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Star Aaron Ridge has made his debut on Papithugz. He's classically handsome with a rough edge--and a big dick. Here's your chance to let him know your fantasies about him. Gotta nasty fantasy about Aaron? Let us hear it now.


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Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from minneapolis

I would love to meet aaron in persOn.. somewhat Love at first sight... idk if he has a Boi alreadyy but i got a feelIng Me and hIm match>.. i want him to ask for my number then me and him can start from there.. i like him soo muchh dat i might let him in me in our first date.. I'd sneak him in my parents house.. or he sneaks me in his place.. me and hIm are finally gonna kiss.. ill kiss him the wayy he should be kissed passionately... and intensely all over my back and al up on my ear about his desires for me.. ill just hold on to those big arms because once hes on top of me theres no escape.. LOLS but i wanna lay my head on hIs chest.. and i wanna take my time on hiss nipples theyy look really tasty ill spend an hr on dat like a baby getting breast feed.. then il go down and start another 2hrs on dat meat just sucking on it.. and aFTER ALL that licking and sucking id let him eat my pussy.. since its gonna be his.. iLL let him eat me.. then finally let my mann enter his kingdom ?(In me) itss too tight and wet yett really bubbley smooth and warm.. ill let him no matter the pain but since he'll nurture then its all good. he fingered it and saidd its really tight and smelled compelling.. so he kept fingering it.. then licking it.. he took his time.. then we agreed that hes coming in.. anxiously i submitted and let the man do him the head of his dick touched my rear like a bullet on a target my hole welcomed him in.. no matter how much the pain was i took it.. and it was only the head.. and i screamed he covered my mouth cas his people were still wide awake.. we didnt want them to know what we were doing.. c;mon NOWW!!.. so covered my mouth and stabbed in it in all the way like a sword towards my heart.. it hurt really bad i felt it.. he hugged me and licked the back of my ear witht hat was a whisper saying im not tryna hurt you babe,dont worry just relax cas daddy will take care of it.. hes gonna nurture it he said.. he didnt move at all but dat meat was alreadyy deep in me.. slowly my muscles started relaxing a bit it took awhile for that to happen..all up on my ear with his nasty thoughts.. my shitt was getting tighter and tighter so he started dicking it.. he dicked it and dicked it.. and i loved it.. my hole was getting penetrated.. he put me on every position from him being on top my back to me being on top riding it.. then missionary.. to a wanna be headstand that man threw me around all i could do is moan quietly then somebody knocked it was his roommate talking about if we anted to go to dinner with him.. but aaron was occupied or i was occupied with that meat.. so told him that we might catch up.. tryna act like nothing is going on.. everyone left but he kept dicking it we got on spoon he spooned me.. i busted a nutt but i let him keep going and i got hard again he whispered in my ear that my hole still tight.. he cant loosen it up and he said that he might be stuck.. so pounded it harder while i hold on to his arms it was massive pounding.. but still tight 8hrs came hes still in me,, stuck in hole he busted a nutt three times already my holes filled with his cum and his meat.. he was soo amazed how tight i wass.. he took for the whole night him still in me.. LOLS till we both fell asleep with his dick inside of me.. and finally his meat calmed down a bit and slowly cameoff me.. eversince then weve been hanging out we WENT OUT.. then we both got married..

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from Birmingham

I would love for Aaron to be fully dressed in a suit, sitting in a chair with me laying across his lap while I'm completely naked and he repeatedly spanks me with his bare hands and tease & finger my whole. Just when I can't stand it anymore he rams his dick DEEP inside my tight while I'm dripping precum. After he's done fucking me into a frenzy and he cums. He then hoses me down with his piss that tastes semi-sweet.........Yum!

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge

Aaron and Berlin would look so good together!!!

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge

i would love to massage you all over and get on my knees, put my hands on the back of your thighs and guide you deeper into my mouth

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from va,beach VA.

l would love to meet him snd make a video with him.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from awka

like this sexy guy. like to be fucked by him.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from washington,dc

I like to see aaron ridge fuck jason

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from ATLANTA


Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from La

To have a threesome

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge

Aaron needs a similar top like Brick Johnson to break in. Or if he can have 2 other muscular tops to worship him. You all should make it like Aaron is going to get topped and with some film editing, it's switched. I understand him being a true top but would like to see that azz munched.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from los angeles

him and honey

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from naples

hola aaron me gustaria estar una noche con tigo

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from atlanta,ga

my fantasy is too let aarin make my first time one i will never forget and cherish the rest of my life. even thugh im a virgin i ddo know what it takes to make a dick spit. i would have aarin dress up as an officer n fondle me w/ anyone of his of tools. afer me tring to resist this i would want him to slam me on the greound then force his big black dick in my virgin hole and fuck me til i beg for mercy......after opening my insides u ill begin riding his dick back an fourth until he calls for backup.....when backup arrives ill be forced to suck dick and swallow babys then afterwards get fucked by both cops til i pass out n wake up full of come in a room by myself......

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from Clarksville, TN

Papithugz you sure know how to pick a HOT MUSCULAR GUY like Aaron Ridge. I just love a man like that. I would rush that.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from Atlanta

I'd luv to see Aaron's big phat ass get topped on Papithugz

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from queens

I wish i can get me some Aaron. He is hot. I never had a big dick of that size before. Aaron is very attractive and handsome. I would love to meet him and let him give my hole a run for its money.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from burbank

just 1 nite wit him

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from Miami

Luv to see you top Marc Williams too, or flip-flop with Marc. LOL, Joe

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from Los Angeles

I've never been fucked before. I just turned 40. I've been a Top all my life. If I ever give it up, I want it to be with a dude like Aaron. I'd let him take all this ass.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge

Aaron Ridge needs to have an insatiable muscular bottom bruh. Someone with a beef on him. Rico Gunz, Rico or Berlin. Hell, if u can get Marc Williams, that would be cool too.

Fantasy about Aaron Ridge from jamaica

Aaron you so rock my world, man u are good looking, drop dead gorgeous, guy you have the full package - abs, ass, dick etc. I feel like I would eat you like an icecream just keep on licking you until you are all melt away.

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