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Fantasy about Angotti from Los Angeles

To sniff his ass and eat it real good and make out nonstop with him

Fantasy about Mike Mann from NEW ROCHELLE,NY


Fantasy about Mike Mann with Phat Daddy and Python from SATx

      Giving Phat Daddy n Python a run for their money!! He reminds me of my ex, so hot!

Fantasy about Vice from Belleville

I just wanna see him suck more dick! Some big cocks too! Some cum shots on his face as well!

Fantasy about Mike Mann from New Jersey

There was this Stripper in NYC years ago named "Dr. Love". I thought that he had the biggest dick I'd ever seen. This dude Mike Mann tops his dick by at least 3 inches. And he's 100% Phiner. I know that I can't handle him, but I'd like to try till it hurts.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Arlington, Texas

I've never bottomed, but if I did... I'd like to be his Private Bitch and let him work my thick ass deep and hard doggy-style. I'd arch it for him and let him choke me out and nutt on my back. I don't think that big ole dick can fit in my throat, but I'm gag on it and take his every order till he was satisfied.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Camden

I want to taste every inch of Ace's body and eat the hole all night long. I am an ass man. Ace get my dick hard. I like thug looking bruthas.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from clevland

I would love to bottom for Mike Man for hours, keep on my knees worshipping his phat dick......................get fucked in mutiple positions, totally dominated and fucked into submissive for his pleasure.

Fantasy about X Vega from LA

Me and you use to talk to each other on a site called Urban Chat. You sent me pictures of your little friendly sessions you had had with your friends and you also had those pictures of you in your military outfits. I asked about your porn career because I ran across a video you did at the beginning of us talking but I just want you to know I never had a problem with you. It was actually kind of hot. I miss you and hope your doing well. P.S- Damn the things I would do to you boy ;)

Fantasy about Mike Mann with Moyea and Lindo from Phoenix

      I would love to see Mike "My" Mann get down an durty South with any one of my fav verse/bottoms from Papi Thugz, with Ace as director. Drum roll please...Moyea, Lindo, Arquez, Vice, Cristobol, Nemian, Stash, JT, Carlos Vega, Cornbread...need I say more! Please oblige my sensitivities and pretty boy ass fetish gettin dug out by the BIG Dick ONE! Ohhh la la....mmmmmmm. Cock suckin, big balls lickin, ass rimmin, cum swallowin good! Can I have seonds, please ( o ) ( O )…

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Pennsylvania

Make Sweet LOVE To You And Suck Dat Biq Thinq In Between Yo Leqs

Fantasy about Arquez from los angeles

he would fuck me hard and deep none stop

Fantasy about Lindo from los angeles

ill fuck u in all position

Fantasy about King Dingo from Baltimore

get fucked

Fantasy about Arquez from Memphis tenn

Sucking his dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lagrange

Phat daddy has had an very long day, and so on his way home he runs into this sexy ass brownskin nigga and he stopped him and said damn you wanna come chill and smoke one wit me so I was like hell yea and as we arrived to his spot he told me to make myself at home and so I did and as we sat and chilled and hit the blunt a couple of times phat daddy got up and started rubbing my shoulders and told me to relax as he started to suck on my neck and I started taking off his belt and when his pants came down his dick was just calling my name so I grabbed it and started sucking it slowly and as I was sucking he was taking off my clothes and I just want you to fantasies the rest for me because I want this to come tru----

Fantasy about Marcus from san martin

papi vente para san martin para gosar conmigo

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Augusta

I've wanted this man for years Ivd seen him doing nude modeling and I knew porn was next! His dick is so big and I would love to get fucked hard by him and suck that dick to completion!

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Silver Spring MD

Have ur way with me. I want to kiss you and lick u from head to toe and I would love to eat you well as give u the most amazing blow job! You are the finest guy I have ever seen. Oh my goodness. I'm not even a bottom but i'll give this tite booty up for u.

Fantasy about June from Charleston, SC

You are without a doubt the hottest mother fucker in porn right now. You are on top of the world; keep providing loco caliente porn. Sexxi azz eyes too! Madd luv from the dirty south. Would love to be locked up anywhere with you.

Fantasy about Python from Jackson

I want to see Python busting his load in one of his cunts throat.!

Fantasy about EZZY

I want ezzy to be my man, and i will be true to u ezzy. i will share everything with u. i want to come home everynite and cuddle with you, give myself to you unreservedly. you can do all that u want and give it to me all nite long.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

ace, you are my dream man. can u be my boyfriend. i want to give u some good loving

Fantasy about Red from none

red, you are so wonderful, I will let you take me anywhere any how. I want to suck that big cock all day long

Fantasy about Big Redd from The Sub

Would b nice if we had plenty ice cream, new Trojan condoms and plenty ky...and we had slow passionate sex..the rest is for your imagination.

