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Big Redd got that long dick, big, low-hanging balls and that serious tongue action going. When he gets with a sexy young thing you know the brutha's gonna eat that boy alive. Ya'll better duck when he's ready to cum.

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Fantasy about Big Redd from tampa fl

Me and the rock fucking

Fantasy about Big Redd from Statesboro

I am the gym and sweat is cascading from my intense workout. Big Redd happens to be near. Next, I ask him for some pointers on exercises to work different muscles. Thus, we both work on some leg press and immediately I catch a cramp but play it off and end my workout. Big Redd notices me trying to massage it out as I leave the equipment. Since the work out went well especially the chemistry between us I opt to give him my email contact info etc. He acknowledges and set up a possible workout day soon. I head to the shower since I my T-shirt is dripping wet perspiration wreaking musky. I quickly find my locker and begin undressing like Flash into neareast shower. The door to the mens restroom area closes and its Big Redd draining the main vein. I happen to get Ole Spice clean and out of shower. I grab my towel hanging near by dry off and of course one of the mirrors gets a view of my Wolverine physique. The heat from shower is caliente and I finally manage to get dry. I get fully dressed apply deodorant body spray and gather my hygiene bag etc. Upon leaving I notice Big Redd is in close proximity. We exchange conversation and he invites me to chill later at his apartment. Furthermore I check my planner and my schedule is open. Finally, he notices how big my arms are and gives a compliment. To be continued in fact I will let whomever reads this create the cumclusion.Peace

Fantasy about Big Redd from oakland, ca

XXI like latino studs

Fantasy about Big Redd from DC

XXI would eat, suck and worship this nicca from headz 2 toez...then a freak like me will lay back ass up on the counter and watch diz nigga eat the fuck outta dis phat juicy azz for hrs n hrs...get at me

Fantasy about Big Redd from Chicago

To get fucked by Castro

Fantasy about Big Redd from The Sub

Would b nice if we had plenty ice cream, new Trojan condoms and plenty ky...and we had slow passionate sex..the rest is for your imagination.

Fantasy about Big Redd from DC

I would be blown if he stuck that phat ass tongue up in this ass and ate like a buffet

Fantasy about Big Redd from jamaica

suck and take two cock

Fantasy about Big Redd from ....

I want redd to fuck me again ;)

Fantasy about Big Redd from MIAMI


Fantasy about Big Redd from johannesburg

Wow,I want to suck him dry

Fantasy about Big Redd from Philly

I want to suck his cum......I want him to shoot all over my face.....then shove it down my throat ......while telling me I'm his bitch and I'l do what he says.....he says.....thats what white rich fags are for !!

Fantasy about Big Redd from Philly

I want to suck his cum...…

Fantasy about Big Redd from miami florida

i wanna enhell the smoke out big reds mouth kiss his neck jerk his dick deep throat it suck his ball eat his ass and squeeze it i want him 2 squeeze me and hit it from the back doggy style i wanna 69 him maybe sit on his face while i suck his dick and do it all over again different positions i want him 2 smack my ass while he's hitting it make it tirn red..

Fantasy about Big Redd from miami fl

straight i wanna fuck him

Fantasy about Big Redd from southaven

i like what i see in big redd he is fine and sexy ass hell nice big juicy ass of him nice big dick with big balls i like that shit i will suck his dick real good and suck & lick his big balls damn i show want him to be a verstile shit i will eat him out good i want him to eat me out suck my dick suck my balls fuck me and i want to fuck him back i would love to meet his fine ass in person he got sexy asslips too damn

Fantasy about Big Redd from London


Fantasy about Big Redd from BX

Reddz cld b my bday stripper. My fam blindfolds me n lays me on my bed. Reddz comes in n kisses me from my lips 2 my dick. Flips me over n nibbles from my neck 2 my ass. He spreads my legs so he can dive in my tight hole with his lips n that wcked tongue. He makes me so wet I arch my back so he can get all the way in. He gets me up on my knees n slides under me lickin from my hole to my balls,then wraps his lips around my dick makin me bite my pillows. He pin hes n twists my nipples till I beg him to stop. Then Reddz flips me on my back slides btween my legs n puts his throbbin hard dick inside me. He smothers my moans with kisses n fucks me for a solid 20 min. He bites my nipple makin me nut so hard n long that my eyes.water. Then he slides out rips the condom off straddles my face n thrusts his dick down my throat unloading his warm creamy load. When I get the blind fold off all I see is a lit red candle & his phn# written on my mirror headboard.

Fantasy about Big Redd from LONDON


Fantasy about Big Redd from Atlanta

DAMN ! Big Redd's amazing Ass needs to take dick soon, that's one fuckable Ass he's got

Fantasy about Big Redd from dallas

he needs to get that fat red ass fucked back

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