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Fantasy about Samson from NYC BX

This isn't really a fantasy, it actually happened. like foreal. I met samson one night at a club uptown. He was one of the exotic dancers (the best looking one). I was smoking hookah at the bar & could feel some one eye-ing me. When i looked up, it was samson. Who up until stumbling onto this sight, i had chalked up to being a really good one night stand lol. He gave my friend his number, the whole time still eye-in me (i was 21, and really shy). He later invites us to his crib after the club. At first we werent gonna go, cause it was out of our way. We were just excited that some hott stripper guy tried to talk to us lol. But he was sexy as fuck, seemed cool, & we were drunk after the club (you know how that goes). So we get to his crib, & ring the doorbell. My friend chickens out & runs down the stairs lol. I attempt to do the same when samson opens the door with nothing but his boxers on. He didnt even mention my friend. Said his friends had bailed out on him too. But he still invited me in gave me some water, & told me to take my clothes off. he picks me up into his room kissing me aggressively (he's really aggressive). I sucked on his 9inch dick like my life depended on it. he ate my ass, felt like he had 2 tongues. I coulda came off of that alone. Then he enters his 9 inches inside my tight 21yr old ass, and i was in heaven. Taking him on my back while he's kissing my neck. He took the dick out of me & made me throat it real quick then flipped me on my stomach, and slid right back in me. All i kept thinking was am i fucking dreaming right now or is this really happening. Finally he sits up on the bed & i start riding him chest to chest. He starts pounding my hole like a sleeve & i'm pulling his hair & shit, while he's covering my mouth (he had roomates). i start feeling his dick pulsate in me "im bout to nutt yo" he says" i hop right off his meat and proceed to catch his nutts on my face. (sigh) 'til we meet again i guess

Fantasy about Flamez from Ny

Just fuck me and make me scream.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Charles City, Virginia

I would love just to meet him one-on-one. I think he is so damn sexy and I love that body. I try to buy all his dvd's that I can find. Just about every night I get off on his dvd "Jovonnie Reloaded". Do you have any more like that one?

Fantasy about Iraq from New York

Where is my baby I want see him againnnnn in action dammm people

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Atlanta

I love one day to meet him and venom also have a Hot as threesome with them fine as Big DICK men I,d like to suck they DICKs and Drink they cum.!! They Fan forever Lonnie A. In the ATL .

Fantasy about Lil Papi from fort wayn, in

you are the most beautiful man I've seen. I love sexy looking papithugs

Fantasy about Mysterio from California

I wanna marry that sexy little papi!

Fantasy about Jin from Washington, D.C.

i want to see if jin can take python i know he would fuck the shit out of his little bubble ass

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Budapest

i want fuck his guy, very handsome and awesome cock... i like

Fantasy about Lindo from conyers

that u could cum here and take me away

Fantasy about Mike Mann

Fuck me hard in every position I'd suck you dry too

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Philadelphia

yo honestly im all the way str8 i thought that until i seen ya videos damn you sexy asf! you can get all of it any day

Fantasy about Angotti from knoxvile

For someone who I thought was straight to hit on me an ask do I want to go to the movies. An we go an he puts his hand on my leg and kiss me then hold my hand till the movie is over

Fantasy about XXXChange from toronto

I would like to powersuck this sexy dude's monster cock and have him face fuck me hard down to his pubes. want also to eat his ass. enjoy to taste his big load

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Miami, Florida

XXDont really have a fantasy for Mike yo. Wouldnt mind meeting this kat and tasting that meat. Mike if you are out there man. Hit me up. Im down if you are bruh. Holla at me yo.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from paris rance

XXI thought you are the most sexy man i have seen i love all your videos you are so cute and your bottom is really fantastic and your sweet hole !!!!!!!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from detroit

XXIm à white bottom, ive always wanted to suck your dick for you. Im 270 pounds thick not fat. If your interested, write me back. I would love to help you with à blowjob.

Fantasy about Yeyo from new York

XXI just want to eat his ass and make him cum in my face :-)

Fantasy about Sabastion from Carolina

XXLove big dicks

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Elizabeth City, North Caroli

XXI want to marry him. Point. Blank.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Milwaukee

GOD I'm CRAVING this fucking PIG this very second i wanna get him in glossy leather chaps tight shiny, fuck doll suck his toes baby oil his muscles and breed his sloppy shithole for HOURS spitting on him, hear that macho pig grunt. Piece of trash high on drugs he passes out before im nutting in him im holding his hips as his head and lifeless arms flop about. WORTH getting pozed from this slutty toxic ass! WOOF

Fantasy about Python from Cleveland

XXMy biggest fantasy is to literally be next to him and see what he does to my assets and I DO have some assets! The slides I see and ads turns up the heat! Come get it papa!

Fantasy about Kris from Cleveland

XXIs to get fuck

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Columbus ohio

XXMy fantasy is just to be his wife and have a family with him

Fantasy about Python from Cleveland

XXPython knows he can get this butt anytime, all he gotta do is b in the same city and holla! Im ALL over it!

