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Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Toronto

XXI had the best fucking dream ever. I dont know where I was but all i remember was bumping into phat daddy in the staircase.. and he fucked me so goood it felt real. Until some fucker walks in on us .. and ruins the moment. But the dream was unreal!! He is so fucking fine

Fantasy about Samson from P.R. fajardo

XXi like some guy rimming your asshole and balls dick very hard

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Houston

do me on the kitchen counter

Fantasy about Samson from Oakland/Brooklyn

XXSo.. My first day in NYC I went to a bar with a friend. Well, It turns out that this bar had strippers dancing around the counter. So at first I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable but after a few drinks and some hookah I was ready to PARTY like the sexy 21 year old lion(leo) that I am..... So this stripper with a nice body and a big ass dick makes his way around to my side of the counter a few times with his dick basically pounding the top of my head and i tip him a few dollars.. Then maybe 30 minutes later i gave him another 2 or 3 dollars just because he was hot shit. About a hour later i'm standing near the restroom and this stripper grabs me by the hand and drags me to the back behind a curtain where he then pushes me on a couch and begins to grind and flop his dick out, I mean he really did the whole nine. I am CRACKING UP laughing because this was a first time for me and I KNOW this nigga don't think i'm about to pay him for volunteering me to be his private victim lol... Well i'm laughing and he's trying to kiss me and then he kinda flips me over and starts rubbing his bulging dick on my ass and i'm like WOOOAHHH i need to go back out there with my friend... Well later that night i found out from my friend that this stipper is samson and that he's also a porn star. So me being curious i come home and look him up.................... OH MY.... I'm a bit upset that I saw him at that time because had i known what was REALLY going on, This is EXACTLY how it have went... (starting from me entering to the private room) He would have pushed me on the couch and I would have opened wide, stuck my tongue out and deep throated the fuck out of that dick ALL the way down to those nuts. he would have fucked my throat with my tongue(& ring) massaging his shaft.. While I lick his nuts. Like a throat job at its best... He definitely would have been curling in those Black nikes and white tube socks he was wearing lol. And quiet as its kept In this fantasy of what SHOULD have happened had i not been so scary, i would have made him take the tube socks and nikes off and i would have sucked those toes before letting him kill my throat until he bust and never see that load again. I would have sucked the nuts and hard days work out of mr. samson had I been a little more drunk and and saw his videos PRIOR to seeing him... Good thing i didn't because he definitely would have been swallowed from his dick all the way down to his toes. Literally. i'm more than sure his flavor would have been like candy on my taste buds. & after i would have gladly gave his ass a smack on the dick and a "U O ME" for the 6 dollars in cash that i gave him before he tried me behind that curtain... & thats all folks.

Fantasy about Damian Taylor from Florida

XXThis dude has to be the finest one yet. I'd lick every inch of him, then fuck him until he couldn't take no more.

Fantasy about Samson from philly

XXhe could whip me, beat me and make me write bad checks

Fantasy about Cornbread from Atlanta, ga

I always wanted cornbread to pick me up and eat me making my toes curl. I slide down that pole and he Fuck me making me cream with my legs in the air. While I'm crank g on the phat ass of his.... And I would love to have sex with him by a water fall. Them muscles squeezing me tight while we soak and wet and he fucking me crazy

Fantasy about Angotti from Toledo, Ohio

I wanna eat his ass and deep throat his hard dick down to the base, suck on his fuckin nuts and suck his fuckin toes while I'm pounding his ass deep. I'm fuckin drippin as I type this shit. I wanna taste his fuckin lips too.

