnB needs to get it from West Side

Fantasy about Python from Greensboro, NC

As I sit on the soft carpeted floor watching Push, with Dakota Fanning, he comes out of the shower wrapped in an orange towel dripping wet, muscular, and sexy. We share a look and then he walks towards me and comes behind me; where I am still seated, he sits, legs open, so I could fit in and starts to place soft kiss on my back with his plump pink lips. He uses small bits of tongue in his kisses, letting me know this was all lust, and out of his pretty mouth his deep voice speaks and says the famous words lets take this to the bedroom. He escorts me to the room where he lays down and lets me work him first. I put time into sucking that dick, I have wanted it for so long. I opened my jaws and slide head first onto my long awaited gods dick and let him know, via oral skill, that I was ready. Bobbing up and down he lest out moans and says if I knew the head was this good I would have gotten with you a long time ago. A smile spread across my face and I go down to go to the balls, the egg like balls that would soon be slapping against my ass in doggie style, missionary as he rough fucked and I run some, and all through the night. I lick away leaving wet saliva so he knows who was there, giving time and effort into pleasing him, because off looks alone he deserved it. I work him fast and slow while stroking the shaft trying to make him cum in my mouth, but I guess I get to close and he pulls me off and lays me on my stomach. It was his turn to play. He grinds into me. Teasing my wet hole with his hard on, then I beg him to get a towel so I wouldnt wet up his bed to bad. He slaps my ass hard and says I want all that cream on my dick! He continues his teasing, taking me to a breaking point, having me almost cry out for the dick. Slowly his head goes in, opening me up and I came out of my dream fantasy back to reality. He laughed and spoke once more saying relax, I got you. He pushs the head in and out of my hole, just his big pink head. No more, no less, opening me up preparing me for the assault he was about to give! 5 minutes turned to 10 as he played with my body heating me up, making me drip and pushing the head in and out of my wetness. Finally he came out, yanked out and condom and slide in down the base. GAME TIME. He said nothing as he flipped me over on my back and lined the head up and pushed. I moa and breathe, preparing my body for what was to come& cum?!& He took his time, knowing how to get his dick in and gave small humps until his is buried in my ass to the hilt. You ready for it? Give me all you got and that he does, he goes into my ass like he was a school boy getting his first taste of pussy. He plays zero games as he rampantly smashes into my guts, making me cream and anally cum over and over having screams of pleasure rip his bedroom as I held onto his muscles. He knows how to please me as he pulled out flipped me into doggie, with my ass arched high, spilling his dick back into me with force, taking long, hard strokes into me. Fast and quick he makes me cry out as he enters me pounding hard and demonic, holding my waist so I could not move, but just throw it back and take it. You know how to work a dick, I know you do, throw that ass back baby. He barks and I comply. Come on, work my dick. He barks again and I once again comply, wanting him to know I was his and anytime he wanted my body it was his. He fucks with fury and rage and I love it, until he flips me back over and pounds even harder into my soft flesh. The combination of his pounding and me softly moving made my body slip away from his, which he doesnt want. He wants that dick buried in, which he makes clear as he yanks me back onto that dick by my shoulders thrusting into me and holding it. Saying feel that? Thats my dick, now take it and dont run! I made sure there was no running, I made sure my ass was in contact with what I craved so deeply, dreamt about so long and begged for on multiple occasions. He was now in me and going to work. He treats me like a rag doll for and hours, wrecking my body in all the best ways. Mid way through snatches the condom off, and I knew but I was so high in ecstasy that I didnt care I just want more dick. He picks up, his already fast hard pace as I play with his nipples, scratch his biceps and rub on his chest. Im about to bust where you want it? I want to taste him and have pieces of him in me forever, so I ask for the mouth and he goes even harder and faster he finally reaches his peak, snatching happiness away from me and yells a mans roar signifying his cumming. He tries to go for my mouth but comes to quick and it lands on my stomach, as he shouts. He flops down on the bed beside me, so I go to do the job myself and lick the head to get the cum I worked hard for. He just breathes deep.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Suv valley c,a

A hot gay gangters fine

Fantasy about King Dingo from thomasvill ga

i would want you to lick my asshole then you let me ride your dick then i would wanna suck your dick then we start making out then i would give you a handjob

Fantasy about Chad X from thomasvill ga

me and you in a big king size bed you nibbiling on my hear while i'am riding your dick and then you smacking my ass and us kissing and rubing eachother and then i start to suck your dick

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

this is the hottest bottom on here since my boi suspect took on phat daddy and rated r

Fantasy about King Dingo from baton rouge,la

king dingo i want u to come and fuck the shit outta me every time i look at one of your video's i think about u with your fine sexy ass please come and fuck me in my tight man pussy come and bitch me out oh i love u king dingo with that big dick of your i know it is every bit of 12 inches i want u to cum all in my mouth

Fantasy about Big Redd from ....

I want redd to fuck me again ;)

Fantasy about Kris from Brooklyn, New York

I would to tear that pretty young caramel ass apart.…

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

Dam, this sweet looking niggah needs to get his pipes cleaned by Python

Fantasy about Angel S

Iwant to have a threesome with Angel S and Rated R where they fuck each other and they fuck me. I want to moan like Angel. I want my legs up in the air with Rated R fucking me hard while I scream With pain and pleasure and suck Angel.. I want angel to come on my face and Rated R comes in my mouth. We will be Rated R's bitches all night.

Fantasy about King Dingo from tampa

i wanna see phat daddy and his brother king dingo fuck

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from tampa

I wanna see Phat Daddy ans Jovonnie togeher.

Fantasy about Drake from Newark, DE

OMG I Wish I Could Just Suck Alllll Over That Fat, Juicy Dick And Ride Him Til He Screams, (Dominance) And I Wish I Could Get Pounded Like June, I Cant Wait Til The Next Scene

Fantasy about D'Angelo from nyc,ny

my fantasy,is to have Dangelo,and his friends gang bang me,and then cum in my mouth,kissing is also encouraged.I love men,especially naked in bed.kissing sucking,and getting fucded,i love.God bless,and ciao for now.:-)

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