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Fantasy about Python from Nashville

Well lets see im enjoying his thug appearance an im ready to play in his pants. Him takin every stroke of his dick in my warm , moist anal would have me really turned on hittin my spot frombehind would give me a chill of orgasms .dickin me down thug style would have me ecstatic.

Fantasy about Cristobol from New York

I want to see Him with Iraq simple guy both cute boys I want both together in scene

Fantasy about Iraq from New York- Miami

Mmmm damn nice cute boy, what happen I want to see him more working in that company he look clean Waoo

Fantasy about Python from chicago

i want python to be my mailman mines only so anytime he fells like it he can just stuff his package in my slut over in over in over in over

Fantasy about Rated R from PALM SPRINGS CA,


Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Buffalo


Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Des Moines, Ia

I wanna suck your HUGE MONSTER COCK sooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!! hit me up if you ever in Des Moines Iowa

Fantasy about Kannon from Philladelphia

I'd like to watch Kannon get fucked with a huge dick and then fuck me!!

Fantasy about Izzy from Broken Bow, Ok

I just wanna suck that big dick and suck on them nuts!

Fantasy about Cristobol from salt lake city

my fantasy is being in a realationship with you <3

Fantasy about Wet from phoenix

I wanna see a gang bang of wet's phat ass wit phat daddy and ace! you thought python was something, dis shit right here would be a head banga. No pun intended, ya heard! Papa phyne as shit! Yo, when can I get some;),

Fantasy about Rico from meridian

Sexy ass hell with them big calf muscles.

Fantasy about Izzy from newport news virginia

i would like for izzy to bust that nutt all over my face.and fuck me just rite.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from bronx

I love he's eyes!!!! and the way he kiss.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Los Angeles

Get me off

Fantasy about Randy Star from Frederick

My Randy Star fantasy is kissing his sexy lips, touching his hot body and kissing it all over. Then having him kiss my neck. I want to suck his big dick good and then having it in my big ass, having him fuck me hard and kissing me more as well.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Roswell NM

Hey whats up sexy i wanna get to know u, u seeem pretty tight hit me up ight hope to hear from you soon...=]

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Columbus

Ace is the hottest ... me suckin' that hard tool till he shoots in my mouth, then fuks me and busts a second load in my ass, while kissin' me. His kisses looks so damn hot ... I bet I can cum from havin' that tounge in my mouth …

Fantasy about Kannon from Dallas

My Fantasy for Kannon would be for him to fuck D'Angelo & Charger . For another scene I wanna see both Big Redd & Rico fuck Kannon with a finish of CUm all over his face and a cream-pie in the ass.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Dallas

My Fantasy for Citybwoy would be for him to get fucked by Tiger Tyson or Remy Mars. That would be awesome..!

Fantasy about Big Redd from puerto rico

hey its me and you and some other guys yall doing what ever yall want to do to me lol. we have strawberry and whip cream

Fantasy about Trey Turner from phila

Want to see some big Dick. And nice ass

Fantasy about Moyea from chicago

i would love to tongue kiss him and lick his nipples and his stomach then move down to his feet and suck his toes and lick and work my way up to his big dick and suck his dick till it change colors then ill hop my big ass on that dick and ride him all night long (moyea if you ever read this email me so i can show you a good time;)

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from brooklyn

i want u to slap me in the face with ur monster black andaconda and then i will suck ur dick dry then i want u to fck me from the andd the front and u will ride me very hard so i can scream then i will suck your black andaconda until u cum...... guess what im a virgin come to brooklyn aand strecth my ass pleasezzzzz castro the beast please

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from queens

i wanna be fucked 5 times by your thick long python and i think i can take it all in... cum all over my face and i will swallow all of it

Fantasy about MAXIMO from mia

love to see your nice dick in my mouth

Fantasy about Kasey Anthony from Taylor, MI

White boy gets released from prison and placed in 3/4 house for DOC supervision. House manager has his 5 sons living w/ him, who dole out the discipline to the lone white boy w/ spankings and ass fuckings. House manager is bi and has a taste for white-boy booty and white-boy pussy, too. Parole officer shows up to provide some 1-on-1 supervision and decides white boy will spend the rest of his 2-year parole w/ him, in his stable of white boys, deep in the hood.

Fantasy about X Vega from Tampa

what a beautiful man, and a beautiful uncut dick. you are my fantasy X Vega Thank You!!!!

Fantasy about Rated R from Tampa

He is so fine, I will be a bottom for him and I'm a top. he made my day!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from New York, NY

I'd tell him to come over, wait for him with my ass in the air, and let him fuck me until he couldn't fuck no more. Then, i'd roll over and clean you up and wait until you're ready for round two. Don't worry...I can take it.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from bradenton

him fucking me im sucking his dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

what i like about phatt daddy is he goes for what he knows. if his brother and him have ladies on the side, with all the boy ass they get and can get. they might as well hold them for the day they want kids. for right now myself and the rest of the fellows are giving our asses away to them. phatt daddy dont have to get me off. just fuck me until he want to come. no hand jobs here brother. just free ass for the banging. who cares it takes hours. just feeling you in me is a dream come true.

Fantasy about King Dingo from chicago

have dingo and brother movies were there take turns fucking the bottoms would love to be added to that list phatt daddy and dingo thats some 22 inches of man meat. i have all there movies but this site have scences that are not on dvd. now that money wasted. these brothers have a huge fellowing. there name along gets your butt a going. i know i would buy any new stuff of these two brothers. now thats the next thing to giving up them some sweet ass gladly.

