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Fantasy about Rated R from newark

you are so hot. I want to eat your ass all night and kiss you all night. would love to meet you walking down ferry st and i would just follow you till you noticed me staring at you. You would tell me to come with you. We would spend the night together kissn, eatin out your ass, and fkin that hot ass of yours

Fantasy about Cristobol from Stockton

all i want is to just have a relationship with you,you seam like a guy that cares

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

Wants to dick u down an take your cock.

Fantasy about Rico from new orleans

I wanna lick suck and i want him too fuck me

Fantasy about Kannon from nyc

Damn dude, give me 1 day

Fantasy about Rated R from Springfeild

To get get fucked by a latino man with rippiling muscles and a hudge cock

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from New york

Matthew rush to be a gym coach who finds out one of his students is gay. He calls him into his office and starts questioning him. He then rips of his short-shorts and then makes the kid suck his cock. They have sex and then they go into the shower and rub each other

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from North Augusta

I wanna go out somewhere special in get to know him lyke no one ever did. can I

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from arima


Fantasy about Rico

I wii fuck suck ride kiss French kiss him

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Clinton nc

I want u to take ur time nd I want u to dome every waytht u can

Fantasy about Cristobol from nyc

Whats up with getting a lap dance? He moves that ass too good to hide it! How can we get some escort information on him? That ass is smoking.

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from atlanta

i want him

Fantasy about Rated R from BX

Yo da bul R is da bizness. Sexy chulo I need us to have a hot ass flip n fuck lick n stick session. I wanna taste that pretty culo n lick all the way up to his pinga. Let him slide it down my throat for practice on how he gonna stroke my ass. And I'm Mos def going balls deep up in that furry culo. I wanna feel R nut while I'm dickin him down. Yea we def going a few rounds.!

Fantasy about Izzy from pensacola florida

you are cute man i no you got nice dick on you call me me xxx on my cell phone my is clifton

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from BROOKLYN


Fantasy about M Donn from lawrenceville georgia

I woulde love to fuck that jucy ass all night

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

would love to get to know him workout with him compare tatts

Fantasy about Kris from Blytheville

he sexy with huge dick and nice body

Fantasy about Rated R from Los Angeles

I would MARRY him!!! He is the FINEST muth-fucka out here!!!!! I would let him fuck my culo til it was as wide open as the Grand Canyon!!! He would NEVER EVER have to ask for a head cuz I would ALWAYZ be on my knees waiting to suck him DRY!!!!! He could get the keys to the Benz and the House he could get it ALL from ME!!!! I would worship him!!!!!! He is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about D'Angelo from ft.wayne

I want to fuck him eat that ass

Fantasy about Kris from houston

Looks good and sexy

Fantasy about Cristobol from Detroit

Wuz good wit Cristobol n Python doe.. Yal gota make dem niggaz hookup. Python love dem liteskins anyway

Fantasy about Python from chicago

Python what can i say he got all i want and need in a man i would slob deepthroat that pretty man meat lick them balls and yes he can have these hood cakes whenever he wants and i would love to taste and lick that asshole of his i just wanna ride that man meat allnite tasting his sweet lips and tounge kissing his nipples python on top of me banging my hole im grabing his hood cakes moaning licking his ear telling him to go deeper, go deeper daddy!!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Brooklny

suck your big dick and u cum in side my boy pussy all night all a want u to be my men ok i do care if u have kids or merry i want to merry u for real or boo

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from atl

eating his ass

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from CONNECTICUT

im in my room watching a video of phat daddy playing with his massive cock. so, i pull my dick out and start beating it.then out of no where phat daddy enters my room while im focus on the video he come up behind me and says "HEY R U READY 4 THE REAL PHATDADDY'S DICK?" He pulled his nice,long, and thick cock out on my showder and says " NOW START SUCKING!" TO BE CONTINUED.…

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Statesboro

I just want him to take his sweet time with me, and do me good :)

Fantasy about Artist from TAMPA


Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Laurel

im a virgin and i would love for you to fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about Python from Atlanta

Love Python to top or flip flop with Soulja, Papithugz please do your best to have that happen

Fantasy about Izzy from King williams Town

I would like izzy to Jerk his dick in my Face so I could suck it and give him The BJ of his life...but mostly I want to see him cum

Fantasy about D'Angelo from Los angeles

Love all your movies,my boyfriend and I would love to have a long session with you?we would all have a turn at each other like a wheel. Lol

Fantasy about Kannon

Lord what can I say lol he's a lot of man I love seeing him bottom and top my favorite video is Nightstick Justice and Get that ass ready lol love the dick nd booty cant wait to see more videos >:)

Fantasy about Artist from Fultondale

Fuck me inn my ass NOW! U so goddamn sexy!

Fantasy about Artist from Gardendale

I want you to put ur dick in my ass and put your dick in my mouth

Fantasy about Kris from Florida

The Handsomness

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Houston

I like body color & ass size. Can you bottom for me?

Fantasy about Artist from New York

I just want to do everything and anything with you! ;-)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from northport

me ride you

Fantasy about King Dingo from lakeland

my king dingo would love to see him i miss him here in florida we have some good time miss you my godson love you always hope i could see you soon NIKKI

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from suriname

I see that he is fucking and stretch asses. So i want to contact him, but how? I want to the pain if its realy gonna hurt.

Fantasy about Samson from chicago

I wented to know if you esort on the side I because I would like a private party with you.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Dallas

See lovin makin

Fantasy about Samson from Paramount

Love to wake every morning with acourgeous thugz like Samson. Bi, Straight, Gay, whatever!He can have me anytime. My everyday fanatsy about Samson is to lay me day and rock my world all the way to the edge. Body like his, I would have to bathe him with my lucious tongue from head to toe. Samson, your my one and only, as long as Im still brathing.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from New york


Fantasy about Samson from chicago

I would like to know if Samson escort on the side because I like to get with him that. My fantasy.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Oregon

I fantasise about fucking Nuvo so good he moan "uh shit nigga" at me like in his movies. Shit I'm so hard just thinking about it bruh. His sexy lil face screwing up in pleasure as I pump my juicy black dick deep in his ass and make him grind on it and bump his slutty lil booty back for more, so desperate and horny as I fill his cakes with my cream and make him eat it all up like the good lil dude he is.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx

errtime i see u put up a nu movie i just think wut nuvo wud be like takin the dick

Fantasy about Nuvo from Atlanta

I see Nuvo escorts so I hope he gets his sexy ass back on this site real soon B) Need 2 see a real bottom boy take it.

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