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Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Dallas

On a warm summer night in Miami. I'm just leaving an important business meeting after a stressful day. I need a drink at a local bar. The music is on point , the bottles is popping and the weed smoke is in the air. I find myself dancing all night and before I knew it; I found myself sloppy drunk. I realized that I needed a break from the dance floor and the drinks. So, I found a seat in a corner as I fired up my blunt. After the blunt was finished, I begin to search the room for a handsome face. I just knew my eyes were playing tricks on me. How could it be? How the fuck did I miss him, all night? Did he notice me smoking? My mind started questioning. This fine ass man had been sitting next to me, this whole time and I never paid (ANY) attention. I started to fix myself, to make sure I wasn't looking any kind of way. I had to check this man out. He was tall, a little on the skinny side but he is all man. His arms is tatted up, he's on the light-skin side (not really my type) but it was just something about him. It looked as if he may have just been stopping by after work. He had on some timberland boots, blue jeans with a few rips and cuts, a clean white t-shirt with a tank top under it. He just sat in the chair, nodded his head to the music, drank his beer and puffed his blunt. I thought to myself "My kind of man". His swag was so calm, peaceful and secure. Alot of what I look for in a man, to help balance me out. I began to cross my legs and jitter because this man is making my body quiver. All of suddenly, my phone began to ring. I started frantically searching my bag for it but all my shit was falling out of my bag, onto the floor and table. Once I finally got to my phone, the call had ended. As I bent down to pick up my things. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a deep but soft voice said "Excuse me, sweetie. I think you dropped your stuff". As he extended his hand with my things in it. I popped up, like the speed of light while my heart pumped out of my chest. I tried to play it off, as if I wasn't shocked that the same man, I was just "fantasize" is standing in front of me, helping me pick up my shit that my clumsy ass dropped. How embarassing? "Thank You, I'm a lil on one" I said. "You Good, Shawty. It happens. Whats yo name?" He replied. "They call me Tee Marley.(as I shook his hand) and your name"? I said diva-like. He smiled and replied "And they call me Phat Daddy"! "Aint nothing fat about you and how many kids you got?" I said sarcastically. He laughed and told me he liked my sense of humor. For almost about an hour or two, he and I talked about...whatever. A few weeks later, after he and I conversated numerous times about having a "special date". It had finally arrived and I was more ready than a mother in labor. Anything, I do; I do it classy so I made sure he didn't notice my excitement, at any point in time. We ate a meal prepared by him, we got high, sipped a few drinks and enjoyed each others company. We got so caught up in enjoying each other, we woke up the next morning still in our same clothes, cuddling on the couch. The Next Day, was extremely hard for me because I waited so long to ride his dick and I didn't. All I could do at work was think about him and how much fun he and I had, that night. On my lunch break, I read a text from him that read "Whats Up, Tee. I just wanted to let you know, I'm thinking about you. I had a good time with you last night. I hope we can do it, again tonight"? My heart sank. Now, I was more than ready to see Phat Daddy, again. As I walked into his home, I knew I wasn't leaving without a good fuck. I could tell by his demeanor he wanted the same. We smoked up some blunts, sipped a little wine and played some of my favorite tunes. Before I knew it, he was in his tank-top and boxers. The more we talked, the hornier we got. Adina Howard started to play and I got...what I like to say, "My panties wet". My dick started to grow and so did his. He started to feel on my booty as I started to massage his dick. I crawled in between his legs and gave the head of his dick, as kiss. I teased his pipe with my tongue with every lick, he gets bigger. All the while, thinking to myself "Now I see why, they call him Phat Daddy". As my low eyes gaze at this joy stick while I put the tongue ring to work. He lets out a moan like this head work was driving him crazy. He acknowledges my thick thighs, soft and juicy. He rubs the baby oil all over he and I. He whisper's in my ear ... "Don't be selfish, rub it on me". As, I start to rub his light skin and broad shoulders. I noticed that I'm high as fuck and I know it aint the weed. "I'm high off this man. I wonder can he make me drunk"? I thought to myself. He kisses the tattoo on the back of my ear and that alone made me tipsy. He layed down, as I climbed on top of him and right before I was about to put it on him. I thought to myself "Safety First". I looked to my left swiftly to grab my bag on the end table. He said in a soft tone "I already got it, baby". I had that bitch on in less than three seconds. He got a gigantic, thick, long dick. I thought to myself as I slid his dick in "I don't know how good I can take this dick but I'ma try my hardest". I began riding his dick slow, just to get comfortable. I even accidently yelled out my thought "Ooohhh oookk, this won't be to much of a challenge". "Aw yeah, come on then" He replied. I wasn't expecting him to reply but that shit was fly. He then started fucking me hard and fast. I felt like I was about to lose control but I aint a rookie. He turned me over and started fucking me doggy style while pulling my dreads. For the rest of this night shit was cracking. Non-stop, Break, Fuck some more, Break, Freak again. We showered while freaking. He walked me to the door and top it off with a sweet kiss, goodbye.

