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Fantasy about Moyea from Milford, PA

I love it when someone gives me really good "HEAD", like he has all day! taking his time sucking my dick!, I love to get my nipples licked and sucked, and finally the last fantasy of mine is fucking a dude in his ass till I "CUM" directly in his ass! I don't like getting penitrated. I like to do all of the work! (Sex wise).

Fantasy about June from b

you have a hot ass .

Fantasy about June from qatar

I like you

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami Beach

At first I was like "I would love for him to fuck me" but itsnot even about that, I just wanna spend at least a couple hours with him and get to know him :))) OMG I would so love that.... Then if it leads to the sex then I guess thats what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Brussels

My fantasize of him under my hairy sweat man body and I fuck him the hardest he try. Him will make me so horny when I cum onto him face and feed Nuvo with my finger the cum

Fantasy about Nuvo from Denver

I wanna tongue fuck Nuvo's big tasty booty wid my hurricane tongue. I wuld dig so deep in and make him nut, then I wuld fuck him and blow my load inside him givin him a tasty cream pie... mm mm mmm…

Fantasy about Nuvo from ma

i want 2 c him dubble dicked wid 2 dix in his fat butt !

Fantasy about Nuvo from PA

I wanna stuff Nuvo on thanksgiving. He can eat his meal off me and be thankful for my nut.

Fantasy about Marcus from naranjito

Quiero que me cojas y hagas con mi ass lo que quieras y para la proxima que vayas hacer me llamas que yo no me quito para nada...

Fantasy about Marcus from naranjito

Me encantaria tener sexo con un macho como tu.

Fantasy about Big Redd from BX

Reddz cld b my bday stripper. My fam blindfolds me n lays me on my bed. Reddz comes in n kisses me from my lips 2 my dick. Flips me over n nibbles from my neck 2 my ass. He spreads my legs so he can dive in my tight hole with his lips n that wcked tongue. He makes me so wet I arch my back so he can get all the way in. He gets me up on my knees n slides under me lickin from my hole to my balls,then wraps his lips around my dick makin me bite my pillows. He pin hes n twists my nipples till I beg him to stop. Then Reddz flips me on my back slides btween my legs n puts his throbbin hard dick inside me. He smothers my moans with kisses n fucks me for a solid 20 min. He bites my nipple makin me nut so hard n long that my eyes.water. Then he slides out rips the condom off straddles my face n thrusts his dick down my throat unloading his warm creamy load. When I get the blind fold off all I see is a lit red candle & his phn# written on my mirror headboard.

Fantasy about Big Redd from LONDON


Fantasy about Big Redd from Atlanta

DAMN ! Big Redd's amazing Ass needs to take dick soon, that's one fuckable Ass he's got

Fantasy about Big Redd from dallas

he needs to get that fat red ass fucked back

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

I run Nuvo's Twitter fan page and I've been getting inundated with fans desperate to see their boy getting fucked on film in more movies. So hollering atcha to let you know we all waiting patient. Some hot movies, but we fantasizing for some fresh Nuvo flicks wit these hot niggas!

Fantasy about June from houston

My fantasy is to suck his cock and him bend me over and fuck me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Toulouse

I would like to put my tong in Phat Daddy 's asshole

Fantasy about King Dingo from henderson,nc

we in the club and im minding my own business and then he just walk up to me and ask my name and i tell him my name and then i ask him his name and he tells me and from there we go to dancing and i notice his dick getting hard so i asked him do he wants to go somewhere a little private and he saids he dont mind so we go to my room where i ask him to lay down and i go to the bathroom when i come back i come back with nothing on but my undies and he's laying there dick at attention so i lay down with him and just start sucking on him nice and slow he gets to moaning and i know that im doin a good job so from there i gets on top of him to start riding him and i go on and on and on letting him see what i got to offer so he flips me over and start just giving it to me like i knew he would and i just go to moaning real loud as it gets good to me and he starts biting on my neck while i throw it back to him. We go at it for a good 3 hours until he pulls out and nuts all over my face while i lick the rest from his head. I ask him do he wants to go at it again and he saids "hell yeah" so i go and wipe off and go at with him again. And everytime i think about him i get so horny and wet.

