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Fantasy about Nuvo from Georgia


Fantasy about King Dingo from Pensacola, FL

My fantasy would be to suck his dick till he shoots a big load down my throat. I would also eat his ass out while he strokes his dick getting it hard. Then he eats my ass out getting it wet for his big dick then he fucks me several times giving me all that hot cum.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from philly

i'dike to suck on his pink croooked cock till he asks me if he could bust in my mouth, i,d say nut in my mouth you can piss in my mouth, and he does mixing leche and hot salty dark yellow piss so hard that it gushes out of my mouth

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Rochester

Phat Daddy comes into the bedroom and catches me with my drawers around my ankles playin with myself and sqeezin my tied up balls. Path Daddy had already told me not to be touchin myself in any way that only He could do that . Phat Daddy orders me to get my drawers back on and orders me into the living room to stand before him arms raised and locked behind my head with my legs spread wide apart. Phat Daddy gets this Sadistic grin and begins to Slowly remove his leather belt off of his pants. He strips off his shirt and says" I'm gonna enjoy this boy abd I'm gonna teach you a lesson about Playin with yourself. He slowly runs the Belt between my legs down my Back and ass and snaps the belt together. He notices I have boner sticking out through my underware and says Boy Why you so Randy Don't you know what I'm about to do to you! I just says Yeah but I Likes it. He then starts to whip me good for his Sadistic pleasure till my drawers fall off and hecWhips me Red and Raw all over my Ass and Dick and everywhere it pleases him…

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Camden

I want to put my tongue in Ace Rockwood's hole.

Fantasy about Rated R from Pgh

I'm over welmed looking at a sweet pretty Papithug like you. Man, if the 2 of us ever get together. I'll screw you until sex goes outta fashion which is nvever with you. Let me hear from you babe! My goodness you're to fine to be goodlooking & fine the way you are. I'll call you my pussy baby!

Fantasy about Moyea from Miami

Sucking big dicks

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from Baltimore

I'd love to see Matt in a leather cop uniform with Erik Rhodes, Juan Steel and Michael Lucas. Rhodes and Steel in leather and Lucas in suit. Matt arrests Steel and Rhodes and fucks them in his car and then delivers them to Lucas to play with their asses and fuck them with his giant long dick. Rush can double fuck and kiss with Lucas. Hot!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Cleveland

My fantasy is to meet you in my city for some real hot fun which would include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fantasy about Big Redd from oakland

getting fuck by hem

Fantasy about King Dingo from Tampa

I want to suck the hell out of that dick & let him fuck the shit out of me while im screaming in pain! I want that dingo dick so bad!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Texas

Y'all need a Nuvo update. Where's Nuvo at??

Fantasy about June from Newark

I met June at a Newark airport hotel. He tried to convince me that the videos I had seen of him bottoming were made under duress and that he was now strictly a top. He loves watches and was admiring my Rolex when I grabbed his hand and slowlystarted caressing his neck. We started kissing and he slowly slipped off his jeans. I worked my way down his chest and sucked his big dick.I caressed is tight ass, and flipped him over and stuck my tounge deep in his tight ass. After he was sufficiently wet, I pulled out my fat throbbing dick and started to ram him. He moaned Papi ooohhh Papi as we laid in the bed and jacked off before falling to sleep. The next morning I awoke to the feel od his hard dick penetrating my rarely fucked ass. After a morning work out, we had breakfast. He kissed me and sped away in his blue Honda. I lost his number but I really want to see him again.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Michigan city

Maximo I want to see you in more vids. Dont wanna see you get fucked just wanna see you rippin some asses out. MUAH

