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Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Montgomery

You is sexy as fuck you and them lips can kiss me. that body and them nips and that dick . you would be able to keep me off of the tattoo.and just to be togther with u

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

Nigga Bring Yo ass To The D in Lets make dat Shit Happen

Fantasy about Moyea from Houston

Take him on a date, dinner at a nice restaurant at a nice hotel, jacuzzi, get him a professional massage...and play cheesy games all night...let him take the night off...everyone on here is trying to woo him...he's tasty enough just to fantasize about. Though if he wanted to play...then I'm game...he won't be disappointed.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from killeen

Fine AF bro.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Nyc


Fantasy about RnB from bronx

this papi chulo needs to be in threesome taking double the dick!

Fantasy about Drake

i would love to drake him and nuvo in a video called lets make up

Fantasy about Nuvo from Cerritos

Just watching

Fantasy about Samson from Bronx

Samson works out @ Planet Fitness on Castle Hill..... Very handsome in person with a nice body would love to walk into him coming out the shower at the gym

Fantasy about King Dingo from baltimore

I would just to suck king dingo big ass dick then let him put it in my nice phat ass

Fantasy about Rabbit

Rabbit should be next on Python's hit list!!!

Fantasy about Cristobol from London, UK

Cristobal is the sexiest man alive. He is just breathtakingly gorgeous ! Looks like a nice person and I'd die to meet him!!. It just turns me on just looking at him, he doesnt even have to do much. Sexiest man alive 100%. The way I would just melt if I was in his arms, Papi Papi!! *Lovestruck*. Damn I wish I could find a man like this.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

ace rockwood

Fantasy about Angel S from New York

I will like to see Angel S and Rabbit together agian and see rabbit take Angel S nice little tight ass and fuck him until he nut on his face

Fantasy about Marcus from little rock

i want u to act lyke my math teacher and act lyke im a very bad harajuku barbie student at hall high

Fantasy about Drake from little rock

i him t act lyke my drama teach at hall high school and write me up for bein a very bad barbie

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from jamaica,ny

well it goes like this, I get to miami in my sexiiest new outfit and i meet this light sexy ass yellow nigga and he comes and asks me are you new hear and i say i just flew in. so then he says well lets go to my room and i will give the tour so i say ok. then we enter his room where it is a big ass bed and he says have seat and he goes into the bathroom and comes out with just a robe. so i ask him well how u gonna leave with just that on he says where going anywhere. and just opens the robe and i just am shocked of how big it is. so he says well what u wanna do i say you. so he picks me up puts me on his bed and undresses me while i whisper to him what i want him to do to me. finally all my clothes are off then we began "The Hottest Night IN Miami" .........You may know how the rest goes if you have seen his work

Fantasy about Moyea from brooklyn

love to fuck him

Fantasy about Cristobol from miami

him cheating on his girl while shes in the next room sleeping

Fantasy about Westside from new york

I santé westside to fuck me in the ass

Fantasy about JT from new york

if your looking so am I

Fantasy about Python from jackson,tn

mi fansty is to feel the ezperice of a real man and i belive that this man rite RITE HERE IS THE ONE TO DO THAT FOR ME

Fantasy about Nuvo from durham

you come in on me takeing a show you rub on me an we jus fuck the night away with alot of kissing

Fantasy about Westside from new york

i suck going to suck westsides dick

Fantasy about Rated R from inglewood

You make an older man wish for younger days. Can I be your sugar daddy? Your slave? I fell in lust and love the minute I saw you. Do me the way you do those two men in the video. My fantasy is that ane we also get married...Papi you are hot!

Fantasy about Envy from Huntsville

I love gay mens

Fantasy about Artist from newport news va,

i would like to drink your white cream,,,,,,,,

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from toronto

i dream to lick and suck him over over. have him shot in my mouth. omg i love him so much

Fantasy about RnB from Brooklyn

First I would take RnB to my bedroom, take off his clothes and munch on that sweet ass. Then I'd fuck him doggy style until he comes, and finally I'll pull his curly hair back and kiss him.

Fantasy about Artist from Baltimore

Fucking a nice muscular dude while being eaten, and both nipples being sucked

Fantasy about Wet from Newark

Wet and Slimthug would hott as hell.

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

RnB should get fucked by Phat Daddy!

Fantasy about Westside from Long island ny

I just wont to suck his dick

Fantasy about Big Redd from MIAMI


Fantasy about Nuvo from San diego

I want to meet Nuvo and then make him hard and play with his dick, make out with him and put his big dick in my nice tight ass. Yummy #yur fucking sexy NUVO <3

Fantasy about Rated R from newyork city

i want rated r to take me to his place and tell me to suck his big dick.then hes going to tell me to bend over so he can eat my fat ass i have a really big ass. then hes going to fuck me in his bed and we will be sweating on eachother because hes gonna to be fucking me hard then hes gonna bust his nut on my big ass. and then im going to slob on his knob like corn on the cob and lick all of the cum of his dick then phat daddy comes over his place and we have a 3 some and there going to stick both of there dicks in me while i moan and scream and im going to yell go deeper and harder and then im going to get on ttop of fat daddys dick and imma ride that dat dick hard and imma tell him to bust did fat ass open with his fat dick.. then hes going to bust his nut in mymouth and rated r is gonna cum in my ass and mouth....... im gonna be on papi thugz doing vids wit them cant wait i know ill get the job i have probably one of the biggest asses they ever seen andim sexi and freAKY I LOVE TO GET THIS ASS BEAT AND I LOVE WHEN NIGGAS BUSS IT OPEN.