Fantasy about Cristobol

This man is so fine its unbelievable he's the kind of guy you dream about

Fantasy about Arquez from lubbock texas

I been on the internet watching porn for a long time and im always trying my hardest to find that one eye candy to get me off and could never find the perfect one until i seen arquez.Hes beyond a 10.hes so fine it makes no sense.Im a transexaul and i would love to see him fuck a transexaul.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from France

I have been following you since you appeared in that scene with the Clinic Doctor visit. I found you hot and sexy then and you are even sexier now. I was really awaiting and hoping to see you do gay porn. You will make real are one of the hottest straight guys doing gay porn. Your body is to perfection and your dick is complimentary to your body and looks. Good luck and looking forward to seeing you ease up and relax while enjoying your gay encounters. Will surely download/buy any video you appear in. As Nikki Minaj says "I AM OBESSED BY YOU". Cheers Scotty!

Fantasy about Mike Mann

I would like to suck your big fat dick!!!And would like to see Mike suck some dick every now and then…!!!!

Fantasy about Big Redd from DC

I would be blown if he stuck that phat ass tongue up in this ass and ate like a buffet

Fantasy about Kasey Anthony from connecticut

i think this guy is just gorgeous i love his lips and his smile. I don't want to see this beautiful man gets fuck so brutally when he does bareback. i think he can do so much better than that and plus the guys he is ussually pair with are fucking assholes. my fantasy will be meeting this guy and marry him.

Fantasy about Vice from NYC

I want to see him in full leather and boots getting fucked and fucking..

Fantasy about Vice with Cristobol from nre york city bronx

   Are vice and cristobol lovers? Gotta tell you when they make porn together , it isn't straight porn, there is passion and desire among these two that you don't see in most other porn flicks. What's up here? My fantasy is that they are lovers cause eat each other up in every part of their bodies when they have sex. This can ONLY be love you papis' out there. Tell me what you guys think.

Fantasy about Mike Mann with Rico and Rabbit

      To see him top Rico, Rabbit, Larenz Taste, Markell and, of course, Sarge!!!

Fantasy about Mike Mann from LOS ANGELES

Would love to video chat with Mike and watch him bust! Or better yet in person!

Fantasy about Kannon from los angeles

I'm 6'5 brown skin 11 inch dick 200 pounds size 15 shoe. I think we would have great chemistry. Im 100 percent top luv taste your lips have you lick on my nipples down to my abs up my long thick shaft to my fat nuts. have you worship me while i rim that ass getting it nice and ready for some of my long deep daddy strokes. email me. I want to meet u u not gonna be disppointed I can better show you then tell you

Fantasy about Arquez from grand rapids michiga

Me andArquez start off with our hour Long 69 the I fuck him tell he ask me to stop Im pound his ass tell he screams my name then we switch nd he fuck me into we come but in stead I come First then he come on me my mouth face and we here else I want it my Ass horny

Fantasy about X Vega from ARMY

Since I know him I could only say that I have secretly fantacised about him for a long time. I would love to make him my man in every sense of the word. Work that beautiful ass and deep throat his enormous sized dick taking his load all down my hot throat. I really do like you personally and hope we get a chance to get to know each other much better. Since Im Army I hope we will see eye to eye on a possible union! HOOAH!

Fantasy about Rico from London

I wanna see Rico Solo... Maybe in a tight white wrestling singlet!

Fantasy about Arquez with Jovonnie and Citybwoy

      have sex with jovonnie and citiboi

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Trenton

I want him to come over shove his dickc in my mouth, fuck me in my butt till i come then after I cum take his dick out my butt and let him cum in my mouth.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Tampa

In the mouth

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Decatur

I just want to fuck. ;-)

Fantasy about Mike Mann from wash, dc

Enjoyed your first cut with ACE. Looking forward to your relaxed enjoyment in your next session. You have the potential to be VERY hot! Send me a schedule of places and times when I can enjoy your artful body or purchase DVD of your work

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood with Mike Mann from wash, dc

   Enjoyed your session with MIKE MANN. Looking forward to the next cut with hime where he is more relaxed and can get into the groove

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Atlanta

YOu need to be my boyfriend/husband... I want all of him.. so beautiful to me

Fantasy about Mike Mann from philadephia

just wanna lick his body from head to toe

Fantasy about Rated R from Philadelphia

I want to give u head n get fucked

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

I'd love to make a video wit u 1 on 1 or a 3sum!!…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Newark NJ

i want you Phat Daddy and will be in touch with you soon. I want to just eat your ass out and suck you dry. I wanna hear you moan. I like satisfying a hot masculine man.

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