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Fantasy about Kris from Sacramento

how to big black ass guys f*** me all night long with a long as big non stop strip for me take the clothes off

Fantasy about Favian Gotti from elizabeth n.j.

my fantasy would be to have favian pick me up in his car or truck,with viper and phattdaddy.pulling over,letting me suck on his cock,for moment or two,while phattdaddy and viper watch from the back seats. when his cock is hard from my mouth,and viper and phattdaddy want some of me too,favian realizes theirs a hotel sign half way down the hm being aggressive and picking me up,he knows that im willing to do anything he we check into the room,viper and phattdaddy take contol of me,knowing im a bottom now,thats when they start dominating everything favian tells them to do to me. fabian is in control,by making me on is big beautiful cock,and fucking me hard.favian pulls out of my ass takes his condom off,shoots his load all in my face and mouth and says to viper and phattdaddy, he is all yours. favian leaves and they pull out some duct tape, tie me to the bed and fulliful my second and third fantasy with gay hot porn stars.always willing to make this fantasy come true.tony 1-908-398-9617

Fantasy about Mike Mann from ATL

I love Mike Mann omg... I would love to see him kissing in one of his ficks. I he just be fucking I wanna see him making love

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from hobbs nm

want phatt daddy and python to hit this ass

Fantasy about ChiTown from orlando

id love to pound that round ass,that dude can tae like a man.mmmmmmmmm

Fantasy about Select from Raliegh

Sucking and swollowing your dick

Fantasy about Trez from paris

Hey ! I love to see 3trez bottoming again!! with Ace Rockwood, with Python, with Mike Mann, with Krave, Red, and lots of 3some...yummy

Fantasy about Python from Sacramento

for someone with a big ass dick to strip for me

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Chicago IL

I had a wonderful dream that I was ridding your dick and sucking it !

Fantasy about Python from York, PA

just to suck dudes dick, swallow his nut and lick him in his asshole!

Fantasy about Envy

Yo, Envy's fucking gorgeous! I'd spread the legs apart and dip my dick so deep in that ass, you could feel my dick inside your belly button. Shove them sexy feet in my mouth and suck on them toes as I ran the living fuck out of you.

Fantasy about Moyea from palm beach gardens

i wish i could meet him have a nice dinner get to know him a little maybe talk a little then get busy for real that would be a dream come true. kinda-let him have his way with what ever he wanted to do to me in bed

Fantasy about Arquez from hagerstown maryland

I Just Want To Fuck His Feet.

Fantasy about 69 from philly

sex for hours

Fantasy about Jin from Cleveland

I love to see Usher top jin and bust his little bubble ass out

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from conway ar

be gangbanged by 10 huge black dicks in a rough hard gangbang

Fantasy about Trez from london

i would like to see Trez bottom again, with Ace and flip flop

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

we'd be at the gym id look over and he'd be looking then id look at him and he'd ask if i ever been fucked id tell him once but not for a long time ten he'd walk over and tell me to walk with him and we go into the locker room and i would touch his dick wile he was dressed then he pull it out fuck my face and fuck my forever then cum and keep going tie curling and all wet

Fantasy about Mr. Big from Naptown

Escape to a tropical secluded fantasy island And let him explore my body from inside n out On the beachy sands...letting him enter my suculent Paradise ..while we in missionary.Nice n slow

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Charles City

To be with him in all phases of sexual desire would be like winning the Virginia Lottery. I love everything about shinning Knight.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

I'll tell my story when it happens but ace Rockwood and XL is in it as well as phat daddy foursome with all them ( slicks lips ) that would be lit

Fantasy about ChiTown from Tampa

Really you on bottom for anybody who can get hard! Red, Python, XL, Slayer, Knockout, Drilla... a top who is hard and who fucks with a good moderate stroke to get that booty meat bouncing. Scene has to have a lot of ass eatn, with ChiTown spread open/spreading his ass in all positions, being eatn, and playing with his hole, getting it wet and ready for top. Also shots of his hole as dick comes out, and after a wet cum shot to his ass. He is one of the best bottoms you got.

Fantasy about Angelito from North Hollywood

I want him so badly!!! my fantasy with him is that.... he get to fuck me with his tongue and then he will be able to fuck me with his juicy piece of meat. I will pay him. Im not an ugly bitch. Im 5'6 129 lbs 27 years old. cute latin dude.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Long Beach

I run into Castro at a function. He says, "excuse me, my bad". As he says this his eyes soften and he is staring at me, just like I him. I tell him that he is so my, light skinned, thuggish and ruggish. He says, "Is that right?" He tells me he is horny and has not gotten off in almost a week. I tell him that I would love to help him out and that he can release on or inside of me. We head to my hotel room. I immediately grab him and we tongue like there is no tomorrow. While doing this, he slides my hand on his dick. I tear his shirt off and begin breast feeding. He tastes so damn good. I push him on the bed and begin to work that monstrous pipe. After 45 minutes of this he asks me if he can fuck me. I don't hesitate in saying yes. The pain is so strong, but I don't care. If I could I would have his babies. I soldier through the pain until my hole adjusts and allows me to work with this sexy m.f. Castro grabs me and kisses. The missionary position is all that we do........this time. A look came over Castro that was more than surprise. It was disbelief. I found this out because, while inside of me he says, "You are the first gay boy that can take my dick all the way." Suddenly I turn him over and begin to ride. Oh my goodness, this man is so damn HOT. He is moaning like crazy begging me to hold up. I can't. I reached the point of no return. Castro says, "Damn nigga, you squeezing your bp (boy pussy) on me." We continue for like 3 hours. During which Castro is squirming and moaning and begging for mercy. All of a sudden I begin to reach orgasm. I look at Castro and he is too. We bust together and cum for several minutes, kissing and tonguing while our juices exit out of us into each other. After I collapse next to him both of us breathing heavily my man says, "Shit, I have to keep you.' ' man or straight woman has taken my dick like you." "I gots to get more of this."