Fantasy about Nuvo from UK

CUM DUMP NUVO: Nuvo is waking up in bed with his Sexy-Ass Boyfriend, Big Redd. BR is fast asleep with a hard on so Nuvo slips under the sheets and starts to give him head. There was a party last night & Python, Ace Rockwood, Phat Daddy, Sarge, Venom, Soulja & Artist have crashed out around Big Redd's pad. Soulja wakes up and sees the sheets bobbing up and down over Big Redd's crotch so he reaches under and starts fingering deep into Nuvo's juicy bubble butt. Big Redd and Nuvo groan as they go at it, and Soulja licks his lips cuz he knows he's fuckin' wid a hot couple. After 10 minutes Soulja flips the covers off and stuffs his hot raging hard dick inside Nuvo and starts to fuck him so they spitroasting him. Gradually the other hot niggas wake up and watch - all getting hard as they take it in turns to slam Nuvo's ass. Before long BR has bust his nut in Nuvo's mouth so the other 7 swap around taking Nuvo in both ends with some cumming in his mouth, some up his ass, some over his back & in his face. Venom is the last the nut and Nuvo sucks on his balls as Venom jerks off and blows his load all over Nuvo so he's drenched in their spunk. They all then go to shower and Nuvo treats them all to a complimentary blowjob as they wash up. Nuvo swallows back all 8 loads and smiles up at them as they all slowly leave.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Boston

Daaaam this nigger is H O T ! .. He got a twitter ? i would fuk with that all nyte longggg .. daaaaaam ..

Fantasy about Nuvo from Sydney

I fantasize about seeing Nuvo with a big mouthful of cum showing the camera his sexy big pink tongue drenched in semen. He needs to get wit 2, 3, 4... sexy ass niggas to give him the greatest cumload in Papi thug history. I got hard already!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Michigan

GET NUVO DICKED DOWN! He needs his ass beat up again!

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

Should have got Big Redd to lay it down on Nuvo instead of Envy! They got mad chemistry and Big Redd make Nuvo moan like a lil bitch! It's hot Big Redd cheat on his Sexy-Ass Boyfriend lol but now it's Nuvo's turn to cheat…

Fantasy about King Dingo from New York

WOW Oh god I wish him being my man . I love him PAPI CHULO!!! CHACHULLY

Fantasy about Citybwoy from plaquemine louisiana

u are so dam fine i wanna be ur bitch boi for life

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from londan

mmm nice i like dis man

Fantasy about Nuvo from Detroit

pump nuvo filled with cum in the next update - fill him up like a truck, he got the ass for it - pop dat booty

Fantasy about Kris from Plaqumine Louisiana

i want u to fuck me good and hard i would love to suck that big dick of yours and swallow all that nut

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Plaqumine Louisiana

citybwoy i would love it if i can be ur boyfriend i nt to be the one that u wake up to every morning sucking ur dick and letting u fuck any tim day or night.

Fantasy about Izzy from Plaqumine Louisiana

i wish that u were my man i would love to wake up every morning just get some of that big dick of your's then tell u to come st8ght home for lunch and give u some more of this man pussy and we can fuck all night when u get off i jiust love ur fine ass i wold like to know would u be my top boy and i your bottom boy.

Fantasy about Yeyo from dallas

long cock in my mouth and ass

Fantasy about Rated R from Orlando,Florida

Rated R . . . Rated R is one of the Sexiest , cutest niggas on Papithugz , you a fly ass nigga , if i had one chance wit you it would be the hottest time you eva had . idk if you rather bttm or top , but id let you have it either way pa , what eva way you want it. my Rated R fantasy is to have a X Rated Time ;) it would be that while im on vacation i get to a hotel that Rated R is staying at but I have no idea, and when i get my room key to my room the front desk agents gave me the wrong key by mistake , so when i get to the room and open the door Rated R is sitting down on the bed watching tv , as he stares at me and i look at him we are attracted to each other right away , hes laying wit no shirt on just a shorts and a fitted and all his sexy ass tattoos are showing , I walk up to him and tell him im sorry they gave me the wrong room , he says "its no problem, you should stay a while and keep the room wit me" i stare at him and bite my lip and get close to him and kiss him on his soft lips and kiss him down his neck and i start to grab him and touch him everywhere , both of our hands are out of control and its getting hot as fuck . we are all over each other with no clothes on and shits about to go down . I suck his neck down to his chest stomach and lower waste until i get to that big dick and he does the same to me and we 69 for a lil until the person who is most comfortable with being a bttm makes the move . we fuck all day and night until we cum and it shoots outta us with out hardly having to even jerk off . we were so horny that shit came out on its own . after we bust that nut we lay there and chill , after go eat then shower and get ready again for round 2 later ;) Thats my Fantasy for Rated R , Ima Cute ass nigga ready to chill wit a cute ass nigga like Rated R , Holla At me!

