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Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Dallas

You Would Post On the internet Vedeos of you smoking while naked

Fantasy about Broadie Sinclair from nj

would love to see him get fuck nice! would love to eat hibeautiful ass!! ohh boy!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Columbia

I love a chocolate nigga wish u were on me rite now!!!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from toronto

would like to give u my ass baby. feel that thick manhood in me, hung top wanna bottom for u

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from northeasst u.s.a.

ANYTHING with Phat Daddy would be a "dream cum true" for me! i'd love to be photogrpahed being used by Him and then have the pics posted on the world-wide-web here for everyone to see! 0 that would be the greatest honor and privilege for me to have happen . . . just be be in pics with Him ! michael g.b.

Fantasy about Terror from st louis

my fanasty to Pussy Pleasure by Miss_Player Hold my sweet pussy With your mouth And start loosely To waiver your tongue Up and down And around Softly, Barely touching, Till Im hot And Im seething, Then pin open my lips With your fingers And linger Your tongues tip on my clit For a second And wetten My pussy with spit, Now lick, bite and kiss Till Im squirming with bliss Push your fingers inside me, Explore the new territory Carefully, Experimenting With every ridge found, Until you hear my drowning sound Of pleasure, Now stay there And play there And feather your tongue, Now tort, Above my hard clit Till I arch, Needing more, Till Im full, And Im yours Suck stronger, Bite harder, Push deeper, And squeeze All this desire out of me, Till its flowing fast Past your wrist, Now fist me you bitch Kissing your strength on my wet swollen lips I grab hold of my tits And scream Leaning in, I claw cos Im raw And Im beaming and sore Pull out, Enjoy watching My fanny pulsating And my heart, Through my breast, Rapidly racing, Im panting and dripping, Youre wanking and dipping Your cocks head in and out Of the edge of my wet And then into my mouth My jaw opens wide, Im sucking you hard As if its the last And Im loving it, Tugging it Till you let out a gasp And spill over my face Then down, over my lace, Both smiling, Both sweating, Both licking my lips, Both wasted, And chasing The last taste With a kiss

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from HOTLANTA

Are the fans to make anything of the previous picture with SARGE. Is SARGE on the way to PT? If so please do a 3 way with PD, and KING DONG doing a train on SARGE. Have no pity on SARGE. His hole is very spreadible. Time to consider a double penetration!!!! This could be a real feather for PT. Walk on the wild side!

Fantasy about Python from new york

im your fan python. i wanna to flip-flop and give up his Vice ass. Hope it happens soon please

Fantasy about Vice from hartford

Damn nigga sexy!

Fantasy about Python from washington d.c

What can I say about this sexy about this sexy ass motherfucka here! Whoo! God I want to lick and suck him all over. suck on that big thick phatt dick he got get it nice hard and wett then bend over and let him fuck me as hard as he wants for as long as he wants and let him bust as many nuts as he wants to in this ass. Oh by the way I am a fem bottom boy with a thick phatt juicy watermelon ass and I do love to get fucked hard and rough all day and night and love love love to get this ass filled with cum have it drip out until I can't walk. if he ever read this tell him to holla at me! I will be waiting boo. damn that boy got me in love with him and especialy that body of his.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from northeast u.s.a.

in my fantasy, Phat Daddy has a group of his own pesonbal friends and associates over to his house for a get-together . . .and even though he doesn't know me, he asks me to some to his party so i could "be the party favor" to be used and abused and passed around and shared . . . of course i am overjoyed and eager to accept his invite . . . what guy wouldn't be? once there, as soon as i arrive, Phat Daddy changes his demeanor and becomes very severe and dominatingly direct and orders me to strip. i do as i am ordered and he throws my clothes to someone and tells him to "throw them away, he won't be needing these!" . . . now i am there surrounded by this group of strangers and i am totally naked and at their mercy. this starts out at first with me being passed around and commented on by each of the male guests and soon evolves into a full fledged group "gangbang" with me as the bangee! each of the guests takes his turn in whatever weay and fashion he chooses to use me . . and just when i think i have experienced everything there is possible to experience, and can't take anymore, Phat daddy joins into the action and says: "i'll show you ways that you have never imagined possible!" . . and he does! i am used in positions that seem impossible and in combinations of bangers that are unimaginable . . used and abused and "washed up" they decide to just "dump me" . .and so Phat Daddy returns to his party and guests and has one of them take me out and literally drop me off, almost naked except for a handkerchief, in a back alley so that i can somehow find my own way back home. . . but the smile on my face tells the whole true story: i have arrived! . . . i will be asked back again sometime and i will jump at the chance! i will dream of that day when i will again be asked to be at a gangbang party as the "diversion" of the moment . . . an honor any guy would want to have . . . and so i dream on . . . :)

Fantasy about Citybwoy from st.louis

i luv u citybwoy cant wait till ride dat big ass dick one daii and dey need to show yo feet more often and clear in yo videos cause ima suck them one daii sexii ass

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

Any chance of Phat Daddy hooking up with Sarge, Phoenix, Kannon, Rico, Venom or Berlin?

