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Fantasy about XL from Jacksonville

I really want to choke on your dick swallow your cum and I would love to feel your dick in my ass with a rubber or course safe sex is the best sex I wanna do everything with you XL

Fantasy about Rio from Modena (Italy)

I imagine him, sexy gardener, with no shirt when he work at some plants.... I come to him and I start to caress him on his pecs, I kiss him on his nipples and I slow descend to unbuckle his pants and take out his cock and I suck him.... He undress me and he lays me on a bench, he prepare my ass and I sit on his cock and I ride him until he cum on my ass... superb

Fantasy about Rio from Baltimore

My Fantasy is to have Rio come to my hometown and we get a hotel and he give that big dick for hours while my booty jiggling on that dick. I want him to roleplay with me I be the bad boy and he be the officer ,officer Rio and my punishment is to be dicked down as my court ruling.Me and then kissing and having sex for hours

Fantasy about Mike Mann from San Francisco bay area

Mike mann be the man that would get all this boypussy! With no issue he'll get honey all over his body and get licked in every parts of his body, mike mann has a sexy face & body so it would be a thrill to let him have all this pussy! I allow him to bounce all over my pussy & buss that sweet nut all in side of me and once we is finishing making out ima endup doing it again to rock his royal life as a king, then do things that I would type about but I rather show him then tell him xxx! Basiclly we be all day with this romance of love making,then do it allover again with starting with a new kiss, ps! "Love doctor fix it"

Fantasy about Trez from Clarksville IN

Fucking me really hard and raw

Fantasy about Arquez from San Francisco bay area

Arquez please belive it, you can have whatever you like! All this ass!!Daddy you be what I need all the time! I don't offten give men my dick most men Iever been with always was full tops and treated me. very lady like . I never toped a man befor in my life time but daddy you sure can get this dick! But you would have to dick me first! I'll rob you of your nut take all that. jucie dick in my tight cunt ho! : you don't even look like the type that would even bend to take anybodys dick but since I know you do, you can get my nice size too! Now don't trip I. d don't hurt I feel damn good, daddy I rock your world! I know can't nobody like the one that supposed to be loving you for real in real life. But arquez I'm not trynna compair much of myself to him either because he can get this good loving that Igot too with y'all fineself!! Y'all is What's up!!what y'all need to do to this bitchnigga is!dick me, while I yet live, while. I yet can smell an lilly flower what's up

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from San Francisco bay area

Ace, daddy be all a this bitchnigga needs you fine as fuck sexy like omg, & chocolate like I like you! Daddy Iwould tell you my fantasy but I rather show you, Iwould be all day about this conversation basiclly...dick me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Francisco bay area

Phat daddy, your fat dick is. jucie and the right size in my eye, let see if phat daddy can fit in my tight space, you be the type of man that could get the business anyway you like, one things for sure you could bring yo. phate dick where my tight space is and grind my pussy ass! This bitchnigga gotta have you now what's up!!!

Fantasy about Jovonnie from san francisco bay area

One things for sure i would have jovonnie all to myself but so far that i know i csnt have jovonnie without city boi, so both of y'all fine as men gotta give me a fantasy like i aint never had with y'all fine assies we would the time of our lifes just fuckin, & i aint gone stop tell i get more then an nut outta y'all y'all can get the business, I would ride.y'all juicy dick while y'all enjoy my hot boypussy! I ain't gone stop tell Iget more then an nut!

Fantasy about Flamez from San Francisco bay area

In my tight space, is where flamez fat dick needs to be @, sexxxy ass trade would have my legs open while he is grinding on my cunt ho! Daddy is is sexxy too so he would have to kiss my bross to heal my scare, as sexy as he is , he would need a big fan to cool his hot ass down while i feed him some fruit after a sexxxy night of him dicking me as i take him on a ride!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from houston

shit a man to pick me up and fuck me will he holding me

Fantasy about XL from indianapolis

My XL fantasy is me and him chilling in bed watching the movie love jones while there is a thunder storm and XL next to me Whispering in my ear telling me what turn him on and ask me what turn me on. After that all the lights are off and all we here in the back ground is a song called say yes from a singing female group floetry and the sound of the hard rain coming down

Fantasy about Arquez from Missouri city tx

Sex tall black thugs with big dick

Fantasy about Arquez from san francisco bay area

My fantasy with arquez is for me not to get heavy nut, but to treat him like a royal king! Like were marrie! So feeding him fruit while kissing and touching, and rubin his nice dick, in my cunt tight space, for the most part i just wont a romantic time with a prince!

Fantasy about Mike Mann from lebanon

I want to give up up every hole in my body for mike to feed I wanna take it all and taste ur cum after ...