Fantasy about Artist from dallas

U sexy i wont u in im bi i stay in dallas tx got me up Im Demarcus

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Phila

It's a very hot summer day and Roberto is knocking on my door. He has a package for me. I can't help but to stare at this fuckin hot hung Cuban. I want him. He ask if he could have some ice water. I tell him to sit down and enjoy the air. We start to chat. We make eye contact and I see him lick his lips. Fuck yeah. I'm on the floor unzipping his pants. I pull out his cock and it is a beauty. Thick and uncut. I suck him to his pubes. We strip and I lick him from head to toe. Fuckin hot horny straight man. My man cunt is twitching. We go to the bed. He starts to kiss me deepm snd finger my hot hole. Next thing I know he is sitting on my face telling me to eat his hot hairy sweaty hole and I go for it. Tongue deep in he. Tasting, licking, sucking on his ass. Damn he his hot. Telling to eat his straight asshole. He flips me over and tongue fucks me then he pounds my tight hole hard and deep. Telling me to take it ride him. While he breeds me. Sucking my nips. He rides me for hours. He cums in me then he eats his cums outta my hole on shoves his tongue in my mouth so I can taste his load and my ass. He tells me my hole was nbetter then any pussy he fucked. Love fucking hot latino guys.

Fantasy about Python from Jacksonville

I wanna put his dick in my mouth and suck on it until he's ready to put it in my ass and fuck me real hard. I want him to slide all the way in and let me suck on his fingers while he's inside me. And once Python gets ready to cum, I want him to pull out and bust his juices all over my face and stick his cummy dick in my mouth so I can clean it.

Fantasy about Gusto from firebaugh

He invites me over from a night out on my own at a. Bar. I go to his pad tells me to rela while he goes for a bottle of wine. He sits by me on his couch then he grabs me by the hair and forces his meaty long tongue while I suck his tongue he sucking my breast he stands up he spreads his thighs and tells me to eat his cock suck his balls and eat his ass crack then he stands up he shoves his cock into my throat and shoots his wad as I suck all of his come. We both lay on the couch satisfied

Fantasy about Cristobol from N.y

I honestly just want to hug him, he is one of the most beautiful porn stars I have ever seen, just watched one of his videos , and his gestures made me smile, just a hug :) , and maybe a kiss that's about it

Fantasy about 69 from Los Angeles

Damn u r so fine. I want you to fuck the shit outta me. I wanna kiss your beautiful lips. I can suck your delicious dick all fucking day long. I wanna take all your clothes off and kiss you from head to toe. Then I want you to eat my man pussy. You r so fucking sexy. I wanna be in porn just to be in a movie with you. 69 call me. Hope u do more gr8 movies! Fine as hell!

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from New Orleans

Something similar to the scene with Elmo and Python. Just straight up fucking. That shit was hot.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from ATL

My fantasy with Jovonnie would be, we would smoke a blunt together, and get all blazed up. Then I would climb on top of him and, kiss him on those sexy soft lips while he caress my soft juicy phat ass. Gripping it nice and slow, and smacking it with his big hands. After that I would start kissing him on down towards his chest, then to his sexy abs. After kissing him on his abs I would whip out his sexy big black dick, and then start kiss and licking the head, going on down towards licking, and sucking his big balls. While doing all this making my ass so wet and nice I would ask him to finger me. Then I would slowly climb on top of Jovonnie dick, slowly grinding, and twerking my ass on his big dick, bouncing my phat ass up and down on daddy dick, telling his to smack it daddy until I make his toes curl. Then he is about to nutt I would slowly get off his dick and start deepthroating it until he cums all in my mouth and my face. Thats my Jovonnie Fantasy.

Fantasy about Drake from San Francisco

We pass eachother on the St. N h grabs his huge cock. Nods n the direction of a dark alley and we walk n2 it. He shoves me into a wall rips the ass out of my jeans n shoves his hard raw cock up my tight hole n thug fucks me til his creamy man juice drips out.

Fantasy about Cristobol from jersey city

Eat his ass out n Fuck da shyt clean of him till he screamed then have five of my homeboys gang bang his ass

Fantasy about Big Slim from Cape Town South Africa

Sex with a Big Black cock

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from boston

unbutton his pants and deepthroat his cock til he cum down my throat

Fantasy about Nuvo from PASSAMAÏNTY

I want to see this beautifull black boy by many fucking by many brothas …

Fantasy about Izzy from monte bay

every things i like

Fantasy about Rico from Clermon

i'd RIDE HIS DICK UNTIL HE POPS!!!!!!! i'LL SUCK HIS SHIT WHILE HE SPEAKS TO ME IN sPANISH! He is very gorgeous and sexy! I'd make his toes curl. FINE ASS DOMINICAN!