Fantasy about Nuvo from UK

Really wanna see Nuvo sucking dick on his knees and making guys get sticky in his mouth with pre cum before they bend him over and fuck him in plenty of positions, then get him back on his knees for him to suck the nutt out of them. That's my fantasy.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Atlanta

Is that a soccer tat on Nuvo? I wanna lick it then blow my load on it.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from WASHINGTON DC

Solo quiero decirte que apesar del tiempo y la distancia que hoy nos separa,tu nunca has dejado de estar ni un solo instante en mis pensamientos,pues pormasÿ que yo quise e intente hacerme creer que tu ya no eras nada mas que un recuerdo de mi pasado,que tu solo eras algo que crei que podia olvidar solo con proponermelo,pero hoy reconosco que no fue asi,pues aunque tu ya no estes conmigo,te sigo queriendo igual o mas que antes,pues tu fuiste,eres y seras por siempre EL AMOR DE MI VIDA. You are the best. Miss you papi.

Fantasy about Python from ATLANTA

Can see Python's dick swinging as he gets fucked up the ass

Fantasy about M Donn from Houston

This dude right here can get it. ....he is just fine all over. I could just sit down and chat it up with him to see where his mind is at, but MY mind would be straying away to think about his body. His ass looks plump and soft, and the way he arches his back puts emphasis on his ass. his lips look supple. i could lay the tip of my dick on his bottom lip and watch his tongue creep out to wet my head. I would just have fun with him lol

Fantasy about Kris from Miami

Do me next

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from nassau bahamas

i'll love to have rick dick sucking it licking riding it and let eat my ass then fuck me

Fantasy about Big Redd from Philly

I want to suck his cum......I want him to shoot all over my face.....then shove it down my throat ......while telling me I'm his bitch and I'l do what he says.....he says.....thats what white rich fags are for !!

Fantasy about Big Redd from Philly

I want to suck his cum...…

Fantasy about Moyea from Manhattan

I would love to hold you and kiss you all over.....…

Fantasy about Izzy from Vancouver

lots of freaky sexy withg hot thugs

Fantasy about Python

Until he gives up that ass, he lets me eat that ass.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Ghana Africa

Yo citybwoy i'm a virgin nice dark hairy guy n i want to be ur bitch for life.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx, New York

just looking at his cute face and sexey body makes me masterbate and to put my hot mouth around hot cock and to give good blowjob

Fantasy about Python


Fantasy about Cristobol from Bridgeport

I would fuck this cutie like there is no tomorrow until my dick starts to bleed and then ill let him fuck me more than 6 times mm what a fucking hottie!!!!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Washington DC

I would let ACE bang me out as long as he wanted. He is sexy as hell and have the skills to do it. He is a triple threat

Fantasy about Cristobol from Washington DC

I would love to see Ace and Castro bang his ass out. Cristobol nice tight muscular ass could take it.

Fantasy about Big Slim from cali

chupar pene grande y culo profundo

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from salem ore

want to fuck hot young latino

Fantasy about Yeyo from Medellin

Oh how I'd like to suck yeyo's skewed cock and lick his tight asshole til make him moan. I love you yeyo Fuck me like that!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

Ace Rockwookd is very sexy. Has a nice hairy ass. Would love to suck his big cock.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from lomas

muy bueno

Fantasy about Izzy from albany

riding all day

Fantasy about Chad X from Nj

I wish u were straight :(

Fantasy about Kris from NYC

You are my only fantasy. I like June, the other guy, but you are the only guy I have ever dreamt about. How can I meet you? How can we hook up? I'll make it worth your time.

