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Fantasy about Slim from mobile ala.

to have one night with slim fantasy to do what ever he want

Fantasy about Vice from nyc

where is this dude at? Im looking 4 that ass!

Fantasy about Rated R from EL PASO


Fantasy about Lil Papi from Los Angeles

Id like to see you and Phat Daddy do a video. And me there LIVE.... oh my lord

Fantasy about Kris from Phoenix

To suck Kris's cock for 24 hours non-stop

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from baton rouge louisiana

would like to chill and what ever happen then let it happen

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bpt

I've always wanted yu , looking at yur porn vids in the past til today , I wanna suck, swallow, sit , ride & get it doggystyle & every style yu can put me papi, dam I want to be yurs but if not lets just have 1 great night, im young , & still in the closet but buss this ass open, I'll spit on ya dick so its nice & slippery to try & squeeze it in, Love ya chulo ;)

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from scottville

i wanna suck and lick your big dick then i wanna put it in my fire box then wanna suck it again then put it my back door and want it fast and hard and i want you to gently rub my nibbles with tongue then go down to fire box and lick away until were both satisfied i want u too get off in my mouth and pussy and ass then i wanna suck ur dick again until we get tired

Fantasy about Big Slim from cleveland

having a sexy boy to fuck when he's kissing me and i want him to fell for me

Fantasy about Python from Yonkers

I want you to fuck me the way you fucked that guy in the video. can i hire you

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Jersey City

First, he sits down on he couch then I sit on top of hime and we start kissing, and he starts to squezze my ass. I undress him and start sucking that dick he tells me that he wants to watch me play with my asshole. Then he starts to eat my ass out. I'm moaning and screaming gimmie that dick please papi. we go to the bedroom he throws me on the bed on my stomach and starts eating my ass again. then he puts that dick in my ass and fucks me while I scream he pulls my hair and tells me to shut the fuck up that i'm his bitch now

Fantasy about Python from Buffalo

To see him naked !

Fantasy about Yeyo from Ohio

I;d love to sit on that big curved dick of yours. then lick ur crack. You are hot hot hot!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Palmetto, Florida

I love my big daddy and boo, Castro Supreme.It is so many things I wanna do to my man. I really want to kiss him in his mouth with my tongue. I would love to eat that nice ass of his, suck that black cock, and have him fuck me for hours and hours...OMG!! My next fantasy is for me to cuddle up to him and then be in a relationship.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Sarasota fl

I dreamed. He seen me walkin picked me up for a ride. and went to his place and got wasted. He fukd me All nite

Fantasy about Python

Python comes in hot and sweaty after playin bball with his boyz. I'm staying with him and his girl until i can find a place to stay on my own. I've always lusted after him and i take advantage of the time alone with him while his girl is out. He comes into the kitchen to get a cold drink and i come in with just a robe on i drop something on purpose and bend over to pick it up exposing my fat ass. Out of the corner of my eye i see him frozen staring with a hardon growing. I turn around and walk over to him and drop to my knees pulling his ball shorts and jock strap down. The aroma of his manly funk makes me woozy. I procede to suck the skin off of his big dick. Then he grabs me lifts me onto the kitchen table pushing my legs in the air. I screamed when he rammed his huge dick into me but they were screams of joy. He fucked me and told me that i was his bitch. I was in total ecstasy. He blew his hot load up my ass. I then licked the cum off his dick and then we both showered.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Westminster

Well, for one, I have always had a weakness for puerto ricans, and when I saw this man? well, he's the answer to all of my fantasies. There are a lot of things I would do to this man, but can't. So, I'll just keep my inner wants and desires to myself, and j/o to the images and movies he stars in.

Fantasy about King Dingo from Bronx

umm I don'nt even know where to begin but I would love for king dingo to eat me out & have that tongue all up in thiss hole and, make love to me on a ectasy pill. I would also love to have the song miss me by drake playing on repeat while we fucking slowly and last but not least I would love to ride him like ah cow girll. P.s Yours truly,

Fantasy about Slim from new york

would love too suck his big dick all night and kiss him all over make him cum in my mouth and swallow that hot cum let him turn me over and fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about Python from miami

python i am your number one fan you are an endangered specie keep throwing that bid dick on the willing bottoms you are awesome dont listen to some of the comments about the flip flop shit we have too many niggas out there doing that we need more men like you in gay porn BTW papithugz you guys need to put python on dvd this guy is a gold mine

Fantasy about Marcus from New York

I'd like to see him agressivly dominate a bitch bottom by making him worship his hot raunchy feet and then choke him with his huge cock, cum on his feet, and make the bitch lick it off :-)