Fantasy about Moyea from Austin TX

I would like to take a bubble bath with rose peddals in the water rub him down wwith soap let him fuck me sooo good till he comes all over my face mmm nd still suck his cock

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson from Destrehan

Fuck the shit out of him and hear him asking for more and to suck that dick and eat tht light skinn ass

Fantasy about RnB with Arquez from lilburn

   RnB needs to fuck arquez

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

I would like for Python to be at home waiting for me...sitting on my couch....pick me up soon as I walk through the door....take me to my bathroom....undress me......put me in the bath.....hold me.....I clean him....he clean me......take me to my bedroom.....hold me......fall asleep....wake up......make love to me over and over again!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lamrque

we are in th work out room together puting in wrk and thn i tell him im aboit to hit the shower and thn he peeks in on me and say to him self damn!! shawty got a fat ass i turn around on him plyin with his dick and i say don't just stand there come on in and do someing....…

Fantasy about Arquez from atlanta

its 4 me 2 know, and 4 u 2 find out ;-)

Fantasy about Kris from valdosta

I wanna suck ur toess ans just make u cum all in my mouth and much more

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Atlanta,Ga

My fantasy is to kiss them nice sexy lips and suck that big pretty juicy dick till it get hard and let you slide off into these nice pretty wet ass and hit it all night till sunrise.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Beaumont


Fantasy about Eddie Kordova from odessa


Fantasy about Nuvo from ghana accra

am a hot slim sexy black gay from ghana and am looking for world to join ur . all, im looking if u want we can meet

Fantasy about Red with Phat Daddy and Jovonnie from amsterdam

      I d like to see RED suck dick, big diks, bieing face fucked rapturously yet deeply . It would be hot to see him choke . Maybe Phat Daddy,Jovonnie, Python, would do that ?

Fantasy about Trey Turner from Chicago

Trey is so fucking hot--his ass, his body, his face and his cock! I'd love to tongue tease his beautiful tool, get it wet and slippery with my spit, really drive him fucking crazy. I'd lick and kiss his dick, suck his balls deep in my mouth, and get my tongue deep inside his asshole. He'd then grab me, lube my hole, and fuck the shit out of me. It would be raw and intense, and finally, he'd cum do deep, so hard inside my ass that I would shoot a thick, creamy load as well.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from l

Why doesnt he like pussy damn.. tryna give him some wet wet

Fantasy about Alejandro

I want Alejandro to fuck me hard and give me a taste of his big cock and cum!

Fantasy about Rated R from Atlanta

Rated R Is So Sexy. I Love His Tattoos And Love His Smile EveryTime I See One Of Your Videos I Get So Exited I Really Just Want To Give You A Full Body Massage His Lips Look Soo Red And Juicy Dreaming About You Is Not Doing Me Any Justice

Fantasy about Jovonnie from oakland

man you sexy s hell i would pay to have some of that dick hit me on my email

Fantasy about Lindo from NYC

OH my god if its the same dude from gayblatino from youtube i'm in heaven

Fantasy about Izzy from columbus

Submissive slave that would like to serve you as my master. I would like you to dominant me and treat me like a bitch.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Houston

Take him to dinner, get us a luxury spa massage...invite him back to my suite, have a drink or smoke, bathe one another, and then we would flip fuck, lick, and suck, draining each other all night, when we rise...we'd get a full body hot stone massage...lunch...and we'd part ways.

Fantasy about Python from Memphis

done seen him fuck the living shit outta dudes. now i wanna see him simply getting his hairy ass ate up while he on his hand and knees, somebody(me hopefully shit...LOL) tongue-fuck the shit outta him from the back wiht they tongue deeeeep in his asshole until he skeet that cum out from the back. i swear i wanna do that to this super masculine 100% top man! and i HOPE he NEVER EVERRRRRRRR convert to a bottom gettin fucked up his ass(like i thought the ones in the gay porn industry would never do, like "Cornbread" or Jovonnie) bc it's entirely too many of them feminine-acting sluts in the world as it is. NEVER BECOME A BOTTOM PYTHON! PLEEEEEASE DONT! just get your booty tongued down deep and that's IT!

Fantasy about Arquez from cleveland

Just want u to fuck me till u can't fuck nomor. I will do anything for u oh my

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from montreal

I admire him when I look at him I wish it was him standing beside me so icould blow that nice cock and then take it up my hole he is simply awesome

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from morrison

I just want castros huge cock stuffing my ass full and fucking me hard.