Fantasy about Cristobol from NYC

Love all your vids; the matchup with you and Vice is super hot!!! All that flip fuckin' and toe suckin' made me nutt again and again!

Fantasy about Big Redd from cincinnati,ohio

I just want to lay next to you and talk…

Fantasy about Cristobol from DC

love to see ace rockwood fuck n freak with Cristobol...HOTTTT action or any other big dick man....he's HOTTT, more of Cristobol.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Kansas

want to see nuvo like a cum dump for some horny thugs. they can nut right in his mouth like 3 of them and make him swallow it all.

Fantasy about Nuvo from ATL

I fantazise about Nuvo riding two dicks at 1 time. I imagine his booty bouncing back for them like in his Big Redd clip. Dope!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Chicago

Phat Daddy should do a 4 some with Castro Supreme, Python, and Jovonnie. This Scene Would Sell Millions.! 4 Tops Giving and Receiving is SEXY.!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Chicago

Catro should do 4 some with Phat Daddy, Python, and Jovonnie. This Scene Would Sell Millions.! 4 Tops Giving and Receiving is SEXY.!

Fantasy about Python from Chicago

Python should do 4 some with Phat Daddy, Castro Supreme, and Jovonnie. This Scene Would Sell Millions.! 4 Tops giving and Receiving is SEXY.!

Fantasy about Python from new york

I want him to make love to my body all night

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from ORLANDO


Fantasy about Alejandro from altadena

watch alejandro get fucked

Fantasy about Alejandro from altadena

give alejandro head

Fantasy about D-Lo from miami

i want to eat his ass sooo bad...i love his juicy ass. love it when he gets fucked to, he has the sexiest pink lips...i wanna put my entire tongue up his ass sooo bad

Fantasy about Kannon from brooklyn

Kannon & Jovonnie!!!

Fantasy about Vice from nyc

Love waching him on his knees suckin dick with that ass poked out. This dude can get it. Can we get sum email info on dis pretty mutha fucka? Get him back quick

Fantasy about Python from Tampa

I really love him he is fine ass fuck in it seems he put down the pipe very well . I would have a lot of fun with Python and he will like what i will have in-store for him... I'm not that much experienced but i have had encounters and they all think im very good. Would like for you to also find out for you can also find out for yourself. If i have to i will give you porn star money if you willing to do what we have to do....…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from houston,tx

i would love him to fuck a latino dude that would be sexy but a shorty tho

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from DMV

It's summer vacation & I'm home from college. Both my parents are at work & I have the house to myself. The minute Ace & I meet, we're all over each other...kissing, touching. We strip out of our clothes & lay across the bed. I straddle him & suck on his ears, kiss his lips, kiss his neck, suck on his nipples, and lick him all over his chest. I take my hands & wrap them around his dick, stroking him up and down, until I finally take my warm, virgin mouth & give him the best head of his life...massaging every inch with my mother, sucking his balls one by one, and swallowing his cum. I throw his legs over my shoulder and later have him on all fours as I kiss his cheeks, french kiss his ass & probe his hole with my tongue...pleasing my chocolate god in any way I can. He then flips me over and gets my virgin hole ready with his fingers and tongue. He enters me and the steamy passion begins. We make love for hours and hours, round after round after round in every position imaginable, in every place imaginable (bed, floor, shower, kitchen, wash machine, outdoors under the stars. I would please his every need & he would leave me feeling complete filling me and comforting me in his arms.

Fantasy about Nuvo from athens

i been wanted to get that ass for a long time

Fantasy about Nuvo from PA

Nuvo needs a real thug deep inside his ass. I would show him a good night!

Fantasy about Artist from Cleveland ohio

I am bi i like suck ur dick and i will lick in ur ass eat very deep u will can fucker in my ass same ur ass too i love that it smiles id u will come in cleveland ohio meet me we will sex my house or hotel l look ur body hot sexy i want fucker u soon

Fantasy about King Dingo from cincinnati

get the bigest fatest dick and dom me my been agg make it hurt good.then when he done someone get on me and do it somemore then some one new do me and my hold is open up good to be hand fuck

Fantasy about Izzy from Portland

I want to choke on that dick and lick his balls at the same time.

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