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About Westside:

Strong, intense, ready to fuck, got just the right tools and he loves to kiss -- yeah -- this young papa came to do his thing just for you.

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Westside Fucks D'Angelo

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Fantasy about Westside from New Orleans

Damn!!!! Westside is so fine!!! I wish I could have sex with him!!! I would kiss those delicious lips, suck his beautiful dick, and let him fuck me in my man pussy!!! I would be his bitch and let me do whatever he wanted to me all night long!! Westside, Baby, I love you, Daddy!!!

Fantasy about Westside from New Orleans

Damn baby! You are fine as hell!!! I want to have sex with you so bad! I would ride that dick all day long!! My man pussy wants you so bad!! Is there any way I can get with this fine ass man?!?! I wanna make love to him and call him daddy all night long!! Be his bitch forever!! I love you, Westside!! I want you so bad!! = ==l

Fantasy about Westside from NYC

Your so light skin and your dick is so dark. Mad hot

Fantasy about Westside from New York

Westside is chillin with his boys and then receives a phone call from a sexy thug. He pretends it's a chick, and making his buddies think he's about to go meet up with this girl for a booty call. But he secretly sneaks off this this thug's apartment. They flirt at first while Westside pours out the swag, then soon, both guys are making out passionately, then soon, going down on each other without getting naked. Afterwards, Westside's jeans get yanked down to his ankles, he gets bent over forward, and his ass gets eaten out clean while he's moaning flexing his hips. Right after that, his jeans and kicks come off as he gets fucked on his back (still wearing his fitted hat, shirt, and socks). As he rubs on his cock and talk filthy, Westside gets fucked on his back for a while, then gets doggy styled as he moans loudly from the feeling. He cums nicely, then some soft kissing in the end.

Fantasy about Westside from BROOKLYN

i just love your big lucious dick and the way you fuck a men,

Fantasy about Westside from Bronx

West side needs to fuck Angel S

Fantasy about Westside from new york

I santé westside to fuck me in the ass

Fantasy about Westside from new york

i suck going to suck westsides dick

Fantasy about Westside from Long island ny

I just wont to suck his dick

Fantasy about Westside from Birmingham

Westside is so fine and sexy. He's gonna be my future husband. I love him.

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