Fantasy about Kris from calumet city

luv sucking dick

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from calumet city

ace rockwood can give up some of that ass. while he stroking his sexi dick

Fantasy about Kris from Capital Height

Sucking on the tip of his dick as he eats me and I swallow his cock after putting it deep inside me and afterwards him doing the same to

Fantasy about Rated R from Queens

I'm more of the romantic type. I just would love to take a nice bubble bath with him with the lights dimmed & candlelights around the tub, with also a bunch of Trey Songz music playing like "I Invented Sex" "Love Faces" "Can't Be Friends" & "The Usual". While I massage his shoulders, we both feeding each other taking turns taking bites of Strawberries dipped in whipped cream. And then we just make out all night long soft kisses.

Fantasy about LEX from los angeles, california

would love to see Lex get fuck by two large black dicks in his ass hole.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

If I could I would have your baby but I want you to fuck me hard, like you fake raping me and nut inside me and nut in my mouth and i will swallow......ugh you fine ass fuck

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from DC

Ace is a sexy ass handsome. My fantasy is to see him in a threesome, where he fucks one dude and get finally get fucked by another one. That would be hot for him to finally give up some cakes. He is a very hot dude.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Rock Hill S.C 29730

hey how are you doing?

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from London

I wanna see him smokin a big fat cigar, even better with a couple of other guys all smokin big cigars at the same time.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

I've want to see Ace Rockwood bottom or be versatile

Fantasy about King Dingo from el paso

i would deep throat all that dick you wouldnt even know you nutted

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lagos

so wet each time i see you and makes me want to give you my ass all night..

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Hampton

That nigga makes me cum by seeing his big dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from london

Now he started to kiss a little, I guess he really should suck a couple of dicks ;-) Cornbread's? Jovonnie's ? and he should bottom again for real , a better way than he did with Tiger Tyson, maybe a smaller dick, Lex's for example ?

Fantasy about King Dingo from london

After a usual handjob King Dingo should finally suck some dick, Python's , Jovonnie's, Phat Daddy's, Ian's? it would be so hot to see him rimmed and face-fucked the right way !

Fantasy about Python from london

Its time for him to suck dick, long and deep!! Why dont you have King Dingo fuck his face really strong while Jovonnie sucks his dick. They all would fuck each other thight with a lot of licking and kissing !

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from london

I hope Ace will have a scene with King Dingo, Alejandro and Phat Daddy and he finally bottoms for KD ans PD while he drills down Alejandro ... and PD and KD would finally suck Ace and Alejandro's dicks :-)) Yummy

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from greenville ms

i love u. u need sum one who can take all of that dick. holla at me. we can talk ova da phone sum times and meet up sum place and fuck and one more thing can i b your boyfriend/busi baby?

Fantasy about Vice from Bronx

More Vice please! Bring him back!

Fantasy about D-Lo from norfolk va

i want to fuck this guy hardddd, cum see your masculine man right here dlow

Fantasy about Python

i love u

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from mamai

to suck & to fuck & to suck his ass

Fantasy about Drake from New York

Dis nikka is sooo fine. @Jayden he do look better then the original drake lol. Id so fuck with this kiid.

Fantasy about D-Lo from Houston

I would love to have D-Lo spread eagle on may King size bed. I can already feel my touge inside that beatiful Rican Man Pussy. I would Fuck him until his eyes roll back the way he does so well. He has the best set of buns i have seen in a long while. And I would lick that ass raw. I would fuck that ass endlessly. I would never stop loving on that sexy body. After fucking him i would just admire that ass until i am intoxicated with lust for him. This dude makes me so fucking horny a can hardly contain myself. I would cum, and cum and cum to no end.

Fantasy about EZZY from antwerp,belgium

to undress you, suck and fuck you slowly, afterworths you can do what you want with me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from atlanta

I was at a citgo gas station in atlanta on roswell road when I looked up and say PhatDaddy and his Brother KingDingo inside with me...They were already my favorite porn stars before than..As good as they look on film, that was nothing compared to in person.. they glowed.. their skin was like a baby's ..flawless ..lips were so soft looking, the resembled a beautiful pink asshole.. just as i was about to proposition them, a cop came in and arrested another guy in line between us for beating up his GF outside.....they got in their White mercedes and I got in my silver benz... I shouted to Phat daddy.."Who's your Daddy".. he looked at me and smiled... I took a cell phone pic and went home and jack my dick for hours... No lie..

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Greenwich

Can't wait to see Ace Rockwood get fucked in a hot flip-flop. I'd luv to top his sexy azz

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

woke up and ace was lying there next to me.…

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