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Fantasy about Python from Little Rock

It's a first time on film fantasy. Me,Python and a few good homies, letthe guys test my orals skills, then open up my tight, warm, wet holes!

Fantasy about King Dingo from miami fl

this sexy fine ass latino thats my baby i love hiim i wanna fuck the shit outta him my fantasy to chill hang talk be friendshang out

Fantasy about Big Redd from miami florida

i wanna enhell the smoke out big reds mouth kiss his neck jerk his dick deep throat it suck his ball eat his ass and squeeze it i want him 2 squeeze me and hit it from the back doggy style i wanna 69 him maybe sit on his face while i suck his dick and do it all over again different positions i want him 2 smack my ass while he's hitting it make it tirn red..

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Sunset Beach,NC

Ive really wanted to suck and deepthroat that dick and you to shove it all the way inside me and fuck me hard

Fantasy about Python from miami fl

i want him period point blank straight up he sexy fine big dick everything i want in a man

Fantasy about Big Redd from miami fl

straight i wanna fuck him

Fantasy about Python from miami fl

i think that mother fucker is sexy as hell fine as fuck and i want him to come to miami i want to meet an fuck him to death hours straight lol

Fantasy about Kannon from Brooklyn, NY

would love to see Kannon fuck the shit out of jovvonie

Fantasy about Cristobol from NYC

Python and Cristobol should be the next flickĀ…

Fantasy about Python from NYC

I would love to see Python fuck Moyea

Fantasy about Cristobol

damn i remember going on a date with him

Fantasy about Jovonnie from ChiTownn

I Love Jovonnie, I Juz Want To Suck All On Dat Big Dick Nd Let Him Pound My Tight Ass... On Camera!

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from wynne

eat you out till you nut flip you over while you beg me to stop nd make you choke on it then nut on dat face........... FWM

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Bronx, NY

Ace sucking big black dicks.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Bronx, NY

More and more Cristobal taking big dicks

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Bronx, NY

Phat Daddy sucking and getting fucked by Ace Rockwell. Phat Daddy has taken dick before. Use same director as Phat Daddy and Cristobal.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Bronx, NY

Ace Rockwell and Cristobal will be the best. Same director as Phat Daddy and Cristobal.

Fantasy about M Donn from wtby ct

i jut wont u to fuck me

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx


Fantasy about Nuvo from London

I hope Nuvo comes back to please his fans with more videos on PapiThugz, he's a real fan-favourite. Nuvo if you're reading this - come baaaack! ='[

Fantasy about Envy from Brooklyn

Baby, you can spread those pretty legs, stand on your head and gimme that ass ANYTIME!!! OH HELL YEAH!

Fantasy about Cristobol from B more

He is simply beautiful,everything about him is great want to see him use that dick. That body is what it is all about Dem sexy lips he is the total package. Do want to see him take Ace but also want to see him flip with June that would be hot. Keep it up Papithugz you the best

Fantasy about Samson from B more

Samson is sexy as hell, love his tight body would love to see him get fucked by Izzy while he is fucking somebody else. That shit would be hot as hell cause he has a ass for fucking. Luv dat hole too Samson

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from philadelphia


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Kankakee

I would love to just give phat daddy head while he looks at me and tells me how he wants it licked and sucked.

Fantasy about Python from London

Lets see Python do a versatile scene.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from OKC

My fantasy is that I was a young ripe virgin girl that was opened up and pounded by Castro. I want to taste his succulent perfect lips and feel his mighty invasion while hearing his deep sexy voice. I want to have his babies

Fantasy about King Dingo from Converse tx

I would love to have a train of four guys with king dingo being the main one fuckin me and everyone busting a nut all over me ;D

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Converse tx

I want phat daddy ta fuck the hell outta me and bust all over my face!!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Wisconsin

Love to see Nuvo on the main page! Can't wait til he's back getting pumped with dick in more movies! Python would kill that ass!

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from louisville

i loveit

Fantasy about Python from NEW ORLEANS


Fantasy about Cristobol

Too damn gorgeous for words

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from cheyenne wy

my fantasy is for me to be in my room he walks in my room asking me if i am joe? i would reply yes. he would come to me and put me agenst the wall licking and sucking my neck i begin to undress him as i am slowly licking his body i take his pants off and call him daddy and start making the most roughest and sensational sex i have ever had in my life

Fantasy about King Dingo from dallas

I want to see King Dingo and Phat Daddy 69'g, and fucking each other in every position possible then cum not only in each others mouth but when they fuck again (several times) on their backs, stomachs etc.

Fantasy about Python from pennsauken,NJ

my fantisy is being on a boat in the carribean islands with some wine and a bottle of porton to get me in the mood. also being with a sexy aggrasive top that knows how to put it down. i what that man to take control of me in all angles of the boat. i want him to fuck me until he cant fuck know more even if he puts me to sleep i want him to wake me up with his dick in my mouth or in my pussy. yes i like it rough. as i always say pain is pleasure babe. there's nothing like it.

Fantasy about Big Redd from southaven

i like what i see in big redd he is fine and sexy ass hell nice big juicy ass of him nice big dick with big balls i like that shit i will suck his dick real good and suck & lick his big balls damn i show want him to be a verstile shit i will eat him out good i want him to eat me out suck my dick suck my balls fuck me and i want to fuck him back i would love to meet his fine ass in person he got sexy asslips too damn

Fantasy about Kris from Akron,oh

Damebu is fine azz fuck u can get it

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Hammond,Indiana

I just want to meet you... I have every video u have ever been in now what I want to do with u ... u will see when i meet you where do u live now ???

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

My fantasy when is my boi phat daddy coming to chicago so we can freak dat is one fine ass daddy on the down low sux it all the way to lakeland fla.

Fantasy about King Dingo from chicago

My fantasy is for king to come to chi town so he can ram that long ass daddy down my throat i will be ya boi

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from cincinnati


Fantasy about King Dingo from chicago

Hope one day king dingo comes to chicago so we can kick it my fantasy is to take ever inch of that hot ass daddy in my mouth on the real side would like to take a pic wit him and say wuts up i am a big fan of dingo from day one have every vid he haz made i support him 100percent please come to chitown dog it would change my hole life just to meet u one day god bless big al chitown.

Fantasy about M Donn from Trinidad

He is fineeeeee as hell!

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson

man...i'd suck him, fuck him, mmmmmmm the things i'd do him!! sexy lips, tatted, got a nice bod! Wooo

Fantasy about D-Lo from new york

see him play with his ass and jerk off

Fantasy about Nuvo

christmas an still no nuvo?? daaaamn.....he need to hurry his ass bk

Fantasy about M Donn from barbados

wish u were here wid me

Fantasy about Vice from brooklyn

You need to bring your FINE ass out of hiding so some big dick papa can FUCK you like you need to be FUCKED!

Fantasy about Chad X from New York City

I love hearing him talk nasty when he gets his dick sucked he British accent is so sexy and hearing him being "Rough" turns me and I'm sure thousands of other's arond the world I love some of his other film work he is to damn fine mmmmmmmmmmmm!

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