Fantasy about Champ from Los Angeles

CHAMP hot as fuck

Fantasy about Westside from New Orleans

Damn baby! You are fine as hell!!! I want to have sex with you so bad! I would ride that dick all day long!! My man pussy wants you so bad!! Is there any way I can get with this fine ass man?!?! I wanna make love to him and call him daddy all night long!! Be his bitch forever!! I love you, Westside!! I want you so bad!! = ==l

Fantasy about Angel S from philadelphia

ill we like to suck 2 dick at the same time and get fuck so damm hard from one of this guys mmmm :)

Fantasy about Champ from Jacksonville

You are a blessing! Anytime, any place!

Fantasy about ChiTown from bronx

love to hear chi "trash talk" as he is being fucked by ian rock!!! chi town is smooth and hot

Fantasy about XL from chesapeake

please match xl with mike man and ace rockwood

Fantasy about Mike Mann from oslo

i'd like to sse Mike sucking Red's dick and them to 69 before they flip flop

Fantasy about Select from new york

Damn select is one of the hottest I've seen in a long time! From the beard to the muscles to the overall masculine aura! id like to see him bottom again but this time completely hairless from the neck down. I wanna see the fat ass jiggle on my dick while I'm pounding his guts out/ Then flip him over grab him by his neck and show him who's boss till he makes me bust in him

Fantasy about Champ from Los Angeles

West coast Champ I love it hes back I wanna see Champ tag team a hot bottom with another Top or vers

Fantasy about Champ from Bronx

Can we please so more of Champ he's so sexy I want more of that cock

Fantasy about ChiTown from chicago

put my fist in his mouth then tongue kiss him deeply. get him on his hands and knees and force that hot mouth of his on my throbbing dick. put him naked over my lap and spank his sweet man ass to get it warmed up reddened the way I like it. then it's rimming time. get my tongue in his hot manhole then suck and lick to get all those warm ass juices. see what his ass tastes like and savor it. get him moaning and begging me to to own his hole then push my throbbing rock hard 8.5" love stick in his....well you guys will have to message this BDSM Dom on xhamster to discover the rest. I enjoy and protect my privacy but ChiTown can always find me at:

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from nyc

i d love to see ace bottoming for mike mann

Fantasy about Moyea from Paris

Please More videos of Moyea, he s amazing guy

Fantasy about Rio from Nigeria

He's one i'd love to have fuck me and i same after a few rounds of weed smoking and drink, we'd be alone in the house and we'd take turns all over the house, have breaks and fuck again, at night we'd drag the bed in the living room and in the open space he'd rim me and while wet from his saliva he'd thrust his big cock in my arse and pound my cake and i do him same kiss the hell outta his lips...gosh he's the word perfect, having an erection typing this..

Fantasy about Champ from Brooklyn

Champ looks so damn fine. My fantasy with him would be to have him come over to my place and of course have him undress. Then i'll sit him down on the couch and suck that beautiful man stick till he gets rock hard. THENNN, I'll let him hit it in various positions, to his likings. MMmmmm where can I find this Man?!? lol

Fantasy about Champ from Atlanta

I wanna have champ put me into all different positions with his long cock and stretch my tight inside and bust that nut all over my ass

Fantasy about Columbia from antwerpen belgium

One fine HOT HMOF everyday night and again babybaby man.pls never cut your hair. Any thing you need anything you wany any dream you can dream i will do give buy i die for U Columbia fantasy!!

Fantasy about D'Angelo from Houston

I wanna lick him from head toe his ass and dick taste his cum in my mouth this guy is soooo fucking beautiful. His golden skin is the best and the freshest face ever his smile is mysterious I wana see more of him he is like god all hail deangelo!!!!!!! Hes the sexiest ever in just want his dick and ass in my face all day give me more Dangelo!!!!!! Im waiting for you baby marry me ill treat u like the king you are and give you world the moon and the stars!!!!!!

Fantasy about Champ from LA

Champ is so sexy. I'd love to lick and suck on his nipples and suck his dick. He is a fine man indeed. Those arms are gorgeous too! I wanna get fucked by champ missionary style and clutch onto his strong masculine arms.

Fantasy about Trez from paris

i would like TRez to bottom for Antonio Biaggi and Hot Rod, taking their dicks and licking their cum ...

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from portland or

i nice big ass that love big dick

Fantasy about 69 from antwerpen,Belgium

Please 69 i want u so badly u can have anything u heart wants pls be my friend pls 69 one hot sexy sexy mof dam 69 Godbles u 69!!!

Fantasy about 69 from antwerpen,Belgium

the two are so dam hot omg i just got to have em both everyday!!

Fantasy about Jovonnie from winterville,nc 28590

I would love too see in person. I love your movies and your sexy body. I would love to have a friend like you and have juicy sex as many time as you would like.

Fantasy about Big Redd from tampa fl

Me and the rock fucking

Fantasy about Trez from Paris

I would love to see Trez bottoming for Antonio Biaggi and Red and flip fuck with Ace Rockwood, Alejandro, Arquez, all tohgether !!!

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