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Fantasy about Nuvo from phila

Will like to do another movie with Rico. ...... . .

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from DC

I would like to see Ace take some dick every now and then…

Fantasy about EZZY from paris

what a fantastic body and beautiful face !!!! i'm in love would love to be your guy for a night..and more more more

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from london

i want him to come live with me

Fantasy about June from Bronx


Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Chicago

I just want to suck shorty toes

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Oklahoma City

I would be walking on the crosswalk in NYC, Miami, or LA and we would meet. We'd kick it a couple of times. Then one night we would be chillin, his arm around mine. Next thing he would be kissing me on my neck, slowly and passionately. Elz eases on top of me, sucking my lips, but still taking it slow. I take off his shirt and he takes off mine. Elz kisses me from my chest to my stomach and un buttons my jeans with his teeth. He takes of my pants with my underwear. He pull off his. And you know what happens next.

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Nashville TN

Well sexy where should I begin; Every since I have logged in to my bgc account and I go to check my messages, the papithugs page comes up with your pic on it. I would love to meet you & give that azz wat it wants & that is some good dick! I wanna lick up & dwn til u say stop, watch u ride a big 10 inch dick & watch that azz nut! I am being 4real when I say that!! Dam, Im horny for you right nw!!!!!! :P

Fantasy about King Dingo from jamaica

i love him

Fantasy about Chad X from baltimore


Fantasy about Cristobol from Brooklyn

Ace Rockwood & gotta make it happen Paapithugz!!

Fantasy about June from New York City

As beautiful as June eyes are, I would blind fold him. He would only being a green jock strap because green is the symbol of money. He would assume the position and be gang fucked raw by five black dudes. When the ass fucking is complete, he would remain blind folded and decided which dude was the best. Each dude was tag his name on June ass with a black majic marker. The four dudes that were not slected would have to suck out all of the cum that was left inside of June ass and the fifth dude would have the honor of fist fucking June while the other four held him down.

Fantasy about Samson from London

Lets see Samson be versatile

Fantasy about M Donn from Memphis

I would be at home, or at a hotel and have a date with M Donn and we go out to dinner and I just can't get my eyes off those sexxy eyes. We just click like that! We draw closer together and we kiss. I mean, we french kiss and start making out at the table, while at the restaurant. It was hott! I take those clothes off just to see that six pak body and play with that ass and get him all hott and bothered, then we start grinding and he gives me some head and sucks so dam good! I just love that tongue and that wet mouth, so we keep at that sex thang you know and then I slide that 9" out and slip some grease on that ass and let M Donn have it. His eyes just light up and I just keep giving him some of me and he just loves that dick of mines. M Donn is quite insatiable and appetizing. We just grind and moan to every bit of love making. Dam baby that was good.

Fantasy about LEX from los angeles, ca.

Lex nigga you as phine as fuck tiger tyson have no match over you. would love to see you take more black dick up you beautiful ass. Lex that ass of your is a ten plus i could fuck you all night.

Fantasy about Python from DC

Slurp you until your nice and hard then let you have your way with me as long as you want! Your wish is my every command ;)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Detroit, MI