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from america

hi ur so handsome

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

Izzy needs to pound the shit outta Nuvo's horny ass. I saw the new Izzy movie, and daaaayum! Nuvo need that in him and sticking that tongue out for the spunk at the end.

Fantasy about Python from Athens Greece

Nice donkey dick man, and ass me going hard too so strong...

Fantasy about Nuvo

desperate to see nuvo spread those ass cheeks for more dick in the next update, papithugz

Fantasy about Python from plainfield new jersey

damn handsome i want to suck on your dick lick all in your ass swallow your cum!! suck in lick on your toes drink a gallon of your saliva. i want you to fuck me hard i want your name tatted on my ass .. i masterbate to you everyday .. you keep me cumming i want lick all over your face

Fantasy about Nuvo from FL

I wanna drip chocolate on your tummy and lick you up and down throw you on the bed and suck you down until you scream my name drip ice on you neck and make you scream papi chulo take some whipcream make you lick it off my ass while eatting it. imma bite you lips and suck on your ear lick you down until you cum all over my body. Im your #1 fan xoxoxoxo

Fantasy about Gusto from LOs angeles


Fantasy about Cristobol from New York, NY

i want to role play and have him bang me in many ways

Fantasy about Samson from New York, NY

simply want him to bang me in all ways, while i moan his name and he tells me how much he loves banging me

Fantasy about Nuvo

I love Hairy Spanish men! With very hair legs, ass, and bush.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from London, England

OH FUCK! i hve a million nd 1 things i would let Mr Elz do to me. I would want him to start by fucking me nice nd slow, so i can feel every inch of that hot latino dick, then let him get rough with me nd fuck all the cum out of me, but boy you would have too come all the way to london, england to get a piece of my mexicano culo! ;)

Fantasy about X Vega

To get fucked by a big dick puerto rican 19yrs old real good

Fantasy about Kris from fort lauderdale, florida

lookin 2 suck his dick, and his balls.. then have him spread my fat latino ass with his tongue rimming me out.. next i bend over while getting on my knee's n hands, with his fat dick sliding in or out, but not behide me but on top of me, i wanna scream n moan.. i wanna feel ur cum out flow out of my pink hole…

Fantasy about Nuvo

Damn you a beautiful man. You are baby! Damn If I could hook up with you I would spread you on a bed oil you up? Oil me up? I would get on top and give you deep tongue loving french kiss with tears and emotion. We would fuck each others. I would spread eagl and let you shoot a thick load deep inside my ass, make me cry out.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from buffalo

I just wannt him to sex me period lmao

Fantasy about Nuvo from Manchester

NUVO LOOK LIKE LEGACY NEW BOYZ! I always wanted to bone that niggah. Fo real tho put that niggah in some hardcore shit, I needs ta see him tore the eff up! aha *licks lips*

Fantasy about Nuvo from Canada

My fantasy is to watch Nuvo wiling out on a dick. He needs a really big fat black dick in his butt and he needs to grind and pump his ass back for it. I'd love to watch him just act real wild and slutty for it. Love to see him giving head as the top fingers his tight ass. I want close ups of his juicy hole and at the end he sweaty and panting with cum dripping from his tongue like a real dirty dawg lol. I'm so hard typing this shit…

Fantasy about Nuvo from /

I want to see Nuvo slammed so hard he cry in pleasure and pain. The top need to squeeze his pre cum over Nuvo's face and make him eat that shit up. Nuvo need to beg to get the load. "Please shoot your juice on my tongue nigga" then he gets it. That's what dreams are made of.

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