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Johannesburg

To suck you so much till you are dry. Damn..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Fantasy about Select from Cleveland

Fucking him for hours

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston tx

Phat daddy flies down to Houston to surprise me for the fantasy he comes to my house as I open the door I peep through the peep hole to see it's him I scream and den run and change. I open the door and he say wass up teddy bea I hug him we go to hotel were we can spend the weekend cause that's how long it's gonna take me to make him fallin on the way we chat ALITTLE den as he drives I get him ready wink wink we get to the hotel go into the room where for the frist 5min I act like I don't want him restraining myshelf he come over whisper in my ear come on u no u want to so I give in he rum my body down meal ting my clothes off when I switch it up and give him a message and it's I remove his clothing I use some whipped cream to eat that phat ass when we flips me over and dose the same we go to the tub to get unsticky was. I suck dat phat dick when I stop he can't take it no more we run back to the bed he puts a condom on and put his dick in side and fuck my phat ass he says damm u got a phattttt assssss I smile after 10min I get on top ridding dat dick like a person on a bull but I don't fall off I ride it so good he u start to ahead a tear u can't believe how good it is as ur about to come I slap my ass on u even harder ass u bust u scream till the president can hear u when the weekend is over a month later u stalking me cause it was so good and I promise to put it on u one more time lol oh I have to go now seem I made a mess in my bed to be continued

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from CA

Phat Daddy has had a long day and goes into a mysterious house with a dungeon. He is wearing a business suit and he walks down stairs. I am waiting chained up in just a jock strap. He unlocks me and orders me to get to work! I take of his shoes and massage his feet. I then suck his toes. I pull his beautiful cock from his zipper and give him head. He then gets undressed and fucks me on the dungeon floor. He nuts in my face, gets dressed,turns the light back out and leaves me in the dark.He doesn't even thank me or say goodbye

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Nashville

Ace is the finest Ive seen, i work for a cash advance company. My fantasy is Ace comes in my store and he applies for a loan. He doesn't qualify and I tell him there's nothing I can do for him. He goes on about how he really needs the cash and begs me to help him out. I say there's nothing I can do unless... He responds saying what is it he'll do whatever. I unlock the security door and let him in the back and I tell him to strip slowly for me. He pulls of his boxers and I drop to my knees taking every inch of his pole in my mouth. He gets a glimpse of my fat ass and mouths that he wants in. I bend over the counter and he slides in and fucks me til he busts all on my face. I then give him the loan he requested. He then comes back every week like clockwork to give me that d. Mmmmmm only in my dreams.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from baton rouge

mayne castro id fuck the shit out yo fat booty nigga id pick u up put u onn my face eat dat ass out and put my 13 inch dick inside dat tight wet warm boy booty u got nigga I want u to have m y babies

Fantasy about Trez from Guatemala

Pero que delicia 3trez tantos años de activo (top) en bilatinmen y ahora esta gran sorpresa esperada por años, que culo mas delicioso tenes, me encantaria verte en una escena flip fuck con Yeyo que tenia otro nombre en bilatinmen Pana o a veces Jeno, seria fabuloso verlos follar juntos.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from brooklyn, ny

wipe out my dick and fuck him thru my boxers, wouldn't even take the time to take 'em off just get right to it! long hard and deep, til I splatter my cum all over that ass and back!

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Philadelphia

Lick him from head 2 toes...

Fantasy about Sabastion from Philadelphia

Bang me up my ass HaRd!

Fantasy about Nemian from Ny

Well it ain't much of a fantasy cause already fucked for hours. But he is sexy as he'll. And good in bed. Good ass, just say everything is good. I really like him.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Miami

Have Castro ride the city bus in the back. I sit next to him and his huge cock comes out of a hole in his sweat pants leg. People get on the bus and he puts vaseline on his cock and jerks it making squishing noises. I tell him I want him to fuck a tiny fat lipped pussy and rip it apart.

Fantasy about Rated R from NYC

First of all I think you are a very sexual person with an interesting personality. I would love for you to spend a weekend with me in the city to get to know you and have some fun just name your price all expenses paid just let me know and I will forward you my private #. Thanks and I look forward to your reply posted here.

Fantasy about Jin from columbusT

To allow jin to stand over the top of me and jack off while I lay under him inbetween his legs and Do the same intense

Fantasy about M Donn with Phat Daddy from Chicago

   you and Phat Daddy should fuck

Fantasy about Moyea from chicago

My fantasy about moyea is I would get him in a fancy hotel like the trump hotel in NYC and I would love. To massage those big sweaty juicy feet of his because I have a foot fetish and i always thought. His feet was sexy asl and after that i would fuck his cute ass until he tap out basically if he ever fucked with me he would never forget it cause I would treat him like royalty and satisfy myself at the same damn time I would even tip him if the sex was decent and if he made his presence worth my time lol hey I'm a pimp what i suppose to. Do but yep thats my fantasy for shorty bad ass

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from miami

i just want to slide dis 11 inch dck deep insat tight Fat ass and start laying the wood

Fantasy about JT from jt sucking on toes

jt massages black male feet then sucks on toes

Fantasy about Slim from Greensboro

I want slim to just walk into my crib, push me down to my knees and start fucking my face til i cant take no more, then i want him to grip me up take me to the room flip me and start eating my ass while im deep throating his dick.. Then he pins me down and starts deep dicking me all night long...