Fantasy about Kannon from washington

i remeber u from woodstock job corp, look at u now in porn would love to do porn and eat ur azzz

Fantasy about King Dingo from Tampa

Hello.. I really like your nice photos of King Dingo Fantasy. I would like to learn about King Dingo's Biography please. Hope to hear you later. Thank you. Peace.

Fantasy about Vice from Northphilly

Yo My Fantasy Is To Do a Porn Or Atleast Meet This Dude......Damn I Wanna Do Every singleThing Sexual With Him. If I Had A Chance To Post A Picture Up I Know He Would be interested Cause Im A Real Good Looking masculine Rican Dude. Would Luv To Fuck the shit outta him and let him leave his load in me!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Austin Texas

When Him And Javonnie Fucking

Fantasy about Rico from nyc

bring rico back asap!!!!!!!!!!! we miss him

Fantasy about King Dingo from cincinati

im in love

Fantasy about Vice from Camden Nj

i would like my first time with a guy like this.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from st.lousi MO

phatdaddy got my number some way and he call me and said i was a lucky winner and i start screaming and he ask me were do i stay at and i tell him he come over and we start smokeing and we start kissing and i start kissing his body down and then i pull his pants down and start sucking his dick and giving him the best head he every had in a life time then i let him hit frome the back he saying yo ass so little and tight and i start moaning he start moaning then he start going fast putting me in all diffrent ways he want me the when he come he nut all nnd my face then i lickit off then we start ova anging and anging ..I <3 PHAT DADDY

Fantasy about Citybwoy from miami

i wanna see you jack off to ts fucking black men and to shoot your big load all over your chest while your on the phone with a ts..... your soo amazing we all need to see more of you!!!! muah vixxen

Fantasy about D-Lo from Buffalo ny

Black men naked

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Atlanta

OMG I fucking love Citi bwoy...i was wondering where hes been but i see yall got him back...Cant wait to see more...I NEED MORE CITY BWOY...that big chocolate dick looks so good...pls lets see more of him

Fantasy about Big Redd from atlanta

i love the big dick of big redd

Fantasy about King Dingo from Key Largo

King Dingo I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you are so fine. I wish you could be my boyfriend. I would treat you like a king and cater to you. When I sleep at night I fantasize about sucking your big Cobra dick while you are fucking my mouth. Then you fuck the shit out of me like you did babystarr. I moan and scream so loud "AH DINGO!!! YES DINGO!!! I tell you that it hurts and you say "Take this dick nigga". You do long strokes in me and I keep screamin your name. Then you tell me that your about to cum and I say "cum in my ass daddy". (with a condom) (or no condom if thats what you prefer. OMG I wanna meet you just once. It would be the happiest thing in my life.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Hollywood

Whats up my fantasy is letting him fuck me all different ways he is so fucking. I want yo big Spanish poppy dick. I'm 31 years old

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from st.louis mo.

my b day daddy is 6-3-11 can u fuck me in i suck ur dick ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... u or so sexy daddy............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. p.s.tony

Fantasy about Rated R from georgia boy

i just wanna fuck an get fuck sum1 save me lol um rdy.

Fantasy about Kannon from Harlem

Omg OMG!! Da bul Kannon is my kind of freak! I loves that flip n fuck lick n stick action dude. A nigga that knows how to use his hands, mouth and dick all at the same time. Yo dude u make me wanna put a ring on it!!

Fantasy about Vice from Harlem

Yo, if I could ever get this phyne ass dude in the back of the limo I drive I'd spread him out on both couches & lick, kiss n suck my way from his head to his toes. Then flip his ass over and tongue that pretty culo so good that he wldnt need no lube when I slide my brick hard joint up in there. I wanna stroke u so good Vice till u nut while I'm up in u. Then for your turn I want u to straddle my face n feed me that pretty pinga papito till u are so hard u think its gonna explode. Then turn me over n drill my ass like I did u. Make me nut while u poundin me out pa. We can finish with some serious kissin n a glass of Rose' wine.

Fantasy about Marcus from guaynabo,p.r.


Fantasy about Citybwoy

Just want to see you smile more in your vids. You have a beautiful smile Citybwoi.

Fantasy about EZZY from pine bluff , arkansas

for him to fuck so bad i willn't be able bind over for any one elsea

Fantasy about Vice from Bronx

Just when I thought Papithugz couldn't get any better they introduce Vice! This dude is my dream dude real talk. He's sexy as hell, beautiful eyes, and the serious swag that is undeniably. I'd give anything to have these dude close to me. Vice where ever you are I wanna be! WORD UP!