Fantasy about Arquez from philadelphia. pa

I would invite him my birthday and i would " accidently" throw my ice cream cake on and he would want to go use my bathroom to clean. I would take him to my bathroom and wait for him to come a d show him the time of his life. I notice thathe isthe bathroom for a long time so i go in there to see if he is ok, but instead he is in the toliet waiting for ME! So i get naked and i lick the iceing off him until he is clean then he would give me the best birthday sex i hav ever had.

Fantasy about Samson from new york city

sexi guy with a nice dick and knows how to fuck yum

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Brooklyn, New York


Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Miami

we could hang out outdoors, perhaps airboat riding in the everglades, and watching alligator shows. Also, We would talk about current world events, and how we ended up being where we are right now. In the evening we would spend time in South Beach, a nice dinner, then bar hopping and getting drunk; ending at my apartment in downtown Miami having a two-hour long passionate dirty sex.

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from leon


Fantasy about Artist

I am a bottom that would love to ride that big dick and suck until I completely empty your nuts

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Columbia, SC

Fuck it! I would ride him like a pony! He is my favorite out off all people lol. I might just become a porn star just to fuck him. SEXXXAAAYYYYYYYYYY omg!

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from DENVER


Fantasy about King Dingo from Malaysia

I want to suck THE KING giant dick over and over again, and let him fuck me like a bitch.

Fantasy about King Dingo from Los angeles

Ay wats up been watching yu sense 18 ,im 22 now ur so sexy but I am too .im not like all these other foos on here I get mine ,but I wnt yu ur so fuckn sexyy hit me up PLEASE

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Mumbai, India

I would love to suck Castro for long till he comes in my mouth. Then I would wanna get fucked by Castro for as long as he wants in all the positions he likes and as many times he wants....but finally take his load inside my mouth.

Fantasy about Rated R from dallas

You are a goodlooking ass papi I would love for u to fuck my brains out with that beautiful cock and cum all over me.dame you are hot as hell

Fantasy about Angelito

ANGELITO and his twin brother fucking each other

Fantasy about Artist from El Salvador

I would like to know you, I mean in person face to face, firstable; I would like to ask you how an atractive, charming, handsome guy like you decided to work in this kind of things... Honestly talking you got an awesome potential, You got an awesome ass, tight, hot and why not big, very big; lips of honey, I love your voice and eyes, because I can see your soul on them…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from tobago

this is one sexy dude I will love to have a relationship with I mean he's every thing I will look 4 in a man

Fantasy about Trey Turner from htown

ettin is assss an fuckin him

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from detroit

i would love to meet ace and kiss him slowly as he feels me up and down, then start lickin my nipples like there was no tommorrow...i would then stare at his bulging dick through his khaki pants,then pull them down to expose it in his draws...i would suck his dick like no other, eat him out, and then let him fuck me however he wanted until we both busts the biggest nuts weve ever seen...oooh he makes me so horny

Fantasy about June

My June fantasy would be me and June being assigned as inmate roommates in prison. I already lived there for years and even tho he say he ain't scared he agrees to be my bitch in return for safety. He didnt want to call himself that so lets just say he was "working for me". I grab his neck pull it toward my dick and tell him to do his job. He licks around my dick I could tell he was craving it and he pulled out my dick and sucked it like it's was his last. Sliding it in and out his throat going deeper and deeper each time. When I was rock hard down his throat I told him to turn around and show me what's mine. He was on all fours with his tight little ass in my face. I couldn't stop myself from shoving my tongue up his ass. Every moan he made got my dick even harder for him. I couldn't wait anymore I had to my dick was throbbing for his ass and he was begging for It I gave it one last kiss and had to shove my dick in it. I started slow and his tight ass rejected my dick at first but then it just ate all 10inches up. I speed up and his moans turned to screams of pleasure which made me just go faster and faster. I turned him around to missionary a stared him in his face when he screamed for more. I told him to call himself my bitch he rejected it at first but when I shoved my dick deep in his ass he screamed it out. To end it, I edged him off the bed to wear he was upside down and I was planking over his asshole. I want to see him cum all over his own face. I fucked him until he screamed my name over and over telling me not to stop. As he came all over his face. In the end, he said I want your cum and I got on my knees and cakes all over his body. And he moan fully said " Prison ain't so bad "

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