My FANTASY goes like this. I see Daddy and myself on a cruise. He arrives first, then I arrive hours after. Appently they double booked us in the same room. As I go into the room, I notice that someone elses belongings are placed neatly on the side of the bed. So I went and asked who else was placed in my room. They said no-one, so I proceeded back to the room. I didn't bother the mystery persons' things! While all this is happening Daddy is enjoying his cruise. Walking around, looking lucious as usual. I then go back to the room to take a shower. While in the shower I hear someone in the room. It was Daddy, but before I could catch him, one 0f his boys gets him to leave in a hurry. Knowing he heard someone in the shower he leaves anyway. As I get out the shower, I rush into the bedroom without my towel. So I proceeded to get ready. Finally i'm ready to head out. As I walk through the restaurant, I by pass this tall, sexy, light-skinned guy with this swagg that makes a straight guy peep him out. Our flirtatious eyes lock. Checking each other out, like we've known one another from somewhere. So we go our seperate ways. I sat alone, waiting for this guy with those sexy ass pink lips to walk back my way. As soon as the thought popped in my head, I see him. It looks as if something pissed him off and all I can think of is how turned on his attitude is making me. Daddy goes and sits at the bar. He orders a shot of Tequilla. Then he looks over his shoulder and we find our eyes locking again. I give him a look that says I want you, but I don't want you. He gives me the same look but he licks those sexy, pink lips. The bartender brings Daddy his drink. I then get up and make my way onto the deck. I guess he was looking for me because as his face pops in my mind, I look over to my left and there he is, smoking a cigarette. Knowing that i'm not a smoker, I make my over to him and I ask him if he had another. Just to strike up a conversation. He says that it was his last. As I turn around to walk away, he stops me and says "you can hit it tho!". I get excited all over again. We stand and talk for a hour or so. Then he says that he was little drunk and that he had to go lie down for a while. I said okay and proceeded back inside. Daddy goes back to the room, again he's a little tipsy so he didn't notice the mess that I had left on the bed. He slowly started to take off his clothes. Right down to his boxers. I stayed at the bar and had a couple more drinks. The night started to die, so I decided to head back to the room. As I walked back to the room all I could think about was sucking Daddy's dick. Just to wrap my juicy lips around his juicy dick. I entered the room and went straight to the bathroom. Not paying attention to who was lying in the bed. I decided to take my clothes off in the bathroom. Down to my boxers as well. Daddy gets up to go to the bathroom, on his way to the door I open it. We look at each other in total shock, relizing that all the while the "mystery" person was us. We laugh it off and decided to share the room after all. We turned on the t.v and to our surprise there was a papithugz video on. I noticed that the guy who had been kissing my neck was the same guy on the film.I noticed his dick and immediately started kissing his lips. He asked me if I wanted to suck his dick and I answered with a quick yes. I mean the guy let me hit his cigarette, the least I could do was suck his dick! After a couple minutes of the best head of his life, he wanted to fuck my thick, juicy, lucious ass. Knowing that I had been saving myself for him, I turned over and prepared myself for Daddy's thick 10 inch, yellow python. The thought of it stroking my tight virgin ass was embarrable. I asked him to take it easy on me and he started kissing my body so sweet. He then started to relax my body. Now he sticks it in and we start to have a night of everlasting, passionate love making. He then cums on my lips and did the sexiest thing. He kissed me while his nut was on my lips. THE END Sincerely your #1 fan MarQUISE.

Fantasy about Lil Papi from fance


Fantasy about Samson from chicago

i would love to see him leaning back on a bed or couch. with his abs all flexed. and another hot guy rubbing his dick across is abs .... till the cum shoots out. frottage on abs is hot.

Fantasy about June from minneapolis

June ur so fucking fine, where is ur facebook, u have tons of fans, thats tons of money waiting!!! u been doing this for years but u still look so young and good! Do more movies u keep ur body in shape, u are the shit pa! start ur own production co! u need me to manage u-lol

Fantasy about Cristobol from evanston,il

I would like to meet you

Fantasy about Cristobol from new york

this is just an idea but a worthy one i believe. the one thing the site is missing is a good train video. the very idea of a train-bang is somewhat rare now. most bottoms do not have the threshold required to take getting banged from 3 or 4 big dick dudes. the ones that do are power bottoms and usually are fem and/or white guys. seeing as i am on an ethnic site, one can assume i like my papi/mandingo meat. so here's the plan, do a video with cristbol and 4 huge dark skin bros/ latinos. (maybe he gets kidnapped?)and they all take turns fucking him. if he can do double penetration, then all the better, throw some in. if not it's okay as long as they wear him out on film. ( a observant viewer can tell acting from good acing from oh shit they really wore that niggah out, lol!)anyone reading this who agrees with me should post a reply. if the powers that be see enough of this maybe they will oblige us. Either way, you guys should put up a good train bang vid cause that's how hood dudes on he DL really get it in. One.

Fantasy about Samson from Buckhead

I"d Top Samson any day, yes he shuld have flipped with Rico.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Ma

That's my B.D I'm shore he would think so when u see me I'm next on papithugz........ We gonna make history.…

Fantasy about Rico from chicago

I want to see Rico and Phat Daddy thats a hot convo I know yall waititng to put them together and making it hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Fantasy about Mr. Elz

OH FUCK! i hve a million nd 1 things i would let Mr Elz do to me. I would want him to start by fucking me nice nd slow, so i can feel every inch of that hot latino dick, then let him get rough with me nd fuck all the cum out of me, but boy you would have too come all the way to los angeles, california to get a piece of my mexicano culo! ;)