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Montreal Canada

I am lying on my bed very horny he opens the door walks over to me removes his shorts displaying a very nice cock I put head under his cock licking his balls while he stokes his cock then he becomes fully erect then says to me are you ready I say yes cant wait I then lay face up on the bed spread my legs open and in the air ass propped up he enters me slow and smooth all the way up then he grabs my heels spreading my legs farther open then the in out motion picks up just the right speed he keeps this up until my whole body goes into a frenzy then brings my hole to orgasm and I shoot my load he then withdraws from hole and puts that big cock in my mouth shooting his full load down my throat I swallow every bit and loving it as he lets out a moan of relief and says to me that was great then I finish cleaning the head of his cock with my tongue and mouth swallowing every last drop lying on bed he opens the door comes up to me puts his big nice cock

Fantasy about Arquez from las vegas, nv

I would fly Arquez out to Vegas and we would get a suite at the Aria. I would sound the weekend spoiling him just for the opportunity to kiss him among get lost in his beautiful eyes. I would do anything for him in our suite....anything

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Tulsa

I'm at Daddy's house we're making out on the couch, I start kissing his neck then work my way down his sexy abs and stomach. I rip his pants off and tease him by putting just the head of his dick in my mouth. Then lick his shaft and suck his balls. I take his dick all the way in my mouth and let him face fuck me while we 69. Then he throws me on the bed and he fucks me hard for hours with me on my back, my stomach, doggy style, he's standing and fucking me while we kiss. He lays me on the bed and shoots his big load in my mouth and I swallow all of it and suck him tell he's dry and shoot my load on my stomach. We hit the shower and he fucks me some more and I swallow his load again. We got to sleep naked while cuddling. He wakes up to me sucking his big dick and he fucks me hard tell hes ready to shoot again and I swallow it all. I leave his place and do it all over again another time.

Fantasy about Python from houston

to have python blow his nut in my mouth, swallow every drop then have him give me a piss load to wash it down.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Paris

avec mon frère Jummeau PHAT au lit faire pleins de chosses sexuelles hard et de calins.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from martinez,ca

Well all I noe is I had a huge crush on jovonnie for the longest I mean he may be fine and and all but wat is jovonnie really about? Theres more to it then bomb ass sex. So my fantasy is to meet him face to face and just converse with him and see where wil it go. Of course id love to get fuckex by him but im on a higher level type.

Fantasy about King from Florence

I'd love to suck on Kings balls, then suck his dick for an hour and swallow 3 nuts. Then let him fuck me for an hour doggy-style. After that i want him to piss all over me on my chest and in my mouth, while i jack my dick. Then lick his ass for dessert!

Fantasy about King Dingo from tobago

Just want my big bubble tight ass to ride that big long dick 4 hours

Fantasy about RnB from Yourcity

i would like to see double penetration on his ass with two big dick thug types on his school boi look , and just an all out orgy where is is the only bottom .....

Fantasy about Kasey Anthony from philippines

so great videos

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from California

I'd love to give you a guided tour of sunny Cali, let me know what scenes you get into and we can discover'em together. Just being in your presence would satisfy me, but as this is a fantasy, you'd make a fine trainer (I've seen you on youtube)and I'd love to hit the showers with you. You got good taste when it comes to fine ass, and I got the goods.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Miami

Jovonnie so damn FINE...... I just want that dick.... I can't think of nothing that he probably haven't done already !

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami

Ain't much you could fantasize about that Phat Daddy haven't already done........ He just so FINE !!!! That new tattoo and his hair makes you melt even more..... I just want to taste that dick

Fantasy about Kannon from Baltimore

Recently started watching vids with Kannon and he's definitely a favorite! I have an ass and feet fetish, so I'd love to see Kannon get eaten out more often and also have his cute feet played with. He's just too cute lol

Fantasy about Cristobol from Medellin

Cristobol or Cristobal y simply the hottest guy I've ever seen... just wanted to have him inside my fuckin asshole or simply to be the luckiest top of all having his ass in my mouth and cock... would love to see him someday in the metro ans start the hottest scene of us, both, smoking and fucking, lots of kisses and maybe one or more people looking at us... Cristobol, love ypu wherever you are…

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from boston

u me fire place corvacia and lots of lickin rubbin passion and make u feel like no other could u boss u so damn fine creaminfor days u2 fine for mere words hot latino GOD wsup 4real me u chillin in the cut just sippin and lickin lips wondering whats hot and goin in doin that shit till dawn handcuff u to the bed w/no regrets just expressin forplayin makin hot you sooo hawwwwwt

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