Fantasy about Blaze from Cleveland

XXTo try some moves on you so I can have my booty trampolined on

Fantasy about X Vega from minneapolis


Fantasy about Sabastion from BX

XXYo, Sabastion so sexxy I'd hafta eat that sweet culo n make it extra wet b4 I fuck that 1st nut outta him!! Then we gotta have a sweet 69 with me on top so I can skull fuck him while I suck out his sweet leche. Damn glad PT scooped him asap

Fantasy about Aarin Driver from Hardin, MT

XXAarin is so HOT n sexy. I wan to suk n deepthroat his massive rockhard manmeat til he bust a nut in mouth so i swallow every drop of his JIZZ

Fantasy about Aarin Driver from BILLINGS


Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Durham

XXI'd love to be on my knees in front of Castro's giant cock and huge balls. I'd love to hold those huge balls in my hand and drop them to watch them hang. Castro has gorgeous huge balls. Then I'd like to jack him off with lotion.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx, NY

XXI want you daddy, I want you to meet me, let me suck your big cock, deepthroat balls deep till you cum, I'll rim ur ass, lick and suck your balls, lick those hot nipples. after I suck you off and you cum, I want you to throw me on my stomach and rub that big cock head against my tight hole, push it in me, go slow, but once u get that cock in me.... you go as fast and deep as you want. would be hot if you surprised me.... after I suck you off... and I'm on my stomach... I hear the door open... you invited one of your hot hung papithugz friend to join in... he makes me suck him off while you plow my tight hole. I'm in the Bronx, near Fordham road.... LOVE latin men.... do anything for a hot papi. get back to me if you want to stretch me out. .... always ready to suck off a hot latin.

Fantasy about Mysterio from Oaktown

XXSlide the ring on his finger and take him away!

Fantasy about Angotti with Rated R from Houston

   XXlove to see him in a scene with Rated R

Fantasy about Arquez from Albuquerque

XXTo be in a three sum or orgy with some black skinny thugs. I want to be pounding someone's ass after getting my dick sucked. Nice and slow. Then one or more black thugs come in and show me who's really boss. Open minded and experimental for about anything. :D never been a model.

Fantasy about Wet from Locust Grove Va

XXI want to become a hot pornstar.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Vicksburg

XXif i could just suck that dick for to minutes and have him to push all that dick in me for 1/2 hour........i would give my life savings...........…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx ny

XXhey chulo ima ts shortie ...n I wanna c wats good with u papi.. im from the bronx ..hit me up on messenger

Fantasy about Mike Mann from bronx ny

XXima ts dominican mami pretty n I want u papi ...hit me up on messenger

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

XXI beat off to him all of the time. I love the break n entering porn. I want him to do that to me. I want to eat his ass out, suck his dick and have him fuck me.

Fantasy about Spin from Harlem

XXDamn Spin still in the game! Papi been serving that pinga to niggas since Latino Fan Club. Use to see him dancing in clubs n all that. He still hella sexxy. My fantasy would be to have a serious flip flop fuck sesssion with him, I want us us to suck n fuck each other till we ready to pass out, I know I'll bust a few good nutz eatin that dick n culo up, n gettting inside that tight manhole is a wet dream I had for the looongest time

Fantasy about Spin from Newark

XXI think spin's hott!! He's got a ole school thug swag! I'll take care him real good! I like that he's a little thicker but he looked better in the other vids! I'll suck the skin of him and let fuck me!

Fantasy about Mr. Big from col ohio

bro. what can i tell you, you probaly have done it all. lol but bro, if i had the opportunity to get with you , i d make it worth your while, while looking into those beautiful eyes, rhats for the inspuration

Fantasy about Phat Daddy with June from Suitland

   Phat Daddy and June FUCK, they eat each others ass, suck each others dicks, june rides phat daddy's phat dick, end of story!!!!!!!

Fantasy about SlimThug from pittsfield

wasup slim how are u dude.. hope ur safe and all is well I just wanna say I am a big fan of ur work ur truly one of my faves seriously I love me sum slimthug foreal foreal. I hope to meet u one day and chill drink party whatever. and no disrespect if I had a fantasy it would be that me and u are alone at the beach just before sunset talking and cuddled up slowly transitioning into touching than kissing than me lick u all the way down to the bottom of ur stomach than slowly put that dick in my mouth and give u the best head of ur wildest dreams than u fuck me til the end of earth and beyond & when I beg u to stop with all my moaning u keep going and than we do it all over again... xoxo email me

Fantasy about Rico from pittsfield

hey rico, I just wanna say I am a big fan of ur work. I genuinely love u to pieces and I hope to meet u one day and tell u that. I just wanna hang out and go to dinner and maybe an amusement park or a day at the beach with drinks or a trip to an island whatever it is something meaningful and memorable. or perhaps just a friendship until the end of our lives and beyond sincerely u float my boat lol.... I hope ur well and safe and blessed te amo mi amor... email me wuv u ric xoxo

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Brooklyn

I want u and to run a train on me hot peas and butter come and get ur supper im saving all this loving for u guyz

Fantasy about Trey Turner from new rochelle

would lov to hire him for a weekend, kid is cute!!!!

Fantasy about Big Redd from Statesboro

I am the gym and sweat is cascading from my intense workout. Big Redd happens to be near. Next, I ask him for some pointers on exercises to work different muscles. Thus, we both work on some leg press and immediately I catch a cramp but play it off and end my workout. Big Redd notices me trying to massage it out as I leave the equipment. Since the work out went well especially the chemistry between us I opt to give him my email contact info etc. He acknowledges and set up a possible workout day soon. I head to the shower since I my T-shirt is dripping wet perspiration wreaking musky. I quickly find my locker and begin undressing like Flash into neareast shower. The door to the mens restroom area closes and its Big Redd draining the main vein. I happen to get Ole Spice clean and out of shower. I grab my towel hanging near by dry off and of course one of the mirrors gets a view of my Wolverine physique. The heat from shower is caliente and I finally manage to get dry. I get fully dressed apply deodorant body spray and gather my hygiene bag etc. Upon leaving I notice Big Redd is in close proximity. We exchange conversation and he invites me to chill later at his apartment. Furthermore I check my planner and my schedule is open. Finally, he notices how big my arms are and gives a compliment. To be continued in fact I will let whomever reads this create the cumclusion.Peace

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NASHVILLE


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