Fantasy about Rated R from los angeles

UR FUCKING FINE!!! I would love it if you fuck me!!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from detroit

i want 2 rag the shit out of u nuvo!! fuck u all over my house real talk!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Philly

Yo Nuvo I'm a top and I want your ass so bring me your ass for real. I will treat you good and make you moan all night. Fuck moaning you will be screaming. The neighbors will know my name for sure. I hope you like choking on dick and cum.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from texas

you remind me of my buddy and celly oh i remember that latinmexican mix.look so good i am hotter then a blow torch!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from tallahassee

to see him fuck the shyt out of somebody

Fantasy about Rico

Rico your back Please Please get tagged by two /three tops.. you know you like the dick we can see it in your face when they stick it in. You also can tell they way you suck on it you get into the dick the shaft go ahead baby let them have all that ass!!!!

Fantasy about Samson from Atlanta


Fantasy about X Vega from Washington, DC

I would love to see Big Slim fuck X Vega.

Fantasy about Kannon from Washington, DC

I would love to see Ian Rock fuck Kannon.

Fantasy about Kannon from Washington, DC

I would love to see Jovonnie fuck Kannon.

Fantasy about Izzy from Washington, DC

I would love to see Izzy fuck Lex. Also, I would love to see Izzy fuck Cristobol.

Fantasy about Envy from Washington, DC

I would love to see Izzy(CJ) fuck Envy. Also, I would love to see Terror fuck Envy.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Washington, DC

I would love to see Izzy(CJ) fuck Cristobol. Also, I would love to see Terror fuck Cristobol.

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

All the NuvoFans on Twitter are hoping for a sexy xXxmas treat before the big day. The main fantasy is to see Nuvo bottom in a three-way with two of the sexiest guys on PapiThugz. We're all eager for the next Nuvo installment. Make our fantasies and xXxmas wishes come true, PT <3

Fantasy about Cristobol from Columbus, Ohio

How does Papithugz get these bruthaz? They struck GOLD with Cristobol. I see quite a few fantasies that want Cristobol pounding their ass. Well I would take Cristobol's tight, muscular, Rican ass and pound it like there was NO tomorrow with this Big Midwestern dick of mine. Cristo is gorgeous, masuline, and that New Your Rican accent makes me want to cum all on its own. I could kiss and cuddle with Cristobol all night licking those lucious lips, neck, nipples, abs and then that tight asshole. God I am in HEAVEN! BTW Cristobol. Let me get some. Holla at a brutha. PEACE!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Maryland

Nuvo in a Christmas fuckfest with some of DawgPound's finest, cos let's face it, it's Christmas and we all want an epic hot movie to round the year off. The mega popular Sarge, the mega sexy Python & the legends that are Ace Rockwood & Phat Daddy. Their XXXmas present? Nuvo. Nuvo gives them all Christmas blowjobs before they all jump on his ass and start to fuck him. Of course they have to leave the milk out so they all dump their cream onto Nuvo's face and leave him out for Santa…

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

I fantasize bout tatting him up then fucking him raw wid no lube cuz he can take da pain. Anutha satisfied customer.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Cali

There's not enough Nuvo on this bitch, he should've been in the Boyfriends Best Friend movie fo sho. When you getting him on another scene?

Fantasy about Aarin Driver from atlanta

ride him, rolling my hips while he pushing his dick deeper and deeper. then he long strokes me doggy style. then fucks me on my side and busts in me...yup. Aarin all day

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Washington, DC

My fantasy is just being with this chocolate sexy goodlooking stud!

Fantasy about Izzy from Izzyville, NY

I want that big dick cute Izzy inside of me!

Fantasy about Cristobol from Columbus

Where does papithugz get these niggaz? WOW!! They struck Gold with Cristobol. Too many brothaz talking about gettin fucked by Cristol. I would kiss and lick those lucious lips, nipples, and abs. Suck that dick till he almost cums and then turn him over for a nice round of tongue up his ass. Then he would beg me to put my hard Midwestern dick up his tight muscular Rican ass till I came and he came from me fuckin him. This is for you Cristobol...Keep that body tight baby I will be making the trip from Ohio to get me some tight New York Rican ASS. BTW Cristobol's accent is so SEXY I can almost cum just hearing him talk. PEACE!!

Fantasy about Big Redd from London


Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from rochester ny

I would love to suck that huge Dick ur sexy

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