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Fantasy about Lil Papi

i would like to have him and June together in video. actually, i would rather have BOTH of them on the DL just when im bored!!!! DAMN he is so fine!

Fantasy about Cristobol from clifton nj

me gustaria mamarcelo y singar con el all day long

Fantasy about Cristobol from NYC

I would like to meet him a my oh my Those lips are so sexy!!! i would kiss him all night and day. nice ass sexy ass body!!! his a dream! i wanna fuck him and be with him!

Fantasy about Cristobol from Destin

Take each stitch of clothing off slowly. Lead you into bubble bath. Wiping away each bubble. Lay you down, making you as comfortable as possible. Whispering nasty nothing in your you hints to what's in store. Then suddenly squeezing your dick as guide my hand to your neck...grasp both your neck and dick in each hand. Whispering to you want bad do you want it. Teasing you....jacking you off in sessions up until the point of pleasure...not allowing you to cum, yet. Making sure you endure for me to a ride. I want you to fuck me till you cum and then you jacking me off in return.

Fantasy about Cristobol from The Bronx

wow I saw this guy last year working in an Italian Restaurant in the Bronx,,I cant believe he is doing porn.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from trinidad

i love you and your big prick

Fantasy about Rated R from Greenville

Latin ass

Fantasy about Cristobol from Brooklyn

Has to be the hottest model you've had on here since my boy suspect.. You gotta team him up with Ace Rokwood fucking him good. Porn history in the making right there!! :)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from matthews

i want phat daddy to fuck me

Fantasy about Cristobol from lancaster

am loving the face that phat daddy n him mad out sooo hot i came right there lol

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from BAYTOWN, TX.


Fantasy about Kris from high point n,c

i want tow get fuck by blk guy whit a big dick

Fantasy about Marcus from Dallas, _

Getting rough fucked

Fantasy about Cristobol from maryland

it is to kiss all over his sexy ass body ..then take all his clothes off with my teeth and suck he big latino dick and let him fck me tell he cum's all in my mouth and over my face then finsh in the shower ..he is so fckin sexy i wouls love to make him my boyfriend

Fantasy about Kris from brooklyn


Fantasy about Kris from brooklyn


Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from miami


Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from miami

love all on him want him to top me

Fantasy about Cristobol

Ant Nowa and Cristobal need to fuck with eachother.

Fantasy about Cristobol

I need this man with me... handcuffed to my bed!! He would never need to leave id have everything for him and if i didnt id get it! lmao he just screams sex look at him! those eyes those lips that ripped body he dont even need to do nothin but stand there mofo screams sex and i want to give it to him

Fantasy about Cristobol

Cristobol!!!!!! MARRY ME!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Cristobol

I blew a load all over myself watching this gorgeous man getting fucked shit it went everywhere! time to do it all over again!

Fantasy about Cristobol from NY

Maximo vs. Cristobol!!!!! Maximo would fuck the SHIT outta him! He MUST COME BACK to!

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

Pair Nuvo up with Maximo! It's been a loooong time since we seen Maximo...he was/is the hottest top this site has EVER had! (besides Jovonnie) (with a haircut)

Fantasy about Python from Miami FL

When r u in Miami babes....def interested to get together....hit me up ....u get me? Holla!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from washington

i just had an orgasm wanna smell your ass

Fantasy about Cristobol

amazing absolutely amazing i want him

Fantasy about Marcus from Little Rock

I want to get you all dirty with caramel and chocolate and lick your body clean before we indulge in a night of unbridal passion and fucking each other.

Fantasy about June from Bronx, NY

Oh the things I would do to this Beautiful Puerto Rican Papi. I just love it when he's egging you on while your digging him out. Such a turn on. Versatile and can give as well as he gets. Yum!

Fantasy about Yeyo from Santa Ana

This dude just rocks. Those smiles and grins of his are sexy as hell. And that playful attitude is such a turn on. To spend one night with this stud and take that bone of his would be phenomenal. I'd have more fun sucking on it though. Tasting it. So hot.

Fantasy about Rated R from Boston

To have a three some with hot spanishguys

Fantasy about Cristobol


Fantasy about Cristobol from NYC

fucking cristobol and vice at the same knowing that they would make it hott being that they were ex boyfriends. WOW!!! vice look like he can fuck betta tho

Fantasy about M Donn from ATL

Well ive fucked him before and that is all that and everything

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from North Little Rock

I want to suck your big juicy dick and I also want you fuck me in the ass really hard. Your big long curvy dick just turns me on. It gets me all hot and horny.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Bronx

Now this dude right here is the type of dude I dream about! I've seen him at different places in NYC over the years. He never struck me as the type of dude to do porn. Too arrogant, too into himself, too sexy PERIOD! I have to say I'm glad that he allowed us all to share in the experience of what he's like he bed. He's pure sex appeal and bedroom eyes made me cumm harder than ever before. Cristobol will you marry me? I think I'm in love LMAO!