Fantasy about Python from Queens, NY

I want you to come to Queens, NY asap! So I can taste that thick juicy dick and let you fuck me and have your way with me. Your so damn sexy, I can't wait till I get to meet you in person, I get hard every time i think about you or see your name in a porn.

Fantasy about King Dingo from Jersey

Dingo is my friend. after partying at the club all night, he's drunk and tired. we go to my house and he asks if he can crash- of course i say yes! we both go to sleep. when i come downstairs later i see dingo has his shoes kicked off and his feet proped up on the couch. the sight of his feet give me an instant hard on. after rubbing my dick for a few minutes i notice Dingo is fast a sleep so i go in. first sniffing his feet, which makes my dick rock hard and i cant take it anymore. i pull at his socks, and he doesnt move. i pull them off to reveal his big, beautiful, manly feet and sexy toes. i immediately devour them sniffing, sucking each one, and licking in between each one. i cant help myself, so i put his feet together and slide my dick back and fourth between them, it feels soooooo amazing. Dingo wakes up, and im scared shitless, but he says that he likes it, and i could tell by the hard on in his jeans. Dingo made me his foot slave for the rest of the night.

Fantasy about Python from billings, mt

Wan2 wrap my legs round his waist N keep him deep inside me til cum. Or, we both explode @da sametym.

Fantasy about Kris from Clarksville

Kris, with the Cuervo n five blunts we're smoking, I want to ride your dick until I can't, which for me probably means you will buss in me. I will grab you adkins your head and keep pushing further down until my ass n your pelvis touch heavily! Then once you buss, I want you to pick me up with your dick still in me... While still pumping me, lay me on the bed on my back and keep bussin my back with nutt, I'll be prepping to fuck you while you're fucking me, then I want you to buss on my ass my taint and my back. Next I want you on your back playing in my ass while I work my dick in your lil tight hole. Smack me on my ass too! Shit I love a bossy bottom! You gotta take me on your back I buss a nutt! Then I want you on your knees taking it in I buss a nutt. Then I want you to suck my dick! Before I nutt, I want you to hug me while sucking my dick until I nutt again n you do too!

Fantasy about King Dingo from ga

sucking king dingo's king size dick

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from London

I want to be your slave anytime you feel horny i want you to use me like you jailhouse hoe. i want that dick so hard that it comes out my mouth. i want to be choking on it. i want that cum in my mouth and ass. i would love to be your bitch. i would make you feel so good you wouldnt need to fuck anyone else but me. your my daddy and you need to teach me a good punishment. i want it hardcore. i want it hard and fast (NO EXCEPTION NO MATTER HOW MUCH I TRY AND RUN AWAY) EVEN WHENI DONT WANT TO I WANT YOU TO BE FORCEFUL AND DEMANDING AND MAKE ME YOUR BITCH, YOUR HOE AND DO ANYTHING YOU SAY) ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, JUST MAKE SURE IT IS HARDCORE AND IM YOUR BITCH OR WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO BE I WILL DO IT.

Fantasy about Python from Lauderdale

I think he only kisses the dude he really like an I love it

Fantasy about Westside from Birmingham

Westside is so fine and sexy. He's gonna be my future husband. I love him.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Arlington

CASTRO is in the park sitting on a bench. I jog by and he spreads his legs with his huge dick head hanging out. I stop and turn around and come back to sit across from him. He opens his legs and shows his huge dick head discreetly while people pass by.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from boston

Ive had the fantasy cum true. He was amazing. So sweet so tender. So beautiful. But that cock is no joke. Its Huge.Streached out my white pussy.4 hrs later and 4 nuts I was begging for a cab. Thank you Papi.

Fantasy about Samson from Amsterdam

suck and fuck with yhou

Fantasy about Rated R from Philadelphia nd Puerto Rico

Nigga we will just make the perfect combination say no mas hmu btw im straight

Fantasy about M Donn from Philadelphia

Yooo im as hot as yu ill not mind tryin a guy for the first time hmu

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington dc

Papi my only love, the love of my live, Es mejor retirarse y dejar un bonito recuerdo, que insistir y convertirse en una verdadera molestia, no se pierde lo que noÿ tuviste, no se mantiene lo que no es tuyo y no puedes aferrarte a algoÿ que no se quiere quedar. Si eres valiente para decir "adiós" la vida te compensará con un nuevo amor.Pase lo pase jamas te dejare de amar, tu me enseñaste a ver la vida de otra forma yÿ aunq se q nunca estaras conmigo jamas amare a alguien como a tiiii No matter how many years go by as always I will be here!!! washingotn DC you know who I am :)

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