Fantasy about Vice from CHICAGO


Fantasy about Vice from Phoenix

Come to Phoenix papi. Ill suck that dick while you ride my 9 inch monster :)

Fantasy about Kris from ga

his dick

Fantasy about Lil Papi from DC

My fantasy is that we'd meet on twitter and start chatting it up. I would be on break from my contract and youd be in the area and you'd text me and then we'd spend the evening talking and laughing, being smart asses. And then the porn star bullshit would go away and we'd just be too goofy ass dudes....oh wait you are in town lol... the rest is up to you :)

Fantasy about Vice from bx

Sexy azz nicca in dat red leather fitted love to see ya ass in some timz or foamposites n a red jockstrap while I eat ur azz clean out n suck dat grander pinga then u fuck my azz gud then ill do ur ass til we both bust a load

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Green Bay

It's a nice day outside so I step outside to get some fresh air. As I am standing outside, Phat Daddy comes to me and asks me for a lighter. As we begin a conversation, it starts to rain outside. We decide to wait outside and continue talking. While we were talking I notice that he is continuously glancing at me, and licks his lips very subtle. I ask him if he would like to come inside and finish our conversation. As we are walking up the stairs to my apartment, I feel him lightly grasp my ass. As I turn around he starts to kiss me. I gently grab his dick as he is aggressivly grabbing my ass. He lifts me up and brings me to my apartment door. I open the door and he rushes me to the couch. Phat Daddy throws me onto the couch and continues kissing me. As he is taking off my clothes and kissing me all down my neck and stomach, I am playing with myself. I get up and start to suck his dick. Without waiting any longer he pulls his dick out of my mouth and slaps me with his dick. He picks me up and brings me out to the patio. As the cool rain is pouring down on both of us he looks at me to assure me that everything is ok. He takes my legs and puts them on his shoulder and slowly starts stroking in and out of my tight wet ass, and then he goes faster and harder. He tells me to scream his name so I scream it, and as he is going harder and faster, I am screaming his name louder and louder. He slaps me on my ass and flips me over. He begins to bang my ass from the back. I can't handle it and try to run away. He pulls me back and says "you ain't goin' nowhere, this is my ass!" He starts to eat my ass and I am screaming "Phat Daddy go harder!" He keeps going harder and harder. He flips me on my back and busts his nut all over me. He kisses me, and tells me to follow him back into the house and get in the shower with him.

Fantasy about Rated R from DECATUR IL


Fantasy about June from new orleans

June is so fucking sexy I love the way he sucks dick & the way he takes & moan while taking dick when I first saw him in home alone I was in love I would love to do to movie with him Venom,Carlito,Lex just smoke eat ass suck dick & straight hardcore fucking.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Lakeland

All i gotta say is i want you a jovannie to fuck the shyt outta me ! i love watching yall fuck. & seeing yalls big dicks going inside yall makes me wanna take both yalls dicks at once. ((:

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Lakeland

Phat Daddy, your are really sexy.. I would love for you to come pick me up for the night & go to a hotel room wit you or something.. I would start kissing you while im rubbing on that big dick & then ill take my pants off & let you feel up on this phat white ass & then ill have you pull your dick out & ill suck your dick, get it rock hard then ill bend over & have you eat my ass out get it nice & wet then have you slide that big fat dick in my ass & make me moan loud. Beat this ass up so good you make me run from it. Hurting but pleasure. Then ill ride your dick bouncing up & down real good. put me in any postion you want baby ill take your dick like a man. when your about to bust shove your dick in my mouth & cum down my throat making me swallow your cum.

Fantasy about Vice from New York

Man, you are so mutha fukkin fine not sure if I wanna have you or be you. Damn!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

my fantasy about phat daddy... Looking at him just makes me scream and it sends goose bumps up my back and down my neck.. He makes my ass cream without a second thought thats man haves so much sex appeal. The thought of just see him and lettin him have his way with me just puts me in shock. I would just love to let my eyes look and greys the thought of him being in my present. I'm a true closet freak and knowing me I would just let him have his way with me.. Rip me apart and turm me in sideout make me feel like the true freak that I real am.. My thoughts of him just is over bearing I don't know if I could last but I would make it last for a lifetime. That is my fantasy about Phat Daddy.

Fantasy about Kannon from New York

I wanna see Kannon, Jovonnie, and Phat Daddy throw down, it gets me all hot and bothered just thinkin about it

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Chicago

I wanna have a three-sum wit citybwoy

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Memphis

I love him so much I will fuck,suck his dick and eat his ass all nite long

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