Fantasy about Cristobol from New York City

I would kiss those sexy luscious, juicy latin lips of his. Then I would kiss all over his hard muscular body, and then lick his rock hard abs. I would then suck on his nipples, and enjoy hearing him moan in spanish. After nipple sucking, I would pass my tounge down the center of his chest all the way to his dick, where I would use my big juicy, wet lips to tenderize his meat. I would look into his eyes while doing it with pleasure, to show him how much I enjoy pleasing him. When I've had enough of sucking his dick, I then place a condom on and I will start to ride him like a stallion. Then I would get on all fours, while he grabs me by the waist with his strong muscular arms and then rams his fat dick right into my open hole. Of course I will not stop begging him for more. After he's done, he pulls out yanks the condom off, and he dumps all of his warm cum in the crack of my ass.

Fantasy about Nuvo from louisville,KY

to have someone like him or better to treat me as there woman,and not there sex toy,or booty call,they cum a dime a dozen,and im not trying to b in that dozen.

Fantasy about Cristobol from bronx

Cristobol with Ace Rockwood

Fantasy about Rated R from chicago

Laying wit a sexy guy wit alot of tatts while we holding n kissing

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from brooklyn

i wish i could have phat daddy and his dick every day of the week and i wouldn't stop loving him for it because he's so sexy and fine

Fantasy about Cristobol

OMG BEAUTIFUL!! BEA-TI-FULLLLLL my dream man does exist!!!!

Fantasy about Cristobol from New York City

Omg this dude is just too fucking hot for words. I would call him up on the phone, and tell this fine papichulo to come over because I'm all alone. When he arrives, I'll open the door and jump right on him and start to kiss those sexy lushous lips of his. He'll have those strong muscular hands wrapped around me, and while I'm kissing on him he starts to grab my nice round ass. I then start to remove his shirt, exposing that greek god body of his. I'll then start to lick his chest, abs and suck on his nipples. Of course, while this is going on he's moaning and starts talking in spanish. Then the grabs my face so gentely and starts to kiss my lips with passion, and then I start to unbuckle his belt, get on my knees and start to suck his dick. He moans even more. He then pick me up, turn me around and I rub my nice round ass against his hard dick. I take out a condom from his pants pocket, and start to unroll it on his dick. He kisses me passionately on my neck, then bends me over and start to fuck my virgin ass. I let out a scream and he starts to go in and out of me harder and faster. I bite my lip and just moan with pleasure from the pain. He grabs me around the waist with his strong muscular arms and fucks me harder and harder. He stops and pulls of the condom and I feel his warm cum slide down the crack of my ass and I smile.

Fantasy about Cristobol from new york

i will love to see more of this guy he is sexy as hell an did a great job and also have hin in my house an fuck the shit out of him make love to him

Fantasy about Cristobol from bronx my

sup how are uuu doing your sexy as hell damnnnn

Fantasy about Favian Gotti from nyc

he makes me horny i want him 2 drill my tite ass .... n he sexyyyyyyyyy

Fantasy about Cristobol from NY

U sexy beast! I ain't ever seen anyone this tight before on papithugz..Papithugz u hit an homerun with this one! definitely a keeper...Keep all that Cristobal cuming..I cld eat his pink muhfucking hole from here to Calcutta..Peace out

Fantasy about Cristobol from Alexandria, VA

This man is SEXY! Great body and very handsome. My fantasy...I would meet him for dinner, wine and dine him until he is fully relaxed. Go back to his place, continue with some wine...then move in for the final relaxer of the evening. I'd massage his chest, start suckin on his nipples, 'massage' those sexy lips...Then, the night intensifies. After removing his pants and whatever he's wearing under those (if any), and start playing with his hole...stroking his pole...guiding him to my pole so he can taste its sweetness. The raw action begins...start fuckn his face while he massages my balls...start a 69...finger his hole...preparing him for my anal probe...flip him over, slide my dk right in that sweet ass. We continue fuckn for the rest of the night...cummin over and over again until we fall asleep. (Then, wake up and start over this next morning.)

Fantasy about Python from MOTREALNAKED


Fantasy about Rated R from Nyc

Your too fly to be a pornstar period. I would make you my husband, glad you only did just one video bcuz ur a dime piece pa.

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