Fantasy about Python from Cincinnati

I would like to rub his sexy chest.Then getdown on my knees infront of him and beg to suck his bick dick then let him fuck me.

Fantasy about Envy from Albany ny

I want to get my cloths ripped off and get thug fucked

Fantasy about Kris from hartford

i would love to suck that dick and get fuck

Fantasy about Nuvo from Chicago

i wanna suck shorty toes while he takin the dick on his back

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

Ace brutally fucking my ass doggy style til cum squirt out of me, deepthroat and gag on his dick make it real wet and squeeze his dick.

Fantasy about D'Angelo from Harlem/BX

The bul D'Angelo looks reminds me of my neighbors son thats in college. I've always wanted to offer him a ride back to school. On the way we get a horel room instead n go crazy over each others boddies. We 69 so he can fuck my mouth while I while I play in his juicy hole. He sucks me so good only his thick joint muffles my moans as my 1st load erupts in his mouth n runs down my dick n balls. He sits on my face so I tongue fuck his sweet ass,then I put him face down so I xan milk his dick while I eat him. 2nd round he pounds my hole with long deep strokes makin my legs quiver I twist his nipples n pull him down into a deep wet kiss makin him explode warmin my ass n makin it wetter then ever. I lay him on his stomach over the corner of the bed & drill his tight juicy culo spankin those muscled ass cheeks makin him moan n cuss, when he starts throwin that ass back fuckin hisself it makes me bust alll crazy fallin on him pining him to the bed

Fantasy about Izzy from Canton Ohio

I want to fuck that preety ass of his

Fantasy about Big Redd from brooklyn,new york

want u to cum in my face!!! want to suck ur balls and eat ur asshole out!!!

Fantasy about Artist from Troy

I like to take you to the mall and dress you from head to toe in a nice suite , then we go to dinner and take in a show then let you be yourself just get you away for a day no sex just fun and friendship.

Fantasy about Yeyo from rio de janeiro

he look like big cock and I want to fuck with him and I can wait for 3 hours



Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from baltimore

i would lick all over him and take turns eating eachother out and fucking nice slow.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Indianapolis

I love this man I would do whatever he wanted done to him sexually or otherwise. He is beautiful and so masculine. man I wanna marry this man. I love you Roberto Diaz.

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from BATON ROUGE, LA


Fantasy about Randy Star from Laredo texas

Hi randy... From laredo texas..! Ur friend in facebook

Fantasy about Lil Papi from Port au Prine

I really luv him.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Phat daddy's Biggest Fan: I've been dreaming about hot sweaty sex with phat all night. Nickname him phat, I wake to realize i won the massage contest with phat daddy my dick instantly gets hard. Have to stroke my to the tiger tyson and phat daddy scene from Take Em Down 4 to ease horniness until I meet Phat. I meet Phat in Palm springs, our eyes connect We both have the feeling of instant chemistry. We hang out a little, smoke a blunt, and find we have tons in common. I prepare for my massage and get completely naked. Phat's strong tattooed hands caress my soft freshly showered 145lb slim athletic body. He moves down to my plum bubble ass and accidentally knocks my towel off. He begins to rub my ass as he kisses down my spine with those phat juicy phat daddy lips. We break out into a kissing frenzy and make out for hours. We kiss every inch of each other's body. I go down swallow every inch of his cock. I climb on top and he returns the favor in the 69. Then I lick his ass clean until he moans out and screams my name in satisfaction. We take a break smoke another blunt. Then we flip flop fuck until morning. I wake up in Phat's arms and fuck him again until he's satisfied. THE END! *HOPE TO SEE YOU IN PALM SPRINGS PHAT DADDY ^_^

Fantasy about Nuvo from puerto rico

Get Nuvo in a Vaentine fuck ! he will suck dick for a valentine

Fantasy about Envy

I want to fuck you real shit

Fantasy about Nuvo from Detroit

Me & my homie wanna both dick Nuvo down. We wanna get our dicks in both his holes and fuck hard til we bust then we swap over ends and go again so we fill his body with 4 thick loads of our man junk.

Fantasy about Randy Star from houston

like big guys with big dick like you.

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