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Fantasy about Artist from Las Vegas, Nevada

I am so turned on by beautiful bodies with big dicks. I have been told that I have the last ass that is tight like a virgins pussy. I love to get a hold of those big dicks, and make them bust several nuts all over me, or in my mouth.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Detroit

My fantasy is to deepthroat his big dick and ride him like a experience power botttom. Then, let him bust in my mouth for the climax

Fantasy about Angel S from toledo

I want to suck two hot young Papis.

Fantasy about Lasko

I want to be able to strip him of his clothes. Starting with his shirt and to be able to feel his nipples. I want to kiss him, my hands feeling his body. Take off his pants and underwear and feel his legs. I want him to suck my dick. Then I want to tear his shit apart. I want to hear his cries of pain as my dick enters deep into his ass.

Fantasy about Mr. Big from Nigeria Lagos

XXMy fantacy is that I want Mr Big to pay me and My bf a visit.

Fantasy about M Donn from Atlanta

XXNow ima tell all yall niggas this. Mdonn lives in my city. It's been a couple years after him retiring right? Well shit I saw this nigga at LA Fitness in Dunwoody. And gooottttttdaaammmnnnn idk how old he was here but he is wifey material Fareal. That ass is so proportionate to his sexy frame it ain't even funny n he prolly bout 5'7 5'8 tops. Perfect size. I wanted to meet him in the locker room but I kno he probably hates niggas comin up to him. When I told him I liked his tat he replied "thnx bra" mmm I hate I passed up on jus tellin him how I felt. Good thing he is out of the industry. I caught him goin to his whip in the parking lot (I sound stalkersish) but ma niggas shawty bad as fuck in person no lie (not tht he was bad here) but he looks a lot more mature now and you can tell he on his shit. N he's more tatted now too. Ugh I wish him the best at GA state. He just don't know his potential and I wish I was the nigga tht could be his everything. Someone said he regretted his porn past but baby your a diamond and anyone seeing you now and everything you got goin for yourself would be dumb to blame you for your past cause I would never. Actually it's sexy as fuck to me. Lil young freak like you deserve a boss nigga like me.

Fantasy about Jin from atk

XXYur sexy.. hit me up

Fantasy about Lindo from eket

XXi want a hot an sweet sex by sexy fancy

Fantasy about Big Redd from oakland, ca

XXI like latino studs

Fantasy about Mike Mann from DC


Fantasy about Jin from Chiefs City

XXMy fantasy begins with Gin and I hanging out in his apartment waiting for his roommate to come home. Gin decides to take a shower, while I watch TV. He comes from the shower wearing a towel wrapped around him showing his thick bulge. I look and say "damn" bro you hidin sumn', he says it's big. I snatch his towel, he says now you've seen it, what you gonna do with it? I immediately drop to my knees and start sucking that fat dick, and then he takes charge. Fucking my face, jamming that dick to the back of my throat. When I don't think I can take any more he tells me to strip. I take my clothes off so fast, I rip my underwear. can barely get them off before he's in me punishing this ass. He fucks me like I stole something. Just when he about to nut, he pulls his dick out and shoots the first stream on my back and jams that dick back in my ass. I'm moaning so loud I don't hear the roommate come in.

Fantasy about June with Phat Daddy

   XXOooooh June and phatdaddy sounds hot!

Fantasy about June with Phat Daddy

   XXI definitely wanna see June eat phat daddy's ass!!!

Fantasy about June with Phat Daddy

   XXI agree with JMeBoy!! What will it take to get Phatdaddy and June together!?! That'd be the BEST!!!!!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME

XXFor him to come to my house HORNY as fuck.....ready to fuck....his dick in my face....feeling ALLLL....over him and his dick! WHOA! MAKE ME CUM! FUCK!!!!!!! I want to fuck him 3 days straight!!!!

Fantasy about Lil Papi from Los angeles

XXI'd like to see Lil Papi with all his body hair intact, not shaved or trimmed. He would be PERFECT that way. Then I'd like to jack him off and have him cum in my mouth.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from kissimmee

u is sexy

Fantasy about King Dingo from Brooklyn

XXWe seen his brother get fucked no I am read to see this sexy stud take some dick.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Atlantic City, NJ

XXJust friends, I want to know him as a human person, his likes and dislikes, his good times and bad times, "Be at home and then he call me at 3 am asking me, hey bro! can you give a ride to the hospital my girl is having my baby?, just to be part of his human life. know him for who he is. My buddy.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from cahokia

XXMy fantasy Is for phat daddy to be fresh out da shower wit only a towl around him and he rub me down slowly so I can enjoy his hands an wen he finnish I take dat towl off an suck his big dick so good an then let him fuck me so good I wont never forget my first.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Knoxville