Fantasy about Kannon from jacksonville

make love to me, while deep kissing me doggy stile. love you. Xoxo

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Newburgh , New Yorkyp

MY FANTASY WITH ANT NOWA , IS TO HAVE PASSIONATE , INTIMATE SEX WITH HIM. I'D LOVE TO KISS HIM GENTLY , SLOWLY , WITH all tounge action , and very wet, kiss him from his neck , down his chest , suck his nipples ,then down to that hot dick his !!, deep throat it with endless saliva , and my large sexy red lips, then lick and suck his balls,then suck and lick his asshole out for hours.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from new york

i wanna see to touch u sexy

Fantasy about Rico from Carlsbad

Would love to have you and another super hung blatino or black bro to suck on and tag team my ass wide open. Then would love to have you and your hung bud double fuck my ass in several positions, until you both blow a load.

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from palm desert

My boyfriend wants me to go and meet one of his friends who he says will introduce me to some new kind of action. I protest and after much insistence on my BF part, i reluctantly get in the car and we go over to this new guys house. We enter by a basement door and I hear footsteps coming down into the basement. The guy entering is dressed and has a full mask on. He is big and I can see his muscles through his shirt. On an order from him, my boyfriend quickly handcuffs me with my hands in front of me. He then places a blindfold over my eyes. Very quickly there is a someone in my throat; I can't tell if its my boyfriend or someone else. It seems larger than my boyfriend, but I continue to do as he instructs, just wondering. The thrusting begins to feel good, choking but cogent.
A hand lifts the blindfold from one of my eyes and I see extraordinary muscle legs as I lift my cuffed hands and reach around to this new masters bottom. Its like a rock of flesh. My byfriend gives me commands, causing me to do never tried things with his friend. When they remove my blindfold, I am devasted at how big and beautiful my new lover is. Tall with huge biceps and thighs, I suck with a newfound love for this guy. I lower myself and explore between his rock hard smooth legs. The legs of a muscle god.
His hands thrust my head as he commands me onward. My boyfriend says I am a pig slut, warning me never to think about this muscle stud again. How can I not? He is the god I have always waited for. I will do anything for him and I do as he turns around and copulates my face again. His sweat and salty taste fill my brain and desire. My BF takes off the cuffs and calling me a pig commands me to make my new master take his satisfaction, using me. Matthew, my new commander, throws me face down on the cement floor and tops me. It hurts but I can see him a mirror on the wall. His muscles ride me up and down, legs flexing, ass pounding as he thrusts in and out of me. He jolts, yells my name, pushes harder again and falls with all his weight on me. I feel every fiber of his body. My boyfriend picks me from the floor and shouts that I am his whore and when we get home he will show me how a great master will treat me. I know that no matter what he makes me do I will only close my eyes and think of Matthew thrusting into me from all directions. I love you Matt and hope we'll be together soon so I can worship your years of traing, lifting and discipline.

Fantasy about Kris from Brunswick

First i would kiss your lips, for about 45 minutes, then to your nipples, nibble your ear, your belly button, then slowly pick the big dick in my mouth and suck it, lick it, deep throat it and make it good and wet, while licking on those big hanging balls and then comes the best part when i climb on the dick and let it slide up in this nice tight clean ass, and ride it.. shortly after Kris will flipped me over spread my legs and take advantage of my man pussy, fuck me long and hard as i beg him to fuck me harder, while im stroking my dick and move to his rythm with every thrust of that big dick in me, then comes the big finish when he bust a big nutt all up in my hole!! and keep fucking me until i nutt all over myself and then let me squeeze out all his man juice with my azz muscle! then he can fall asleep inside me and wake up in me get hard and fuck me again!!

Fantasy about Cristobol from Stockton

i just want a relationship with you you seem like a guy that cares so i hope you email me cristobol

Fantasy about Randy Star from miami

hola pipo estas para darte lengua sin parar.Como puedo contactar contigo?

Fantasy about Marcus from miami

hola, mi fantasia con Marcos es chuparlo de arriba a abajo, cogerla esa boca y gozarsela toda,y que me eche la leche en la boca.

Fantasy about D'Angelo from Charlotte

I love this guy,He's the finest in porn today!!! My fantasy with you D,would be to lick you from head down to your pretty feet,Give you head to you nutt all in my mouth,an eat you out to couldnt take my tongue anymore.Love you bruh.......................…

Fantasy about Cristobol


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from nextdoor

phat daddy can gv me massage all night w tht hard core look but the truth of matter this motherfucker got sum ass on him and knows how use it spreading those legs wide open for me all night i wld break his sweet ass dwn hv him in all kinds of position fucking shit out him...then mk go sleep in my arms

Fantasy about 69 from near you

i want put some tight lace bikini panties on his ass and drop shit all over floor and make him bend over and clean it up and then asked me hv i plz you sir and i say hell naw nigga at least until you come over and give me sum head then sum of tht sweet ass you got and ride me shit till i say stop now wasssup then he starts crying and go clean floor more and looks bck at me w tears in his eyes and say hv i served you well now sir and i say yes then he really starts crying then go and cook me dinner then we go at again till he creams from his but cheeks then sleeps under me all night ......

Fantasy about Python from bronx

when he kiss back I love to see him kiss.

Fantasy about King Dingo from colorado springs

I would let King Dingo fuck me raw all night. And whn he has to bust, I'll give him tha choice to bust inside me if he wantd to. Afterwards, I'll rub honey all over his body and lick it off. I'll cover his dick with chocolate, tho.

Fantasy about Gusto from Chicago

My fantasy is to fuck a manly puerto rican papi w a nice long cock to slurp n rim that manly ass

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

i wanna see him get fuked hard n deep by riko he bodybuilder

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