XXMy fantasy is to have phat daddy come home from work and see me showering he takes his clothes off and gets in the shower with me. He feels all on my ass and puts his finger in my hole, we get out the Shower and go to the bedroom he throws me on the bed and eats my big booty he stick his tongue all in my asshole, then I eat his ass and suck his dick, then it's time to fuck he fucks me so hard and pounds my tight asshole mmmm and he cums all on my face

Fantasy about Samson from HYATTSVILLE


Fantasy about Flamez from Memphis ,Tn

XXI want u to be my boyfriend so I can take of u and have sex with u all day long

Fantasy about Columbia from San pablo

XXBe fuck by two big cocks

Fantasy about Lasko from NEW YORK CITY


Fantasy about Rico Gunz from Philadelphia

XXI would love to see him playing with himself with a Shane Diesel dong, just sucking it and running it along his crack as he moans and groan as he begins to put the head in, here comes Python and the real piece of meat comes for him. He sucks and tongue fucks Python almost to where Python's running away. But Python really returns the favor, aggressively eating his ass.

Fantasy about Arquez from decatur

XXhe's cute and i want to have sex with him next

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Paterson

XXI love to see Ace Rockwood get fuck so I love him to be bottoms boy one day and I that movie when he get ass eat I cum over over

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from macon ga

XXSucking his dick and cum

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Leeds

XXI want to have Castro force me to deepthroat his god like cock & as he cums shove his tool balls deep n fill my throat with hot cum, then I want him to tie me up to a table & R*PE me until he cums in my ass! I want to be his little white bitch, & all u budding porn directors out there can video it!

Fantasy about Angelito with Phat Daddy from Poinciana Florida

   XXMy dream is to make a porno with Angelito and Phat Daddy

Fantasy about Big Redd from DC

XXI would eat, suck and worship this nicca from headz 2 toez...then a freak like me will lay back ass up on the counter and watch diz nigga eat the fuck outta dis phat juicy azz for hrs n hrs...get at me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from ocala

XXI would love for Phat Daddy to fuck me hard.…

Fantasy about June with Cristobol from Suitland

   XXI want to see June flip fuck Cristobol, two of the sexiest guys fucking would be tremendous!!! Also (in another scene) June should take Phat Daddy's big cock!!- rimming should be included in both scenes of course!!!!! :) just had an orgasm thinking of how hot those videos would be!!!!

Fantasy about Charger from accra

XXi like him

Fantasy about Marcus from Miami

XXI will see you soon.. Versatile

Fantasy about Damian Taylor from Cleveland

XXThis is exactly the kinda bottom I go for.....period! Young n tite and a killer ass. I fantasize about eating this kind of dudes ass before I give it some mean stick. Keep it tasty Damian.

Fantasy about Artist


Fantasy about M Donn from Ny


Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Vermont Sq

XXI want to cock slap you,while you stand at attention.

Fantasy about Kannon from DC

XXI want to book him for private love session, of course verse Please forward me his contact information.

Fantasy about Nemian from Baltimore

XXWould love to treat him to a day of fun then a nite of passion, wine him dine him the take him home to a hot bath with rose pettles some strawberries & good wine. lay his fine ass back suck on his toes, lick his inner legs eat that ass till his dick is so hard that it cums. Take him to the bed eat that ass some more. We kiss,suck, rub all over then pull his legs over my shoulder sick my nine in that pretty tight hole slow fuck him till he cums again then slam fuck him in every position we can get into till he begs for me to stop. Then when he is lost of all energy and is sweaty I lick all the sweat off him suck those nipples then eat that ass out,bend him over the side of the bed fuck him doggy style till I cum in his warned out asshole. He then will remember "My nine" and my name and cum back for more.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Atmore Alabama

XXI want suck on ur big dick cum fuck me now

Fantasy about Python from new york

XXI want him to kiss my body and i lick his and my 11 inch dick and his 14 inch dick both are wet and we masturbate together and squirt a nutt high enough to touch the ceiling and we fall a sleep on each other.

Fantasy about D'Angelo

XXI want t0 sit 0n his big black dick deep inside me&i want him t0 eat me then im g0nna deepthr0at that black dick

Fantasy about Arquez from pgh

XXto pay hem to eat that fat ass.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from toronto

XXit s great to see it

Fantasy about Damian Taylor from trinidad and tobago

XXto have sex with 5 guys

Fantasy about Rated R from glendale az

XXthis guy is so sexy too me i would just wanna fuck ride him show him wussup let him eat my bubble mexican ass :p

Fantasy about Izzy from Buffalo

He so fucking sexy. I just wanna fuck him. Let me ride that

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